Monday, September 14, 2009

Mouth Soaping

Mommy is going to wash my mouth out tonight!!! :(





I've never had my mouth washed out, and let me say, I am NOT looking foward to it. How have I managed to go this long without having my mouth washed out, especially considering my sailoresqe vocabulary? Well somehow I managed to be with the 3 men who didn't really care for mouth soaping. Edward threatened ALL the time, but NEVER followed through, and I never thought he would. M- never threatened, never did. But I mean, come on. He was a student too- not like he was the "daddy" type. John...John just never threatened either. He spanked me for swearing and for lying...and then there was this one time that he started to think that a mouth soaping would be appropriate for all those occasions that my naughty mouth got me into trouble, but again, it never happened.


Its not like there aren't a ton of people who have threatened to and had they been able to get there hands on me would have! Lol, I always assumed my tendency towards profanity would get me in more trouble than anything. Lol, but it is the thing I use when I just need a scolding. Nothing is quite as easy as when i'm talking with a top, to just go off like "fuck the fucking fuckers!" to get the desired "Young lady!" response. :D


But I never actually WANTED to have my mouth washed out!!!! Did I have a morbid fascination? Absolutely. But do I want it to happen? NO! POUT!!! Mommy has threatened before, and given me warnings, and she washed my baby sister's mouth out just last week. But I didn't swear!... I lied. A Big lie. An ugly lie, that makes me feel kinda ashamed. But it was to a proffesor... ok, I won't make excuses. It was bad and I deserve to be punished. BUT I DON"T WANT MY MOUTH WASHED OUT!!!!!


Sigh, I guess that's why she's doing it. She's just a Mommy. Not a spanko. She doesn't want me to enjoy it. I'm supposed to learn a lesson and never be that naughty again. But its not faaaaaiiiiiiirrrrrrrr!!!!! :( I mean its hard enough to self spank! I'm not sure I will be able to summon enough will power to put soap on my tongue!.. She said this time won't be That bad. This is just going to suck, but won't be anything compared to what will happen if I do it again.


Sigh. I'm curious as to what you guys think about mouth soaping, or appropriate punishments for potty mouths and lying. I know that I've gotten threatened with it enough that Some people do it.... I just wish it wasn't to ME!


Princess Kelley


  1. aww im sorry! i hate mouth soaping too! i have been on the recieving end many times. my husband used to make me bite of a lil piece and chew it and then ttake a toothbrush and brush my teeth. ughh! it was horrible!!

    hope you survive your soaping tonight!


  2. Good for your Mommy, Princess. I'm very familiar with it, and I think it works quite well for swearing, lying, and backtalk.


  3. Mouth-soaping sure ain't sexy. But I like seeing little girls raised by strict mommies. It is definitely an appropriate punishment for both potty mouths and lying, though I think it's often combined with a good, sound spanking, especially for lying. Embarrassing and unpleasant, but it should serve as a good lesson for you, young lady.

    Good luck, and I want to give you a hug, Princess Kelley.


  4. were are the mouth soapers at let me know