Thursday, April 9, 2009

Anal Beads Rock....Reader Discretion Advised

OMFG!!!! I'm SOOOO sorry! I didn't realize how long it'd been since I posted anything! I'm doing fine, nothing like the last time I disapeared- I've just had a lot of school work and I've been really busy. But that is no excuse and I'm going to start setting blogging goals/rules to keep me on track. I have a lot to share and I never get around to it! Again I'm so sorry. .... You can spank me if you like ;)

Anywho, so this is the account of what happened to me 2 weekends ago, after what was supposed to be the really really bad spanking. Well I did get punished, that's for sure, but I think Daddy felt a bit sorry for me, and we didn't actually take care of much in the book.... which was honestly a bit unfortunate b/c it keeps pilling up. ... But that is all for another post. For this post....Well I've decided to become a bit bolder in my posts. I'm a very sexual person (though I've yet to actually have sex) and I really like a lot of things that I think most spankos would appreciate hearing about. However, if it starts getting TMI or if like people don't want to hear about this kinda thing, or just want me to focus on my discipline, please let me know and I'll change accordingly.

So the weekend before last I only got to see Daddy Saturday night through Monday morning, and we were supposed to get up RIDICULOUSLY early Monday morning so Daddy could get to work. And he was just going to put me on the metro so that I could get back to school. Ugh. But luckily for me, Daddy overslept by an hour and a half...and then somehow I rangled another hour and a half out of him doing stuff like this:

We woke up and Daddy took care of some more of the offenses on my list and after my last punishment spanking, I was curled up in Daddy's arms, feeling happier and more content than I've felt in ages. He was stroking my red hot bare bottom (I was still naked from the night) and petting my back, and kissing my forehead, and I felt like the perfect princess. Just so safe and loved. Like I was protected from everything in the world, even myself. (which is how one should feel after a good hard punishment). And so he let me lay there, head on his chest for a long while, and after a bit, the feeling of our hot naked bodies together just got me going a bit and then Daddy spread my cheeks apart roughly with his huge hand and started gently tapping his finger on my little bottom hole. I hadn't had my bottom played with all weekend, even though we'd had some Serious sexual stuff going on, and I'd cum quite a few times, and I'd been craving it so much all week. So I mentioned to Daddy that it might be good for me to do some corner time while he was in the shower and he agreed. He rolled over and reached in the night stand to pull out our corner time toy. I don't think I've talked about our anal beads or forays into anal play on here before, but Daddy likes to fill me before he puts me in the corner.

So the long purple beads came out, as did a small bottle of astroglide. Now our beads have two sides. One has smaller beads, for when I'm a good girl, and the other end has big beads for when I've been a naughty little girl and I'm being punished. So Daddy settled back into place sitting up against the headboard and patted his thigh, telling me to lay over Daddy's lap so that he could take care of me. As I lay myself over his leg, stretched out across his king sized bed, he parted my thighs, and saw the evidence of my naughtiness. "Well what do we have here, Kelly May? Where did all of this come from?" he said sternly as he genly stroked my kitty. "Um...oh...uh...mmm... It's from laying with you Daddy, I promise! I didn't get wet during my punishment!" (that was an important distinction. Getting wet during a punishment resulted in orgasms followed by getting the same punishment all over again to make sure it sticks that time!)

He seemed satisfied with that answer, and so began rubbing my bottom and parting my cheeks, as he applied the astroglide. I jumped at how cold it was and squirmed a bit, but Daddy just patted my hot bottom and told me to settle. "Now, young lady, I think we need to make an impression on you this morning. This is My bottom, and I can do what I want with it, isn't that right?" "mmm.mmmm Yes Daddy. Its yours, I'm all yours." "Thats right baby girl, so I think for now your going to get 3 of these, " he said as he started to enter the first one, "and then you'll get two more in when your corner time is up."

That would be the most beads that I'd ever had in me (and all of the big beads), but at this point i'm not even sure it registered, I was so close to orgasm. I just laid over his lap, moaning and panting, not quite daring to beg for release. Finally all three were in and I was still across his knee, dizzy with arousal. And then he started to spank me. Firm swats with his huge, hard hand right to the center of each cheek, back and forth, just like I like it. And I swear I've never felt anything like that. I came right over his knee with no other stimulation to my clit or pussy. Just his hand raining down on my already red hot, swollen, slightly bruised backside that was filled up with his beads.

After he helped me come down, he told me to stand up and he led me to the corner right by the bed. After another couple swats he went into the bathroom to start getting ready for his day. And then the mischeif started. I knew that he couldn't see me at all from his huge bathroom and then I heard his shaver start and the shower water turn on to heat up, and I couldn't resist! I was still so dizzy with arousal, and the second my hand went down to play with my kitty it was absolutely drenched, and not even from squirting (oh that's a whole nother set of posts!). My wetness was just dripping down my inner thighs, my lips were so swollen and soaked. I'd only ever felt myself in such desperate need a few times before.

So I started to play. Both of my hands down in front of me, one of them gently playing with my clit the other letting a finger run through my swollen lips. This position also allowed me to lean my upper body in, and my huge breasts were forced to lean against the ice cold wall making my already peaked nipples very alert. But the problem was that I was so just wrapped up in all of the feelings of bliss that I didn't pay attention to how much noise I was making, and didn't notice when the shaver shut off...and then the water shut off...and Daddy walk up behind me... until I heard his voice asking "Now, what is all this noise I've been hearing?"

I froze. Just like a naughty little girl with her hands caught in the cookie jar, I didn't even think to move them. He came up behind me, pressing his hard, warm body into mine, and he reached his hands around and covered mine, feeling my wetness in the process. "What do we have hear, young lady?" silence from me "Have you been playing with my pussy without Daddy's permission? When you're in corner time? hm?" I let out a moan as he stoked me just ever so slightly.

He walked away and I heard the bathroom drawer open. The one that holds the hairbrush. And then I heard him come back. "Hands on your head," he ordered, and I obeyed, as he wrapped an arm around my waist and just rained swat after swat on my sore, filled, backside, lecturing all the way about playing with myself without permission and being naughty while I was being punished. I was told I would be getting more when he got out of the shower and he didn't want to hear a peep out of me until then.

That was quite possibly the longest 7 minutes of my life!

Finally he got out, and brought me out of the corner. He'd laid a towel out over the edge of the bed, just in case I did make a mess when I came, which I normally do when I squirt, much to my embarassment but also gratitude. He laid my back out on the bed, so my bottom was at the edge, and he stood at the end. (, this is all making me blush just writing it....!) He started lecturing again about naughty little girls that play with themselves without their Daddy's permission. And he bent my legs up so that he could put the last two beads in. I mewwed and gave him my best sad eyes, but he held firm, and in they went. Then he lifted up my legs so I was in diaper position (which, if you've been a reader here for a while you know how much i HATE diaper position). Now my Daddy has never punished me in diaper position before, but I'm worried that he's decided he likes it. B/c Daddy likes to spank right on the inside of the sitspot. A spot that is very difficult to get. Daddy is mean when he punishes there too! He'll just focus on what is absolutely the most sensitive spot on your bottom and just give like 15 in a row, hard with the hairbrush (or something worse!). So this time Daddy spanked me all over with that damn brush for a while, then focused in on those spots, which to my dismay were on perfect display for him.

I do however love diaper position b/c it puts Me on display as well...and I just love feeling all exposed like that. When Daddy was done punishing me (it wasn't all that bad in the grand scheme of things) he spread my legs and checked my kitty to see if it was still all wet for him, and he started rolling the beads around some. And I was back to that soaking wet, naughty little girl, as he kneeded my bottom. Then he told me it was time for him to make his little girl cum, but that I was NOT to cum without permission. So then Daddy started in on me in this new way that we discovered recently. Daddy will put just the tip of his cock inside me and run it around a bit getting it all nice and wet with my cum, and then he'll use his cock to play with my clit. The first time he did it I made such a mess, cuming all over his hard cock.... *bites lip* I've never been shy to talk about stuff like this before but for some reason, I'm feeling very timid....I really hope this isn't all too much to talk about....

So as Daddy was making me cum over and over again, scolding me, ordering me to cum hard for him, that I need to cum all over his cock like a good little girl or that he'll turn me over and strap me until I'm sobbing like a well punished little girl. And all of that just makes me cum SO much harder. I LOVE being scolded! lol. All the while he was taking out the beads and I was screaming and writhing b/c that is the part of any anal play that i hate! When they come out I get so confused, and my body doesn't understand what's happening, and I get worried that somethign bad's going to happen, but it feels so good, and my pussy's getting worked on, and its just too much and too overwhelming a lot of the time. Its too much sensation. Daddy took pity on me though and pulled them out pretty quickly. Then he decided he wasn't done and he wanted me to cum for him one more time. And I did, of course, being the good little girl that I am. But I didn't squirt for him this time oddly enough- its just difficult to squirt when i've just had my bottom played with or when I have beads in, b/c even though I'm so turned on, I can't relax enough...and the pushing worries me....again its a story for another post.

After it was all done, and Daddy told me to go clean up, we cuddled for a little while longer, then we got up and since we were 3 hours late, Daddy drove me to school, just in time for me to make my first class.

I can't help but feel sorry for everyone else in that class that didn't get to wake up like I did. What a way to start your Monday. ;)

Princess Kelly


  1. That was fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. *twitch* No faaaaiiiir!

    How about all the people on the west coast who don't get to wake up like that. What a lucky girl!

  3. Lovely story; it made me pull my panties down to pet my kitty, it was so hot. You really got me purring; I love anal talk. Now the mouse is all slick/sticky. And I'm probably gonna get spanked by my boyfriend for being nasty/naughty.
    Jean Marie

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  5. Anonymous-
    Thank you and thanks for commenting!

    lol, I'm sorry sweetie. I wish you could have had fun too! I hope all is going well for you, and yes, I am a very lucky girl.

    Jean Marie-
    I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. ;) But, hm...talking about your mouse being sticky- your bf should tan your hide for that. I'm a big fan of naughty and mischevious but not nasty- that always deserves a spanking ;). Thanks for commenting sweetie

    Princess Kelly

  6. Great job writing Princess. That was a wonderful account. Keep up the good work.

  7. Wow!! What an absolutely arousing story. You certainly know how to describe the event in such vivid detail I feel like I was there watching (if only!) I am new to your post, i just saw you on FetLife and was intrigued enough to check out your blog. I can't wait to hear and see more. You definetly have many talents.

  8. Goodness, had to made for a long car ride back,and I don't think I could have concentrated in class at all!

  9. Omg You're such a naughty girl

  10. Just discovered your blog, Kelley. That was quite the tale!