Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Sexy Story

Hey Team,

So I'm in the process of writing a few new posts, so I decided to post this one in the meantime, and hopefully it will entertain ya'll. I wrote it with a friend that I email with. He wrote the first part, and I wrote the end. I wasn't originally going too post it, but another friend said that he liked it alot (or more specifically he said he was "drooling over his keyboard") so I figured what the heck. I hope you enjoy :).

Princess Kelly

(His part)
I would sneak in the bedroom -While you are showering. Sit on the bed. Surprise as you come out with only a towel on your head. Water still dripping and the warm smell of hot water and shampoo in the air1 --- "DADDY - I - I din't know you were here!" " hang on - I'll get a robe!' I take your arm and say " Oh - no need, you have too much on now!" as i slip the towel off. You wet beautiful brunett hair in strands, " Daddy - what are you doing? you act all surprised - your pretty brown eyes flashing. I pull you to the bed " Kelly - you remember your rudeness earlier - bossing me around and telling me what you will and wont do!" Your pout look is now own and in your cutest little girl voice ---" owww Daddy I was just kidding! I'll be good!" I know you will AFTER your spanking! " NO! I don't WANT A the middle of you word i pick you up like a little Dolly - sit on the bed and upend you, your bottom over my knees!I rub your ass as you recieve a lecture on rudeness. You then look back as my large hand is raised and descends on your pink - round - Butt! "CRRRACK!! "YEEOOWWW! OH DADDY - No...!!! "SMACK!!" AAAAOOOWWWW...Daddy! I ..."SMACK"!!!! UHHHHNNNN - OW " Please!!!"SMACK!CRACK!SLAP! one cheek then the other - one thigh then the other - then over your butt crack in the middle

"DADDY OH Please DADDY, OW, IM SORRY! OWWWCCCHHH," I give you a long slow hot hard spanking on your wet bottom! It is one of the hardest - no nonsense spankings ever. Your bottom is hot cherry red, swollen with my handprints all over it! I leave you over my lap tp sob a short while. I let you up as you slowly rub you well punished ass! Sniff! "Daddy it stung so baad!" You bend over and stick your butt out "See!"

"I see honey" I get the cream and lay you back over and massage it into your hot cheeks. You whine and purr as I comfort and rub..."

(My part)
"mmmm that feels good Daddy mmmmmm" I purr as you rub my bottom and massage the tops of my thighs. "Lets get a bit more comfortable" you say as you pick me up in your arms as though i was nothing at all, and you scoot back against the head board and then lay me back across your lap. I squirm a bit, getting comfortable. "Is that better sweetie?" you ask gently as you begin rubbing my bottom again. "Mmmm Yes sir Daddy, thank you," I coo in response, falling back into subspace quite quickly.

As you continue to rub my bottom I unconsciously spread my legs ever so slightly giving you a beautiful view of my freshly cleaned and shaved kitty and bottom. "Well now, what is this little girl?" you ask knowingly as you brush the pad of your thumb against my dripping wet pussy. "mmmm," I moan, a bit too lost in my pleasure to realize the trouble I'm in. I squirm over your hard lap trying to get a bit more friction with your thumb. "Did you get all wet during your punishment baby girl?" you question as your right hand rests on the lower part of my bottom, the ring finger dipping low to keep caressing my kitty. Your left hand reaches around my waist, pulling me in tightly towards you, as if our bodies were one.

Hearing you mention my punishment, I realize what is happening, and I immediately bite my lip, and look over my shoulder at you with the widest puppy eyes. "Umm..... I didn't mean to Daddy...mmmmm" I couldn't help but let out a bit of a moan as your finger continues to gently tease me. "tsk tsk" you shake your head, "You know what that means baby girl," and with that you raise your right arm and with not much force you smack it down on the fullest part of my bottom. I mew a bit in false protest, continuing in my littlest little girl voice, "ooo! Daddy! no!" But my protests stop there as the mild swats continue to fall on the undercurve of my already reddened backside. Soon I am moaning and panting, deep into subspace. "What a naughty little girl! Letting her kitty get all wet from a punishment! I should probably spank that naughty kitty just for that," you scold as I fall deeper and deeper into my arousal. I begin lifting up every so slightly to meet your hand as it comes in contact with my bare bottom and then grind into your thigh begging for friction. You almost chuckle, but turn it into a tsking scold. "My my, what a naughty baby girl you are. Up on your knees for me so you can show me that naughty wet little kitty that is begging for my attention so loudly." "Ooh! But Daaadddyyyyy" I begin. You swat my bottom, "now young lady."

You help me off your lap, I'm so delirious from arousal I can't do it by myself. I kneel up on the bed a foot or so in front of you, and then go down on all fours. I look behind me and see your admiring gaze, and I drop down to my elbows, letting me chest hit the comforter, and spread my legs a bit for balance- and to give you a better view. "Now isn't that a pretty sight," you drawl as you rub your large hands over my hot red bottom. I mew, knowing the view you have and feel the exposure wash over me. "And such a naughty kitty..." you continue as you brush over my wet lips. I blush, as you push my lower back down even farther to get me as exposed as possible.
You then surprise me by lightly spanking my wet kitty. I gasp and moan. "What a naughty kitty, getting all wet during a punishment!" you scold as you continue to spank. You continue scolding and spanking and can tell I am close to orgasm. "Don't you dare cum without permission little girl." I mew loudly and whine "please daddy please can I cum!?" "Not yet baby girl" you keep spanking very genlty and then you stick a finger deep inside me and say "Now Kelly, cum now!" And I do, I cum hard, shaking with my orgasm as you scold and threaten. "Cum hard little girl! If you don't cum hard I will blister this backside! I will spank you until you can't sit for a week!"

Finally I go a bit limp, as i finish the wave of my orgasm. You leave one hand on my back, caressing and massaging me, taking me gently down from the top of my climax and making sure i'm still aroused, as you reach into the nightstand and grab a condom. "Good girl, good girl," you coo. As I'm totally lost in my world of pleasure you slip it on and push the tip of your very large cock to the entrance of my still soaking wet pussy. You reach a hand around and feel my large breasts, kneeding gently and teasing the hard nipples, as you slowly fill me. "Play with your clit little girl," you whisper in my ear. "That's a good girl," as I reach down to finger my clit.
You thrust in and out of me, gently, knowing that i'm still so tight, and that you being so large will be a bit painful for me. The pleasure is overwhelming and I cum quickly, and then you thrust and hit my g-spot and I cum again. The pleasure is becoming overwhelming, and I beg, "please cum Daddy. Please, cum now, cum with me." And with that you do, thrusting in me, cuming hard, roaring back as you burst. I cum too, and then we finally lay spent. You slide out of me and dispose of the condom as I lay exhausted and overwhelmed with sensation on the bed. You come back and pick me up like a child and slide us to the pillows and you lay with me, my head on your chest, as we fall asleep, both very content. "Thank you Daddy, love you." I whisper as I lean up and kiss you on the cheek. "You're welcome baby girl," you reply as we drift to dream world.


  1. HOT! You're a good writer, Kelly, and a very, very naughty little girl. ;)


  2. Kelly,

    My oh my. I think our air conditioner must be broken because it's suddenly very warm in here.

    Bravo to both of you!


  3. Dana-
    Thank you sweetie! I don't in any way fancy myself a writer, but I do think this is one of my better stories. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :) And its so much fun to be naughty! ;)

    Lol! :) Aw, thank you! I'm very glad you enjoyed it and that it made you all hot and bothered. That was my goal ;)

    Princess Kelly

  4. Yeah it...getting hot in h-here? or.....

    [You are an Amazing writer. wow :-)


  5. *raises hand* I'll sign up for that.

  6. Dave-
    Aw thank you! I really don't normally consider myself to be a good fiction writer, but I really liked this story, and I'm so glad that you did as well!

    hehe! :) My thoughts exactly! YES PLEASE!!! Hope you're doing well sweetie. :)