Friday, February 3, 2012


Hey Team!
OMG It's an actual post! With content!!! :) Lol. I have a new rule starting today. One post WITH CONTENT per week. I will actually have to remember how to blog I guess, lol. :) So for now, here we go :) I am about to go pass out now. God, I love these but they are hard to edit! Y'all better actually watch it! lol :)

Part 1: Drop Seat Footie PJs
Part 2: Bottoms Up Party this past weekend
Part 3: The filming I've been doing lately
Part 4: DVD site launching in next 3 weeks (need suggestions and requests please! :))
Part 5: Important announcement regarding my involvement in the Texas All-State Spanking Party
Part 6: A thank you to friends
Part 7: A Mom update

Topics of posts to come soon!
-Spanking Men
-Paul getting spanked by a waitress in Denny's lol :)
-SSC vs. RACK (a debate between me and Francesca)
-Frustrations and Mishaps in Film Making :)

And much more! I pinkie swear. :)

Princess Kelley


  1. Hi Kelley, I spelled your name right this time, love your blog video, so sorry to hear about your moms trouble , her plate is really full, since her horse riding accident, thanks for showing off your dropseat pj's , I love them , the buttons are outta sight!I look forward to seeing your dvd selection,I love a good spanking video,if I may make a suggestion on paying for the dvd's, I find that besides what ever plan you decide to use to pay for them online, also include a p.o. box to send check or money order , some people just dont like to order online, well again, my good thoughts and wishes for your moms recovery, and the best of luck in your dvd venture, I will be buying some, and ps, for heaven sake post a pic of the back side of your pj's one of you standing in the corner would be lovely, thanks .your fan, BOB

  2. Hello, Princess Kelley:

    It'll be great to see you at Texas All-State!

    Of course, I want to be part of Team Kelley!

    Particularly with the storybook theme of the party (Once Upon A Spanking), things wouldn't be right without the Princess!

    Keep smiling!
    Jerry Bear

  3. OMG.. I love your video blogs. Sorry to hear about your mom's mishaps. Bless her heart, hope she recovers quickly and gets thru it all with high spirits. It was so good to see you at the Bottoms up party. Hehe I definitely had fun putting ice down your pjs!
    Btw, I would love to be on your team. I look forward to seeing and hopefully hang out to an extent at Allstate with you. :)
    Dont fret all the drama, it isnt worth it. Love your smile.

    Hugs, angela aka babygirl
    Go Team, Kelley!!

  4. Kelley thanks for your vid blog very nice ,you have been a busy girl,my best wishes to your mummy ,look forward to your next blog ,love and spanks ,Timxx

  5. Wonderful post pumpkin! Proud of you for listening and following the one a week post rule thats now in place. I will be sure to make sure you comply with that .

  6. Kelley, you just don't seem like the type of person who would spank men! You spanking a little poor defenseless girl visible. But wrapping my head around the idea of you spanking a man is mind unfathomable. Were they actually sore? I am dying to hear about it.

  7. yay Team Kelley!!! I will be there..and any time you need me :)


  8. You are so adorable. You remind me of my wife who died in '99. She loved spanking, giving & getting.