Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

I'm officially getting older. :)
22 years of age. I can do nothing more exciting today than I could yesterday.

However!!!! Its a birthday which means a birthday spanking!!! :D And presents! :) lol. I will get a video of me getting a birthday spanking for ya'll too so that's my gift to all of you! :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Happy birthday to you, dear Princess.

    I'm looking forward to the Vid.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  2. Happy birthday, sweetie! I hope your celebration is a most pleasant and memorable one.


  3. Buon Compleanno Kelley, sperando che ricordi un po' di italiano.

  4. Hi princess. Happy Birthday.
    I like to travel here from Brazil to the United States, to give you a present, I would give you a beautiful pair of rubber sandals (which brand you do not allow me to recall) I would give you some good slippers in the ass , would also like to take them from you, lying in your lap (otk)
    What size is oseu foot? Here you would use 37/38 (Brazil) which should be 8 / 9 (USA) tell me if I hit?

    Love you!

    Brazilian Mam.

  5. Happy Birthday Princess. Then again every day is like your birthday when you are a princess. Hope you have a spanking good time today!

  6. Hi, Kelly! My congratulations with your birthday!
    Unfortunately, my English isn't fluent. Did I get it correctly, that you were going to upload the video of your fresh self-spanking for the delight of your web-site's visitors? (For free, of course).

  7. Happy Birthday to our most special Princess. As my gift to you I won't make you sit through listening to me sing to you because I don't want to deafen you and make your poor ears bleed from my bad singing. I hope you enjoy your special day and I too am looking forward to your birthday spanking.