Friday, March 16, 2012

Because I can't help myself...

"We'll stay out of his church if he stays out of our bedrooms." -Larry Flynt

Hey Team,
Sorry for the slightly longer hiatus. I have been sick these past two weeks and it has sucked! Got basically nothing accomplished over my spring break. :( But I am starting to feel better now, and just wanted to post a quick link I saw that feels rather relevant.

I did a research paper in high school actually about how censorship in America along with an over reach of puritanical values and lack of sex education led to high rates of sexual violence in this country and I stick by that research. Our country would be better off if more women watched porn and understood their own bodies, and if more kids were educated about how sex really works. And we would be way better off if we stopped attacking women for having sex and making anyone with a healthy sexual appetite into a whore, slut, or porn star. When you degrade women and put them down and tell men that women are supposed to be lesser and aren't supposed to be sexual but they are, it leads to them thinking that they can treat women who are sexual in a violent manner because they are dirty women anyone. Less than.

So yeah. Rick Santorum has finally come out and said he wants to ban porn in America. I get frustrated with my country a lot. I am a liberal from Texas. It's bound to happen. But no matter how annoyed I am, there are moments in my crazy ass sexual life when I stop and say "God bless America!" (I actually said that once when a guy was going down on me and two girls were sucking my nipples.... just gasped out "god bless america.") Its called freedom! And even if, as a great book just told me about Amsterdam, "And in freedom, most people find sin," that is my God damn choice!

So, fuck you Rick Santorum! No, seriously. I mean fuck you. Like go get laid dude. Get a porn star to come show you and your wife how to get down and cum every once in a while! I mean geez! If I only ever got to cum when I was trying to make a baby and never got to masturbate I would probably hate sex and be really angry too! Soooo, fuck you, and get the hell out of my bedroom and OFF MY INTERNET!;_ylt=AlLByaAkm77ywECgEt53MKCbCMZ_;_ylu=X3oDMTFocm9hZXB0BG1pdANCbG9nIEJvZHkEcG9zAzIEc2VjA01lZGlhQmxvZ0JvZHlUZW1wQXNzZW1ibHk-;_ylg=X3oDMTNjOHJlMXJ1BGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDZjNlOTg4MTUtY2ZmZC0zNDVhLWJlZjQtZjMwODUxNGMyNTUzBHBzdGNhdANvcmlnaW5hbHN8dGhldGlja2V0BHB0A3N0b3J5cGFnZQR0ZXN0Aw--;_ylv=3

Princess Kelley

PS. Just love this :) :

Lucas, who grew up in the former Soviet Union and immigrated to the United States in 1997 after working in Europe as a male prostitute, founded Lucas Entertainment in 1998, which flourished into a mega-enterprise that produces some of the most lavish gay porn films in the industry. His side company, Lucas Raunch, boasts a repertoire of hardcore fetish videos that are so explicit that Canadian officials banned copies from the country in 2009.

"This is not what Ronald Reagan envisioned," Lucas said after reviewing Santorum's plan. "This is not what the Founding Fathers envisioned. This is what Rick Santorum envisions. And I think the guy is crazy."

Lucas, by the way, considers himself a conservative, votes Republican and donates generously to several libertarian and right-wing causes. And when he casts a ballot in the November election, he hopes it will be for Mitt Romney.


  1. Who's Rick Santorum? Does he want to burn Bibles too?

  2. He's more likely to want to build a second house out of bibles, than burn them. He is an entertaining example of hardcore conservatism. The best thing you can say about him is at least he stands by his beliefs. Oh, and he isnt Newt Gingrich. Thats a pretty major tick in the positive column right there.

  3. Hi, Kelley:

    Rick Santorum is pretty evil. I believe he is beyond help.

    He's against birth control, too.

    Here's what I said about him last month: "Santorum? Has his head so far up his ass that an ass secretion is named for him." Click the link... if you don't believe me."

    This is my favorite photo of him.

    I hope you like the links.

    Jerry Bear

    Re: Princess Kelley, safewords

    "God Bless America" = Green