Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preview Clip: Bridezilla!

Hey Team,
Ok so I am REALLY proud of this one :) And its very long, so I made a preview clip for it. :) Enjoy

(we actually filmed this because he had the tux for a wedding we were going to be in. This was my senior ball gown for college graduation- something I make a quick reference to in the video for fans who would be in the know*wink* I honestly just love how I look in this one... some great angles of my face)

My wedding day is fast approaching, and my wedding planner, Melanie, has sent over a couple dresses for me to try on while my Dad tries on his tuxedo at my parents house.  I am absolutely NOT pleased with her choice, and proceed to throw a royal temper tantrum and threaten to fire her. Daddy has finally had enough, and sees what everyone has been telling him- that his beautiful little girl has become a spoiled brat and a bridezilla!

And he knows how to handle spoiled brats in his house, engaged to be married or not!

Daddy turns me over his knee and spanks me HARD with his hand over my dress, then panties, then on my bare bottom. He then stands me in the corner and lectures while he gets out his old, mean, leather discipline strap. Over the bed I go, and I get 15 really hard licks with that evil thing, before he decides that it will be an early wedding present to my fiance! :)
This was an epic and fun video to shoot. We did it entirely by ourselves with still cameras, and I think it turned out really well. Hope y'all like!

Princess Kelley


  1. Great preview, Kelley! You were right. Your face shots at the beginning of the spanking are outstanding.

    I wrote a post for my blog which includes this sample clip. May I use your clip on my blog? My post includes a favorable review of the sample clip, a linkback to your blog post, a link to your Clips4Sale store, and a copyright notice for the sample clip.

    I'm waiting for your permission to publish.

    Jerry Bear

  2. That is one bottom that would take a while to spank properly.

  3. Was there a bath brush, a hair brush and a cane handled feather duster in your trousseau?