Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!! lol, ok, so I know it's technically July 5th right now, but I did a bit too much drinking on the 3rd and 4th to finish my post. *blush* sorry!
Anywho, I hope everyone got to enjoy the day, and see some fireworks, and that maybe some fireworks happened on some naughty bottoms :). If you notice, my suit was blue, my skirt white, and i was just waiting for someone to help me get some red in my attire ;).

So my treat for ya'll today is a roleplay that Daddy Jonathon and I did the other day, that I think i super perfect for the 4th. :) And as a treat, I'm adding some pictures of me in my bikini from yesterday- I went and laid out with one of my roommates (who by the way, has the most spankable bottom of all time and who I have a huge crush on, lol, its a bit of an issue sneakily took a photo of her bottom a bad angle...but i think i'll give you all a nice treat ;) See right.).
So the story..... (warning, this is an age-play story...with lots of fluffy snuggly goodness)

Once Upon a time, there lived a little girl named Kelly, who was about 7, and she lived with her wonderful Daddy who loved her very much. They lived in a beautiful home that had a pool in the backyard. Kelly was upset, though, because she was grounded from the pool. She was all pouty and sulky, stomping her feet and crossing her arms when her daddy wasn't around to see. But she knew in the back of her mind that she deserved to be grounded. She'd broken one of Daddy's number one rules- she'd gone swimming without supervision! She was only allowed to go swimming if Daddy was around to watch her, which she thought was so silly! She was on the swim team after all! It wasn't like she was some little baby who didn't know how to swim! She was seven, and a big girl!

So one hot Saturday afternoon Daddy had to go out for a bit to run some errands. He wouldn't be gone long enough for her to need a sitter, and he trusted her to stay inside like he told her and be a good girl for the few hours he was gone. But little did he know what she was concocting in her little head! It was the perfect opportunity! And she just wanted to get out and go swimming so badly! And he'd never find out!

So the minute after she heard the door close, she jumped into action, putting on her little one piece swimsuit with the sparkly fish on it, and she headed out to the pool. But unbeknownst to Kelly, Daddy had left something at home, and 10 minutes after he left came in the front door again. He called Kelly's name, and was suprised when he didn't get a response. He went upstairs and called her name again, and still nothing. Daddy began to get a bit worried at that point, and was becoming frantic as he went around the house yelling her name, when suddenly out the back window, he saw her stepping into the pool, down the steps, soaking wet, holding a pool toy. (She'd gotten out to get it and was getting back in).

Daddy rushed out, his heart skipping a beat, as Kelly stood on the stairs up to her ankles. "Kelly May get out of there this instant!" he yelled, as he grabbed her and hugged her close, just to make sure she was safe again. Kelly at first was just shocked to see her Daddy, and then she became nervous, knowing she was in trouble, but also a bit scared by how upset and scared her Daddy looked. Daddy was never scared! He was Superman!

"Kelly May, what did Daddy just tell you about the pool? You scared Daddy!"

"I'm sorry, Daddy! I didn't mean to scare you!"

"If anything was to happen to my little girl, I would never forgive myself baby girl," he would respond. Daddy then took Kelly over to the nearest pool chair, and stood her infront of him, and she squirmed and started to tear up a bit, knowing what was instore for her. "No, Daddy, please, I'm sorry," she plead, while Daddy pealed down her wet, one piece swimsuit so he could have access to her bare bottom. She was so embarassed to be standing there, completely naked, outside, infront of her daddy, knowing what was about to happen. She sniffled and looked oh so adorable and sad as he lectured.

"Daddy warned you that if you ever tried to swim in the pool by yourself again he'd spank you good and hard. Daddy already grounded you last time and that didn't seem to do any good. You disobeyed me, baby girl."

And with that Daddy took his baby girl over his knee with ease, and gave little Kelly the spanking of her short little life! He rained swat after swat on her poor, defenseless, WET bare bottom, his large palm covering most of her little bottom with one swat. Kelly kicked and squirmed and cried and pleaded, and promised to be a good girl, and finally just laid limp over her daddy's firm thighs. It just stung so much more on a wet bottom!

Daddy then picked her up off his lap and held her in his arms and told her how much he loved her and that he had to spank her to get through to her. And then he hugged her tight and told her she was forgiven, and to never scare Daddy like that again! And Kelly cried and cried in her Daddy's shoulder, snuggling in as tight as she could, and Daddy comforted her until she had no more aligator tears and was just sniffling against his chest. He then wrapped her up in a nice big fluffy towel and picked her up to take her inside. And he carried her up to her bedroom, and dressed her in pjs, and then laid down and snuggled with her for a nice nap, rubbing her bottom as she laid on her tummy- a tired little girl from all of that crying. And he promised that he'd take her swimming that afternoon if she wanted, safely, with her Daddy watching over her.

The End.


Princess Kelly

PS. If you'd like pictures of me in a one piece, there are some from like 6 posts back i believe.


  1. Awww, so sweet! I love those kind of roleplay stories :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. hi,
    And thank you for that update, you and your roommate are both quite cute, and your story was delightful, and so Very how those types of situations turn out.

    And gosh, don't wet bare bottom spankings burn something awful?


  3. Ummm! Diamond-like droplets of moisture on Kelly May's bare bottom as Daddy turns down her swimsuit and turns her over his knee, droplets of sweat on Daddy's brow while he labors to belabor her naughty bottom in the bright sunshine, droplets of moisture bedew her thighs and pubis... You've got me wet all over!
    Lovely story, lovely pics.
    Jean Marie

  4. Ha, my 4th was kind of lame :( I didn't even drink anything over the holiday! Not that I need too, I'm not an alcoholic! Haha.

  5. Very nice Kelly, got me jealous over here.