Sunday, June 26, 2011

Questions Answered: My Boobs

Thank you Bonnie for all of the questions/prompts. I really enjoyed answering the first couple yesterday. :) I'm going to try and answer more and time them to get posted. Hopefully this will encourage people back to the blog :).
I'm always happy to answer questions so feel free to leave more if anyone has any! :) Oh, and I'm going to try and alternate video and text posts, but if anyone has a preference one way or the other, please let me know! :)

"8. You have no qualms about sharing (beautiful) photographs of your bottom. Yet, you carefully avoid posting images of your (equally beautiful) boobs. Why is that?"

Princess Kelley


  1. Loved it! If you don't mind me saying you seem to be a little more back to your bubbly self.

    I wish to add my +1 to both your bottom and boobs being very beautiful. I accept your need for limits, but one of the things that has me hooked on this blog and make me read new posts here BEFORE I read new posts on all the other blogs is how open and personal you make your posts, they are, by me at least, eagerly awaited I would hate for your need for that boundary to change that.


  2. Kelley nice post of your vid ,its great to have a pretty girl spanko sharing with us ,love a spanks .tim xx

  3. Hi Kelly

    Nice to hear such an honest Vlog I do remember the 11th of Feb Art Picture post which was I think your Boobs debut. Respecting your limits and all but any more arty shots like that would be great. I am a spanko but also an appriciator of the Female form with a wife whose breats were at least E cup before she was pregnant I am a fan of big boobs.


  4. Hi Kelley,

    Thanks for answering my question. If it sounds like an interview, that may be because I was trained as a journalist and worked as a reporter. :)

    I think you should post content that you're comfortable sharing and makes you happy. Your growing reader population serves as confirmation of your good taste.


  5. Wonderful post Kelley! I'm glad you're answering Bonnie's questions in such detail too. Can't wait to see or read the rest. Hope you're well.