Sunday, February 8, 2009

Birthday Update

OMFG!!! POUT! *stomps foot* no fair!

Ok, so I was just on the phone with the birthday meanie and I told him that I posted the question, but that I wasn't that worried if it would end up being fun, and like a good girl spanking. And he said that it wouldn't be like a good girl spanking b/c it would be with EACH of his implements!!! (which mind you is his hand, hairbrush, bathbrush, and a paddle and a belt if he wants to add that) NO FAIR!!! that is NOT how a birthday spanking works I cried, outraged. A Bday spanking is to be given with the hand, one swat for each year and one to grow on, delivered with the reciever in their birthday suit. And it is totally unfair that I would get a punishment for his birthday! I mean, to give you an example, I cried yesterday from 50 swats with the bathbrush which was a very harsh punishment. And now he wants to give me 38 (and btw he's turning 36, so i'm not sure where he got those extra 2) with each implement!!!

I stand by that this is beyond unfair. Remember this is the big meanie head who made the pictures go away. :( pout. pout. pout. :(


  1. Meanie head! LOL. My favourite term for these situations is Butt Munch.

    That does sound a little harsh.

  2. Kelly, you poor thing. I agree with you. First of all, I believe a Bday spanking should be fun. It should sting, but not like punishment. I think punishment spanking should be reserved only for real discipline, and loses much of its meaning if it's not tied to something you did to earn it. I like to keep good and bad girl spankings clearly separate, but then that can also depend on the needs of the spankee.

    Now as far as who gets to choose whether they give or receive, man or woman, that depends on who's in charge of spanking in your relationship. If both of you spank the rest of the year, then both get it on your birthdays. In your case, your bf is the spanker, so it's always his choice. You'd have to convince him to allow you to spank. Maybe if you ask really, really nicely, he'll be a good sport about it. :)

    It's also the spanker's decision about implements to use but I, personally, would go easier on you, especially if you had an already sore bottom. So if he's turning 36, I guess that would mean 38* in your birthday suit. In a standard Bday spanking, each spank has to sting some, or it wasn't worth giving. However, the "meanie head" crack puts you in a bit of trouble again, so this one should be more sting than typical.

    * Not 37. Must be an even number, so make it two to grow on.

    Happy Birthday to John, and good luck, Princess Kelly.


  3. Doc- LMAO that's a new one! I'll have to remember that....and ok, so maybe I'm exagerating a bit. He said its not going to be like punishment, but its just not good girl b/c he's using implements.

    Eric- *big sad innocent eyes* Thank you for sorta being on my side. I agree with you about the bday spankings...and ok so does John. I exagerated a bit about his desire to "punish." He says that it won't be like punishment, and I won't cry or anything. But I just can't get past that damn brush. It scares me a lot! And I don't think I could possibly enjoy a spanking that came from it, regardless of how light.

    We actually got into a discussion about the purpose of birthday spankings, and he says now that this one will be fun for me, but the one on My birthday will be hard, and be like a maintenance spanking...preimptive punishment as he calls it. However, the problem with that is that while I understand maintence spankings in theoy they are completely worthless with me, since I want a spanking every 3 hours! lol :) And so I just feel that when I do end up getting in trouble (which undoubtedly I will) I'll feel like I got spanked twice!

    Anywho, he promises that this one won't be that bad....I just can't get this feeling that it's unfair out of my head. And it seems that he was right, and everyone here is going to agree with him that the spanker gets to spank the spankee even on his bday (oh, and btw I have asked nicely and he is anything but a good sport! pout! I don't want to spank him, I just want him to get a taste of his own medicine, just once!)

    Now, I understand that it might be his choice what implement (singular) to use, but is it fair to get 5 DIFFERENT 38 swat spankings for ONE birthday?!? Oh, and apparently the 2nd extra was "for luck" whatever the hell that means *rolls eyes*...oh...and my arguing and throwing a tantrum earned me a punishment spanking all its own so that "extra sting" you mentioned will definitely be there.

    Thanks so much for your comment. I always love hearing your thoughts. Please comment again soon :).


  4. Women always get upset when men forget their birthdays. You probably won't be if he forgets next year. But he's probably got it on his calendar in big red letters because it's such an excuse for him to deliver the spankings.

  5. Florida Dom- LMAO, very well said. Yeah, he asked when it was (and I was miffed that he didn't remember) but now I KNOW he won't forget! eek! :)