Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I've been Tagged- aka 25 things about me

So a couple friends of mine tagged me on facebook, and I was thinking that maybe I should post it here. I guess it’s like a “meme”. But on the one I put on facebook there were some personal info things that I can’t put here, so instead I decided to put “personal” aka sexual things that I can’t put there. So, here ya go.

  1. I like vegetables a lot but I’m really picky about fruits- I only really like oranges, blueberries and strawberries, and I firmly believe that desert and fruit are separate courses and should not be combined.
  2. I have a scar on my calf from a motorcycle burn I got this summer

  3. I love shiny things. A lot. Sometimes it’s a problem.

  4. I’m bisexual but I’ve never done anything with a girl- not even kissed. However, nowadays I don’t even see guys as attractive but every single girl that passes me gets a look up and down. It’s quite frustrating. And now the bisexuality group that I’m in on campus has made it its mission to get me laid.

  5. I had my first kiss at 18- after I graduated high school. I also never went on a date til college.
  6. I love arts and crafts! I have a closet back home that has all of my paints and beads, paper and most critically 5 jars of glitter!

  7. I have a couple other minor fetishes other than spanking. Light bondage (I collect handcuffs), tickling, anal play (not hardcore), age-play, role play, and minor exposure
  8. I LOVE fanfiction! But its almost exclusively spanking related stuff and so its hard b/c its not too taboo of a thing, but I don’t tell people b/c I can’t share the stories I read.
  9. Office supplies make me really really happy.
  10. Britney Spear’s new song “If You Seek Amy” is my favorite off her new album and currently on repeat on my itunes

  11. I don’t like fizzy things, thus I don’t drink soda or beer. (I’m much more of a shots girl anyway. My entire liquid intake is water (lots of it), milk, lemonade, and liquor).
  12. I’m recovering from bulimia
  13. Monday night I pulled my 3rd all-nighter ever to finish my paper (not including traveling to Europe and jet lag) and it SUCKED I got majorly sick off of caffeine, which is most definitely a drug despite what coffee lovers would like to say to the contrary
  14. Kittens make me exceedingly happy and I want one a lot! I didn’t have pets growing up (my mom always says “When I’m so old and senile that I forget who actually takes care of a dog, then we’ll get a dog”), and my bff says that I want a kitten b/c I have very kitten like qualities. Mainly, I mew. Not meow. Mew. There’s a difference
  15. In middle school and some of high school I was a 98 Degrees FANATIC!

  16. I’m a singer and I was classically trained (opera) in high school.
  17. I think lingerie is so sexy. A perfectly panty covered bottom is sexier in some ways to a bare bottom. I actually just find the word panties sexy. Hearing a man tell me that he’s going to take down my panties and spank my bare bottom turns me on like almost nothing else.

  18. Last night I had a wet dream about this actor who’s been in some Disney movies (I think one of them involved baseball? Or a dog?) as a dad, and in my dream he was a veterinarian at my school and he was the dad of a girl that I met and became friends with and well….you can guess where it went from there *wink*. I just needed a bit of guidance. The vet thing was random…and I can see his face and hear his voice but I can’t remember any of the movies he was in!!!! arg!!!

  19. Joss Whedon is my hero and he can do no wrong. Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Dollhouse…I love them all!

  20. I’m a bit of a switch. The other day, Daddy let me spank him (oh, it was hysterical) for racing some punk kid in his car (very dangerous), and I am NOT into spanking guys (and he is anything but a sub)- I was just pissed and thought he deserved a taste of his own medicine. And sometimes I like getting a bit toppy. And ok, he has a FABULOUS ass (I love ass, I do not discriminate btw genders)…and then he laughed while I was doing it so I was VERY determined….but lets just say I got a bit wet…and when Daddy found that out…well it was my turn to be squirmy.
  21. I want to spank a girl so badly, and unfortunately all the girls that I want to spank are younger than me and mostly jailbait (especially the girls I used to tutor). Some days I worry that I’m like a creep b/c I have fantasies about spanking young teenage girls!
  22. High heels are essential to life. No matter how bad my hair is that day, or if I feel fat and my skirt doesn’t fit, shoes will never let me down. I have a pair of bright yellow pumps that I think say a lot about me as a person.
  23. My favorite color is periwinkle
  24. It took me 3 years of trying to masturbate before I could make myself cum (at 16).
  25. I love historical reenactments and medieval fairs and festivals. I worry sometimes that it’s because stocks and pillories turn me on.

kk, so that's it for now. I'll probably post again this week since I finally have some down time! woot woo! And this weekend hopefully Daddy will be taking me to the zoo and I have a lot of spankings to report and a lot of kisses to collect.

Holla Back ya'll! ;) (yes I did just say that)


Princess Kelly


  1. Fun list. Neat to learn that you're a singer. Certainly sounds like there are lots of new things you'd like to try. If you could try one new thing tomorrow... what do you think it would be?

    Todd and Suzy

  2. Todd and Suzy
    Hey there! hm.....that's a hard one...I think that it'd be to spank a girl. Yeah, for sure. And if we could mix in some sex...well even better. Yah, I really want to give a girl a nice good girl spanking and then take really good care of her afterwards. mmmm That sounds like fun, don't you think?
    That or on an actual poll. :) hehe. No...spanking definitely spanking. :)


  3. "Some days I worry that I’m like a creep b/c I have fantasies about spanking young teenage girls!"

    Now I'm going to have fantasies of you spanking them. So which of us is the bigger perv? :)

    I enjoyed learning new stuff about you, Kelly. Thanks.


  4. Can't go wrong with picking spanking and sex!

    Todd and Suzy

  5. Shiny things are amazing. Heals are great. LOL to the young women thing... I do understand.

  6. lol, you really are too funny.

    I often wonder what it would have been like for me, if like you, I had had access to the internet at your age.

    I think the actor you mean is Dennis Quaid, Very much a Daddy type for someone your age.

    And don't think it's weird for you to think of spanking girls at all, at your age, more natural for you to think of spanking someone younger than you, and many are cute, and most Do need a good spanking.