Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Assembly Required

Hey Team!
So I decided to change up the furniture in my apartment recently, and I bought this kick ass sofa/chaise lounge/bed/sectional thing from Ikea as well as a chest of drawers (no pics for that one- Paul did all the work, lol). But as anyone who has ever purchased one of these Sweedish masterpieces knows, when they say "some assembly required" what they really mean is "a shit ton of assembly required, best of luck!"

Thankfully I have my big strong Daddy, lol, who is actually astonishingly good at assembling things to do most of the work. I insist on doing all of the screwing (pun totally intended) because otherwise his elbows will be in so much pain the next day when I get swatted he is the one yelling in pain. But then there was this part that Paul just couldn't do... he decided to take pictures instead. 

Princess Kelley


  1. Love your new furniture Kelley and you look pretty darn cute scooching under it too :) Glad to see you happy and playful and hope your after assembly spanks broke in the new sectional quite well!!

    Suzy and Todd

  2. Hi Kelley,

    You actually make that job look fun!


  3. Congrats on the new furniture. That third pic makes me just want to come over there and smack that bottom up in the air like that.

  4. The new furniture looks great!IKEA alwas seems to ned lots of assembly.