Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hey there!

I just wanted to pop by and wish everyone a Happy Easter! I'm working pretty dillegently on my paper, but not as hard as I need to be working, so I won't have time to write a longer post til after Tuesday :(. But for now, have fun with egg dying and hunting. And for any Jewish readers Happy Passover!

And for everyone else, HAPPY SPRING!!!! :) A time for frollicing and outdoor spankings.... remind me to tell ya'll about the outdoor switching I got while hiking in the dead of winter- no fun, a switch on a cold bottom hurts even more than a regular switching!

Anywho, I'll be back soon. Love ya'll!


Princess Kelly


  1. Cute easter pic lol..

    And right back at ya--happy Easter, Passover, Spring, happy cherry red spankings, etc :)


  2. Hey Princess,
    I'm just out looking around on different blogs today. I haven't been her in a while and I wanted to say hey. I wish you luck on your paper. Soooooo... glad I don't have to do things like that any more.


  3. Dave-

    lol, thanks, i love that pic. And yay happy cherry red spankings! :) definitely the best. Hope to hear from you again soon!

    Hey there. Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the well wishes. The paper went pretty well. Had to pull an all nighter but it got done :). lol, yeah, well i'm planning to stay in school for a while to come so it looks like this will be my life for a whlie longer lol. :)

    Princess Kelly