Monday, March 30, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend..and More Waiting

Hey team,
So I had a wonderful weekend full of love and spanking that I am excited to tell you all about this but right now I have to go study, but I will fill you in super soon, I promise!


  1. I am so happy to hear you had a good weekend Kelly. I hope things are going well with school and all and that you can let yourself relax just a bit.


  2. That's a lovely sentiment, Matt, but Kelly confessed to all sorts of lies. The way I was raised, a little white lie got a girl a very red bottom, fibbing was answered with one's fanny, bending the truth got me bent over a knee. I'm sorry that Kelly's loving Daddy doesn't know this. It sounds like our Princess got off quite easy, the operative word there is "got off."
    Jean Marie

  3. Matt- thanks for the comments and well wishes sweetie! Hope to talk to you soon.

    Jean Marie-
    Excuse me?!! What did you just say young lady?! I can tell you right now that I did not get off easy for my lies. The biggest of my offenses has still yet to be dealt with, and when it is, I would like you to take it and tell me I'm getting off easy. I agree, I lied and I deserve to be punished, however you are being a bit of a brat yourself and you better watch yourself before I tell your top. *shakes head* you, young lady, are just asking for it, I can tell. "the operative word there is 'got off'" ....I can not even believe....*shakes head*... be glad I can't get to your backside! :-P

    Princess Kelly