Friday, May 6, 2011

Bloopers: Forgetful Old Man

Hey Team,
Sorry for the extended hiatus. Things have been stressful around here lately. In the middle of finals and dating a man who frequently... well forgets to treat me with some human decency, but said man is supposed to be arriving for a visit this weekend and I love him desperately despite myself and thus I should be feeling much happier (and well spanked) soon. But to honor his return to my life (and slightly to get back at him for being a jerk face half the time) I thought I would share one of the many wonderful little outtakes from our last visit.

This is from the video we did called the Naughty Wife. We did the whole thing and it was pretty good- I was really improvising with cameras and webcams and trying to make things work, but my biggest obstacle was that Paul completely neglected to take down my panties! Now I understand that when they offer no protection there can be this forgetfulness, but baring a bottom is part of a spanking! So we decided to film the last little portion again and have him pull them down that time. Of course, I'm a smart girl, and I've learned that old men can be... well old men. Men meaning they don't hear half the things I say anyway and old meaning they forget half of what they do hear! :)

So I quizzed him... and it took him a little while to remember. But his little victory gesture at remembering finally is just.... well priceless. Please enjoy at Paul's expense :)

Princess Kelley

LMFAO- I can't help it. No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh so hard. The definitive "Yes, I remember. How dare you doubt me... uh...uh.... oh yea!" lol and the arm pump. Just lol. :)


  1. How could anyone forget to pull down your pants??? It would always be the first thing on MY mind.

    Best wishes for your shiny hiny this weekend.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  2. Kelly, I think you just MAKE old men forgetful. And there's another point I had before I started writing. What was it?

    Oh, yeah! Naughty Wife? Where'd you get that idea?

  3. Well, with such pretty panties, I could see why his first priority wasn't to remove them. ;)

    Cute vid, Kelley!

  4. your dating THAT guy?! Wow, he is lucky as hell!

  5. Kelley, love the outtake and the laughs at Paul's expense :)

    Knowing Paul though (I got to meet him last year at a few parties), you'll probably pay with you bottom for this post ;)

  6. Wow. I have followed your blog for a little while but this most recent post was quite bitchy and made you seem quite self-absorbed and childish (and NOT in the good playful way, but the spoiled and immature way). I will no longer be following your writings, until you grow up and learn the world (the REAL world, not the fantasy one you seem to create in your mind judging from these rude comments you make about people like the dude in this video). Also, you are not that cute anyways, so I don't see what you have to be so cocky about... there are MUCH cuter and thinner spanking models out there. Oh well, just another disappointment in the spanking community.


  7. "Roger" is a shallow, self absorbed duffus who just doesn,t get it.

    The Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  8. Roger is an ass!! You should be glad he's not following you!! Don't listen to him either. Your absolutely gorgeous and I would spank your cute ass any day ;)

    ~Jess XX~

  9. The point of Rogers comment is to make you feel small or worthless.

    But here's an important point to consider: Does Roger actually know you?

    If the answer is yes then why doesn't he have the guts to talk to you face-to-face like a decent human being? Most likely because he knows what he's saying isn't so much about Kelley as it is about himself and his own frustrations. The attack seems pretty unprovoked anyway.

    If Roger doesn't know you then who is he to judge?

    On the ridiculous comment about your appearance - I think you're beautiful, gorgeous and completely sexy. You have a smile that could light up a room and a body that could turn a gay man straight. You seriously have nothing to worry about in the looks department. You are a natural beauty.

  10. Kelly,
    Please as difficult as it may seem ignore 'Roger' as someone who's opinion is not worth thus time he toke to write it. I believe him when he stated he read your blog as his comments were maliciously pointed at the insecurities you have written about. As for his not liking your looks I would venture that he is an older man who found too much similarity to Paul in your comments, and was not following your blog to better him self or learn. There are always people out there who are not satisfied that people think they are fools but have to speak out and remove all doubt.

    A. Moro.

  11. Kelly,

    I know you read every post (even if you don't have time to reply to them) please don't take "Roger"'s comments seriously, I loved the clip it made my day when I watched it. He is, I suspect, trying to upset you and therefore you must ignore him.


  12. Hi Kelley,

    Wow, he really is a dick, isn't he? I guess he thinks 'blooper' means something else. Well, from the sound of him, he needs to keep a lot of TP around, so it doesn't really surprise me.

    All right, I need to qualify this by saying I'm not hitting on you, it's just a compliment. Yes, Sarah Gregory play on the same team, and you are without question, amazingly hot. Normally I wouldn't go there since you are obviously straight, but with Roger being such a big bag of douche I just wanted to let you know. You have a breathtaking face and body (nice cheeks too, especially when red)and if you listen to him for a second with that 'thinner' comment you are crazy. Girls have to reclaim the curves, which you have in perfect proportion.