Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spanking threat (impiled) on DWTS

Hey Team,
Ok, so I was watching Dancing with the Stars (it's my guilty pleasure don't judge me!), and this happened, and I freaked the fuck out. lol. Watched it about 15 times already.

Maksim and Valenine Chmerkovskiy are very hot, very Russian, brothers that are two of the pro dancers on the show. Maks is a long time pro, whereas little brother Val is newer to the program. Both very dominant (imho) and both very popular. Val is paired with this year's favorite, and Maks is actually taking the season off (for reasons unknown to me). Side note: His partner is Zendaya, a 16 year old Disney star and very talented dancer. Watching the way he is trying to mentor and coach her in a kinda older brother way is really really hot to me. He pushes her to be way better than she would need to be to still easily be the most talented on the program. But it's like he sees how amazing she Could be and so he doesn't accept for her to be less than That. I love mentor/ment-ee relationships as well as coach/student relationships. It's just hot man.

They did this team/partner type dance thing last week, and so Maks was in rehearsal with Val and his celeb partner. From this footage, it appears that Val has hurt his back, and in the shot, Maks is stretching him out, clearly perturbed that little brother has gotten himself hurt again. But mostly because it means that He is going to be in trouble... :D

Maks: "when something's wrong with him, I get bitched at, like it's my fault, like I was 'supposed to watch out for him' or something like that."
Val: "and when something goes wrong wtih you, what happens to me?"
M: "Same thing, but I don't let anything go wrong with me."
V: "Bro, you're one big wrong. already. My whole life..."
M: "I swear to God I'm gonna call mom"
V(talking over him): "..I don't understand.. (unitelligible)"
M (cont): "And I'll tell her your back hurts. If I tell momma your back hurts? And It's game over for you. Somebodies flying out..."
V: "and if I tell Papa you came an hour and a half late to rehearsal there's gonna be something wrong with you."
M: [pause, as if to say "you wouldn't"]
V: "Punctuality." (re:slam dunk)
M: [shrugs in acquiescence] "end result"
V: "end result."
V: (clearly knowing that he won) "you look like a gonadal rider."

So, I have to say, that I have a thing for fraternal M/M spankings/discipline. Probably one of the reasons I love Supernatural fanfic so much. And given that my life has been consumed with SPN as of late, this just really played well to that whole Sam and Dean thing. :) Also, it was kinda adorable.

Anyway, I don't know if anyone will care in the slightest about this, but I needed to share it, and I don't have a fucking place to do that appropriately except for here. Because here is mine, so I can! lol. :)

Princess Kelley

Quote from Maks to Zendaya last week while demonstrating a move she should do with Val.
"You guys are the perfect couple. You're a very good follower, and he's a great leader. But sometimes you know where to go, so get there. You know what I mean? You have your part to do." If that isn't Ds what is? (If I can find a gif of this I will post it.)

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  1. I totally loved that Max/Val conversation too. I rolled it back and watched again too!