Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New TASSP Website

Hey Team,

I think my fingers are going to fall off from coding if my back doesn't give out first.

I have spent the majority of the last two days designing and creating (and let's just be honest, writing) the new website for the Texas All-State Spanking Party. I am not sure if I announced it here or not, but not only am I going to this year's party, but I am also the Assistant Director of it. And I volunteered to build the website.
For free.

I am clearly crazy.

My Daddy, God love him (I know I do), is not exactly what one would call organized (thus the need for the asst director position) and so getting any sort of information from him regarding the website was rather like pulling teeth. Got the registration form, and the rules and tips and tidbits, but the rest I mostly wrote myself, as well as scouring the internet for photos of models...
(new discovery btw! Amelia Jane Rutherford [who is coming to TASSP] does bondage and kink modeling. Like professional photographers, with her as a professional model [pretty sure she is also a vanilla model] and hot damn! I mean there are some photos on her blog that I, as an art historian, would be happy to classify as photography art. Oh! And Jenni Mack *licks lips.* You know I love me a red-head. :) lol, I am so predictable!)

But it's DONE now! Well... mostly done. Still need info about the vendor fair, and more specifics for the calendar, and a couple model's photos, and to put up the photos/bios on the tops, but it is now in good enough shape to be presentable to the world. I mean, it's not that impressive or anything, but I did end up hand coding like half of it, and doing a shit ton in photoshop... and Daddy likes it... it doesn't suck. And it's definitely better than what was there before. :)

New address btw

SOOOO let me know what ya'll think, register for the party if you can come and haven't already done so, and give me a pat on the back whether you think I deserve it or not, lol, because I am wanting some attention. *tiny pout* Ok... a pat on the bottom works too *wink*

Princess Kelley


  1. Hey, great job on the website. Love the lead image/background.

    Karl Friedrich Gauss

  2. Great ob on the website and I am happy to be side by side with you finally and helping you with the site and party. We are gonna make one hell of a "team" when it comes to making this party one damn good party. Here's to "team TASSP"
    -Sarah Gregory, aka "the enemy"

  3. Whoa! A message from the enemy! I guess you guys are finally getting along for the greater good. :) Great job on the site!!! Wish I was close enough to attend. I might have to make this my vacation next year.



  4. A great web site. Even more so considering how quickly it was done. I like it.