Saturday, July 25, 2009

Caught Red-Bottomed Part 1

I can't remember the first moment that I knew spanking fascinated me. I'm sure it happened at a point that I no longer remember. During "childhood amnesia" as psychologists call it. But I do remember a few moments, and there were certainly more than a few after that.

I was not spanked growing up. Well, I do faintly remember being around 4 or 5 and being threatened that "Mr. Hand was going to come out," whatever that means. But it was certainly not anything that happened after that, and nothing more than a swat. My parents were pretty strict, but mostly in the sense that they expected the best, and for my brother and I to achieve greatness. For the most part I think he and I have both done our parts. Our parents have always been, and will probably always be, very involved in our lives. Especially our mother. Oh, my mother! The spawn of Satan and the fiercest woman ever put on this planet. Not to mention an intense helicopter parent. Which is surprising, since I know she was a bit of a wild child in her 20s. (My parents are also older btw- both around 60). My mother was the President of the PTA when I was in HS for Christ’s sake!

Anywho, all that is to say that while I was not spanked discipline was certainly a part of my life. Dinner was at 6:30 every night. In elementary school I'd come home and watch 30 minutes of TV and then straight to homework. Things happened on time, and things happened her way. I suppose that's what happens when you get a dad and two extremely intelligent children all with ADD and a mother who is moderately anal retentive and certainly a control freak. .... my mother and i have our issues....but that's a topic for another post.... or another novel really!

I've digressed. This post is about me growing up as a spanko... but I guessed ya'll needed a bit of background on simply me growing up. (Or I just got sidetracked- I told you I was ADD! (or as my first "daddy" called it, I have "shiny object syndrome" *blush*).

Like I said, I can't remember when I first started thinking about spanking, but I know from about the age of 5 on, it was certainly something that was on my mind. I was a big fan of pretend and make believe- I was a kid with a vibrant imagination- and I would create situations in my head to act out...usually with my huge stuffed animal collection. I remember one that was a big fixture in the Kelly's fantasies rotation. My stuffed animals and I all went to this school where there was a "disciplinarian" and a "punishment room" and when you were naughty you got sent there and you got spanked! Lol, yes I have.....and sometimes still do... spanked my stuffed animals. :) I also think I might have made Ken spank Barbie. :) Actually what I think might have happened there was that in typical Barbie fashion, I'd spend so long dressing them up that I'd forget to play a scene. :)

I also remember when in 3rd grade we read Little House in the Big Woods (yes people the Little House thing was a book first and is WAY better in book form! there are 12- go read them!) and Pa spanks Laura with a belt for hitting Mary. I read and re-read that scene.... I just remember sitting in class and the feeling like my stomach dropped out from under me when someone read it out loud. I think that was around when I started realizing it was sexual. least kinda

Most everything changed when we got a computer. I talk to so many older guys, and some women, who grew up in the age before technology, and in part I feel SOOO bad for you guys! But at the same time, you got to SEE spankings in real life! I've NEVER seen a spanking, or even really known anyone who got spanked- trust me, I always asked in every truth or dare game (oh but that's another, whole nother post). But anywho, my family got our first computer I suppose when I was like 5 or 6, and I started really using it around 7. The internet came into play at around 9.

But those first couple years, it was still helpful, thanks to a wonderful thing called Encyclopedia Britannica 1996. Suddenly instead of having to look through the bulky dictionaries and encyclopedia's downstairs, I could just search through this amazing CD! Favorites of mine included pillory's and stocks (a pillory btw is the one that holds the head and arms that most people think of as a stock), as well as "spanking" and "paddling" and "whipping boy." Anything that had to do with spanking or punishment at all!

And then came the internet. *Cue Halleluiah music* be continued


  1. Wonderful background info! I can't wait for part two! Kelly keep up the good work :)

  2. First of all i loved the *Cue Halleluiah music* at the end there....I pictured it and i laughed out loud. Now eventhough i know part one and i'm sure i'm very aware of part two i cant wait to hear part two! Wonderful insite into a beautiful lil princess. Your writing is excellent as always....whitty and very just Kelly....Can't wait to see the rest in your own words.

  3. I am taking a huge step here and am going to post a comment. I just had to say as a little girl, I used to have Ken spank Barbie too. lol.