Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Videos Available

Hey Team,
So I know I owe you guys some clips, not to mention posts that have actual substance (!) and I promise they are coming soon. But I wanted to go ahead and get these edited and uploaded before I forgot about them! lol. (which has happened before!). Just started my new internship this past Monday so things have also been a bit hectic, but I will give ya'll a life update as well as spanking posts (I know! A post related to the topic of the blog? go figure!) and probably a couple little clips (yes, Chuck, I got your email- and loved it btw- and got the message! *wink*).

But for the moment, here are the videos that just went up on my Clips4Sale page. Possibly my three favorite to date.

I May Be Wearing Pearls, But I'm Not June Cleaver!!!
My favorite non real discipline video to date. And Paul's favorite scene we've done period. He says it felt like the most "us."
I think my boobs might have played a role in that... ;)

So this was all about the dress, the pearls (property of Francesca), and the kitchen (the only clean room in the house). So I came up with a vague plot. A reason for him to spank me. And then decided not to tell him in advanced so that he would be surprised (yes I'm evil), so I'll do the same with ya'll!  *wink* I do something naughty/bratty, and I get spanked. But in the end, having an old fashioned husband is just what I wanted. :)

We did an entire take of the spanking (yep, I took this hard spanking- including the wooden spoon!!- twice for ya'll) from the front so there are lots of really amazing reaction shots, and as I said, I'm really happy with the way this one turned out. I hope you like it as much as we do. :)

(PS. Picture above= favorite. picture. ever.)

So this can best be described as overly ambitious :) I'm actually going to do an entire vlog update on this video. This was...insane.
Idk, I've had this idea in my head for a long time, and I finally had the means and opportunity to execute it, so I did. :) And I don't think it was a total failure. In fact, I think it turned out pretty damn well. Probably due in most part to Johnny Ravage's fantastic camera work and the great setting. So gorgeous!

Though I do have to say, I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking when I thought it would be a great idea to film outside in the middle of the day in Texas in June. I think personally one of my favorite parts is watching Paul spank me and thinking that he's going to pass out from heat and exertion! lol. :)
Its a sweet idea I believe that most spankos will enjoy, and its a good spanking as always :) Just was a pain in the ass to edit!

And the much anticipated:

Princess Kelley's 22nd Birthday Spanking Compilation
So this was really fun to shoot, and that feeling of happiness and humor persists throughout this really long video. :) What started as a simple birthday spanking clip for my blog at my birthday party soon turned into a massive spank fest! Three different tops have a go at my red ass during this video.
Johnny Ravage (pictured left) gives me a solid, basic birthday spanking. Then Mike gives his version (no counting, and no stopping, just smacking until something stops him). And finally Paul (/Daddy) gives his version of a birthday spanking which basically comes out to be the mathematical (22!) meaning he gives me every birthday spanking I've ever missed.
This was my first ever birthday spanking, so you can guess how many that was! :)
Of course, its my birthday, so the spanking is given in my birthday suit as well :) Some joking with puppies, and laughter all around, but basically 10 solid minutes of spanking :)

We filmed one more roleplay that I'll be putting up soon (a Daddy/Daughter scene) and a short, loving aftercare scene as well. Those will both go up in the next week. I also will edit together a blooper reel of some sort for a Tease video- I have some things in mind! :) So get excited, and I hope you like these videos/pictures.

Love ya'll

Princess Kelley


  1. Birthday suite spankings - my favourite !!!! Goes to the top of my wishlist.


    p.s BTW Welcome Back

  2. Lovely post.

    Lovely girl.

    Lovely new vidios.

    I baught Mrs. Cleaver and the Birthday spanking and I love them both.

    Thank you so much sweety.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck