Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Best Weekend Ever

So this past weekend was quite possibly one of the best weekends of my life. I got to spend Friday night through Tuesday morning with John, my love, and my new Daddy I suppose. It was my first ever Valentine and it could not have been more perfect. I don't have time to write about it now, but I will this weekend and next week, and I'm SO excited to share. But for now, here are some highlights:

1. We added 7 new implements to our collection

2. I had 27 orgasms in 20 minutes at one point

3. New Panties!!! :)

4. I got my first ever outdoor spanking and

5. My first ever switching (ouch!)

6. 3 Day Weekend!!!

7. Oh, and did I mention just lots and lots and lots of love and spanking

Right now though, I'm kinda crumbling under pressure. Well I'm doing a lot better today than I was yesterday, but I have 2 midterms tomorrow and had a paper due today, and its all just very stressful. But I get to see Daddy in just a few more days and I'm SOO excited!

So for now, I just have to get past the stress and everything will be good again. Now I have to get going, this was my break for the day.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well. :)




  1. I am so happy you had a great valentines. I didn't have one myself, but maybe just maybe there is a possibility.

    Relax about the week, getting worked up and upset isn't going to make things better. A big deep breath then one thing at a time.


  2. That is one heck of a day... and a very lucky 20 minutes!

    Todd & Suzy

  3. 27 in 20?! Call Guinness! :)

    Glad to hear you had a great V-Day, Princess. Don't stress and enjoy your weekend.


  4. Your Valentines sounded lovely, and it was great to talk to y'all.
    I miss you and I forget that you have a blog so when I remember I run to it and go "Oh! I feel so much more connected!" And then I feel like I'm practicing some lame feel good commercial for BestBuy about grandmas that live cross-country...

    Also, I love you and I know that there's a lot of stuff stressing you out right now, but it's going to work out, because you're a good girl!

    Second also... I'm sort of into different translations of the bible... and Proverbs 13:24 is traditionally rendered "He who spares his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him promptly." but my favorite is a more direct translation that doesn't use older English versions, "A refusal to correct is a refusal to love; love your children by disciplining them."

    And uh... that makes me think about you in a weird way... yeah.

    Francesca (the Other Princess)

  5. Matt-
    Thanks so much for commenting, and thanks for all of the advice that you gave me. It really was pretty helpful. :) Hope to hear from you again soon.

    Todd and Suzy-
    LOL, yeah, it was a Fabulous weekend, and I think I hit triple digits for all 3 days. :)

    Lol, I actually said that! It definitely broke my previous record which was 16 in a row. But that was by myself (with someone on the phone) and in 45 minutes. So guiness should have definitely been there! :)
    This coming week should be a lot better stress wise, and then comes spring break!

    You did not seriously just post a bible quotation on my pornographic spanking blog did you? lol. This new you is kinda freaking me out ;).

    LMAO!!! I love that your first thought when you feel like that is grandmas in Best Buy commercials. But I totally know what you mean. And it was absolutely wonderful to get to talk to you too! I think that is so much fun.

    And while I will mock you for your Bible verses, I too loved that second one. Very appropriate.
    Love you!!!! (and don't steal my signature, brat!)

    Princess Kelly

  6. Kelly, I am in NO WAY "stealing" your signature. It was mine before you were born. For 3 days when I didn;t have a name yet in the hospital they called me Princess. That's over a week before you ever even saw a tiara!

    And don't freak out, I still drink my whiskey and water and have a terrible crush on this girl jessica with red hair who is a photography major and gives really amazing hugs.