Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vlog- Newcomers, Being featured, life, and Criminal Minds

Hey Team,
So this is a vlog that ended up being kinda long (sorry!) that is me welcoming in some ways new comers to the blog. Its me musing about how I feel when I get linked to by big sites and then I know that people who aren't "team" members come and look, and how I worry about that. I'm pretty chipper in this, so if you've missed me seeming happy, this is the video for you. lol. Then I muse about why people should read the blog (come up with no answers for that btw), and ask for post suggestions. Then it gets a bit deep when I ponder the ramifications of dark sexual sadism in pornography with violence that happens in real life- yes I've been watching Criminal Minds too much. Then its the good part of Criminal Minds and my spanking related dreams :).


Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley,

    As a belated birthday present, here are my ten post suggestions.

    1. Tell us about some of your favorite spanking fantasies such as different places, people, scenarios, reasons, etc.

    2. What have you never done in terms of spanking and/or sex that you really want to try?

    3. You've gone for many months without a spanking before. What advice can you offer to others who must endure a similar situation?

    4. How have your limits evolved over time?

    5. What makes a spanking enjoyable for you?

    6. Do you have any favorite apparel for spankings?

    7. Can you identify a spanko on sight? Do you ever think that others (non-readers, that is) can recognize your secret?

    8. You have no qualms about sharing (beautiful) photographs of your bottom. Yet, you carefully avoid posting images of your (equally beautiful) boobs. Why is that?

    9. What is it about the dark side of BDSM that appeals to you? Do you foresee your interests expanding in this direction in the future?

    10. You've met many spanking enthusiasts, both famous and anonymous, online and in person. Have you observed any common traits or inclinations beyond our obvious love of a pink bottom?

    I hope that helps!

    Big hugs,

  2. Good morning Kelley! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend :) I'm sure everyone is pleased you're feeling lots better, I know that i am. ALSO, thought the questions that Bonnie just asked of you are fantastic and I expect you to answer everyone of them in the very near future, either on a video post or in print. I'm glad you're still posting!


  3. Cute video, Kelley... and yea, more boobs is always a good idea... lol. We like Bonnie's post ideas. A 'bucket list' of spanko/kink/sexual things you'd like to experience would be a fun post. A long post about how you have plans to come to Florida this summer... ;) ... would be a super cool post too!

    be good and hugs
    ~Todd and Suzy

  4. Hello PK
    Just discovered yr site,thanks to MarQue. Charming stuff. Especially love yr well-reddened bum -- though if I were involved it would be MUCH redder. You should come to Maui so that I can deal with you in person. Salutations, davidl (

  5. Morgan/Garcia fan fiction?! YES YES. please post!! and i totally know the episode where Shemar Moore threatens to spank Garcia. ahhhh, i LOVE Shemar Moore! I want too!