Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Momentous Occasion

Sorry for the extended hiatus and for worrying ya'll. I love you and and I am doing well. Thank you so much for all of your support.
I graduate in 10 hours :). Pray I don't trip! :)

Princess Kelley


  1. So there you are, taking spanking to a new degree. Happy graduation!

  2. Best wishes, dear Kelley... From Paris, France.

  3. Congratulations Kelly, sounds like a very hectic final week or so has paid off nicely for you.

    Also its really great to see you back in a happy place again. Have yourself a great day.

  4. Congratulations young lady! Now all you need is a good ol' fashion graduation spanking with the gown and cap to send you off into the world. Something I'd be glad to give you too. God's speed Kelly.

  5. Kelley glad you are happy again ,you look hot in your cap and gown ,love and spanks ,tim xx

  6. you look gorgeous in that dress!


  7. Let's see, Where to begin,

    - You are correct, it is just the begining. That is why they call it 'Commencement'.

    - You look great in that dress, Princess, but you would look more lady like if you weren't constantly tugging it up in front.

    - Yes, I was concerned about you. I work in the mental health field and always worry about depressed people 'doing things', so thankyou very much for answering my e-mail.

    - Yes, I like writing in bullets.

    - In your cap-n-gown you look like you are 16.

    And, Oh yeah,

    - Congrats on that whole 'Cum Laude' thing.

    - A taped shut box should work for moving the dildos, and the anal beads can be transported in the receptical they were design for.

    Your Alaskan Prince, Chuck

  8. Congratulations Kelly!

    It´s great to see that you are alive and kicking. I hope you will have a really nice summer and the best of wishes for your future studies and career.

    One a bit more serious note, though…

    Please do not again set all those alarm bells ringing and then disappear without giving any signs of life. You really made me concerned for your wellbeing and I seriously considered asking your university to check on you.
    Sorry for scolding you. I`m glad you are happy again.

    You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress.


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