Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Friday!!!!

So its been a very up and down week. As I posted earlier, the week certainly got off to a rough start, but then on Wednesday it really started to improve. I spent like 4 hours cleaning my dorm room (which has not been really clean I'm don't think ever) and it is BEAUTIFUL now! lol, I'm even trying to keep it clean, which is a first. I just feel better when there is only a bit of clutter (just don't tell my mother I admitted that). And then on Thursday I decided to bust out the last book in the Twilight series (finally!). I read the first three in like a week and a half over new years and the beginning of the semester but once school picked up I didn't have time to read it. So I didn't start b/c I knew it would drive me crazy. But there are few things in this world that make me feel as passionate as these books do right now, so I read. And read. And read. For like 4.5 hours. Lol. All I have to say is the Edward NEEDS to spank Bella! Hear that Stephanie Meyer? She desperately needs a spanking!

Anywho, so tonight I have my last concert for a while (which will take a lot of stress off of me I hope) and then I'm spending the whole weekend with my love!!! I'm SOOO excited. This will be the longest that he and I have spent together in a row, and its my first time ever having a Valentine, so I'm really excited. I've been looking forward to this for over a month. I just hope I don't screw everything up....
Oh, and really good news is that I was Such a good girl the last few days that I'm hoping he'll remember to reward me. Its like we say in psych class, punishment is the least effective way to teach a behavior. It only tells you what Not to do.

But I do have some things on my list which I'll share with you. (oh and btw, in this context "Daddy" is John, as he does fill that roll for me a lot now)
  1. Trying to manipulate Daddy so that I could dsitract him from making me do my Italian homework (from like over a month ago)
  2. Disobeying direction to not text back anymore (from a few weeks ago)

  3. Arguing with Daddy and trying to explain away behavior I knew was wrong (last week)
  4. Daddy told me to stop arguing and throwing a tantrum or I would recieve a spanking. I continued to throw a tantrum (this week- the bday debate)
  5. Late to Italian class because I was being a spoiled brat on the phone with Daddy, whining about how I needed a spanking (early this week)

  6. Cursed in two texts to Daddy and admitted that I usually talk like that when Daddy's not around (which it has been decided will be dealt with with the spoon) (and I would like to add to this one that I think that he just got nit-picky since I was being such a good girl! pout!)
So as you can see, even though I've been a good girl, there is still tons of stuff to deal with. Which by the way is an incredibly frustrating feeling. Like no matter what I do, I'm always going to get punished, even on special occasions. :(

Sigh, but anywho, I'm done with classes for the day which makes me EXCEEDINGLY happy!!! :) Ooh! And John's birthday and Valentine's gift should arrive by Saturday (*squee!*) so I'll be sure to tell you all about them.

Oh, and if you stop by, please say hello. I really love to hear from people :)


Princess Kelly


  1. Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned... enjoy it and Happy Valentine's Day. As for the trouble you're in, can understand you feeling frustrated about it. It's not that bad though, and it will be dealt with and over soon enough. And... it will get where you don't get in trouble.

    Todd & Suzy

  2. Pooooor girl *pouts* but, as a girl in desperate need of a very good grounding punishment, I'm having trouble identifying, but, still I see your point.

    Oh, and, I GOTS A DADDY!

  3. Todd and Suzy- thanks for stopping by again :) Its always great to hear from ya'll. And yes, it was quite possibly the best weekend I've ever had. And I certainly understand why people who have had a valentine one year and then not another would be sad on V-day. It was amazing!
    It wasn't too bad on the punishments either. We got through all but the 3 worst (though I got one of those reduced do to good behavior). And its nice to have gotten a lot of them out of the way.

    Doc- YAY!!!!! :) That's so exciting sweetie!! I'm so happy for you. There is nothing better than a good Daddy to help take care of your needs. And, hm, in need of a grounding huh? What did you do to deserve that? And I hope that your Daddy takes care of it soon. I for one hate being grounded. Its probably a worse punishment than being spanked!

    Princess Kelly

  4. I meant a punishment that would ground me, as in level... but if I keep this up I could see being grounded from fetlife which would be TRAUMATIZING. I'm not... exactly... doing my work lately. Heh... maybe instead I'm doing fun stuff online and like... playing.

  5. Edward would snap poor Bella in two with just the slightest little love-tap.