Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Break-up Update and Thank You

Update: Please understand people. I mean no harm to any of the people mentioned in any of my videos or posts. This is my blog. This has always been MY blog. I have been telling my side of stories (and yes, most of the time only my side) for three years almost now, mostly about the good and the bad and the sexy and the ugly of my relationships with men (and the very occasional woman) of whom none of you have ever heard of. It is unfortunate that all of this has been going on with people that are in the "public eye" and as a result I have been trying to be polite about the things, and much less... blunt... than I normally would be. Perhaps I should have been using fake names for these people (well I mean other than their scene names I guess, idk like by initials or something like I've done with some of my past guys) but it just seemed silly to do so given that most people either know someone involved personally or know of someone involved in this.
But I have said it before, and I will say it again, this is my blog, this is MY home, and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass and get the fuck out. No one is forcing anyone to read or watch anything I say.
Like I said, I wish no ill to anyone ever, but I am allowed to say what I want. B/c this is the Confessions of a Spanked Princess, re: ME.
Oh, and in case anyone STILL hasn't gotten it. The video with me and Paul was a joke that he knew about and thinks is just hysterical. I would not have posted it ever had I not been 100% certain that he would be.

Princess Kelley


  1. Like the song title says "Love Hurts"

    Thinking of you.....


  2. I replied via email, but for the sake of public affection /hug

  3. big hugs young lady... and do make sure to eat.

    ~Todd and Suzy

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  5. Kelley,

    With time and distance will come clarity and perspective. That knowledge doesn't help much in the near term, I know, but as you say, you will be OK.

    Please take good care of yourself so you look healthy and radiant in your graduation photos (and because we love you).


  6. Kelley hope you are better nowour little Pricess ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  7. Seriously, babe, suck it up. Stop throwing yourself at decrepit old mean, and subjecting your readership to self-pity and emotional vomit when things don't work out. What did or do you expect? Reality alert.....

  8. Seriously, dipshit, what did or do you expect? Kelley is honest and thoughtful and patient and loyal, and any of us would be blessed to know her in person, intimately or otherwise. We love her and accept her for all of her loves and hates and everything in-between. That's why we read and listen to her words while admiring her courage and beauty. That's why we're visiting her blog and not yours.

    No, she's not perfect in relationships, and neither am I, and you sure as hell are not, assmunch. So suck it up and shut up, or just go vomit on your own emotions and get the fuck away from here. If you have nothing polite to say, Don't Comment, especially on a post like this where she's being very vulnerable. Real idiot alert.....

    Kelley, we're all here for you, be it about spanking, relationships, or both. Tell us anything at anytime. We'll always listen and never judge, so just ignore the few rude people of the world. May you never be afraid to share your heart. xoxo

  9. Hi Kelley... I've been reading this blog for some time; normally I'm kind of shy about commenting on blogs, but this time I feel like saying something to you... I'm sorry about what you're going through... I know it hurts, but please be strong, okay? It must be awful now, but it will get better. Promise. Just hold on, okay?

    And never mind mean people like this "Roger". He's just mean, and not even creative... How comes men have no better way of insulting a woman than saying she's not pretty or commenting on her morality? It's just stupid... And by the way, if he thinks you're not cute, how comes he's been reading your blog and watching your pics? Just ignore him.

    I know you just through your blog, but I think you're sweet and funny, people who don't see that don't deserve your attention.

    Take care.


  10. Be strong!
    You're beautiful, take care of yourself
    Love xxx