Friday, February 27, 2009

Why volleyball is the best sport ever ;)

So when I was in middle school and highschool I was a swimmer and I also played volleyball. And I would just like to say, that volleyball uniforms are SOOO much hotter than swimsuits. And also that Indoor volleyball is WAY better than beach....I don't know...I think its the knee socks (not pictured) and the ribbons in the hair that just take it over the edge, don't you? ;)


Princess Kelly

PS. It is by complete coincidence that these girls are all from the same school. Lol, I found the pics on google. Which means that thankfully I am not the only creepy vball ass stalker. *blush*


  1. Agreed. When it comes to simultaneously scoping out several sets of athletically sculpted bottom globes, girls' volleyball trumps bowling anytime. Nuthin' creepy about it! ;-)

  2. Volleyball girls are, in general, surprisingly often cute. I don't know why, though.