Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Spanking (Tuesday Tease on a Friday)

Hey Team!

So a lot has happened, but things are going pretty well. I'm about to head to the airport to go to Nashville for a Supernatural Convention (once again, if you're going to be there let me know! lol) and then I'm headed towards my internship for the summer. :( It'll be good, but not quite as fun as just filming and getting spanked all the time and hanging out with my friends! lol. :)

But as promised, albeit a bit late, here is my birthday spanking. :) There will be a compilation type one that is much longer and has my face and stuff on my clips4sale site in a couple days, but I really really really wanted to do one just for ya'll, so I really hope you enjoy! :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Belated happy birthday, kelley :)
    It is always great to see a post from you
    *avuncular hug and forehead smooch (and birthday spank!)


  2. Happy birthday !!!

    You look so sweet in your birthday suit.

    And with your hiny such a lovely shade of red.

    I am looking forward to the 'Clips4sale' version.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  3. That was cute. Happy Birthday, Princess!

  4. Happy Birthday Kelley! What Happened to your arm!!!?

  5. Lovely. I hope your birthday was great in all ways.
    Best - JHthree

  6. I love your page, mind if I put you on my blog roll? :)

    btw, Happy Birthday!

  7. Very nice video. We both found ourselves wishing you were a little older though... lol.

    hugs and miss you,
    ~Todd and Suzy

  8. That's a pretty red bottom, Kelley. I hope you enjoyed your birthday and ate your cake standing up.

  9. belated happy birthday young Kelley from tim love and spanks xx