Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New Private Blog

*UPDATE* (thursday Morning): So I figured out the technically difficulty (which by the way was that I could post but not view my own blog). If it tells you that your cookies aren't working or something er rather, but you can view this blog just fine, switch to a different web browser. I went from IE to Firefox and it worked fine. :)
Also, the person that mentioned that this would make people de-lurk was right! Wow! lol, I always saw the stat counter and thought it was just lying to me, but apparently I just have a ton of lurkers! :) Hi out there!!! But also, if you post a comment, or have posted a comment and want to be invited, you still have to send me an email or have your profile enabled so I can see your email. Otherwise I can't invite you. Sorry ya'll. You got to give a little to get a little. ;)
Hi Guys,

So I've made an executive decision. I've decided that in order to show off the pictures that I have that have my face in them I will have a private, invite only blog. This will ONLY be for pictures, and all of the content, and non face pictures will continue to be here. I'm doing this of course for privacy reasons, and I'm sorry that I'm still not comfortable opening up pictures showing my face to the broader public. If you would like to view this site, just email me and I will be happy to add you. I'm planning to open it to anyone with whom I have spoken, or who has previously commented. Just basically anyone that I trust. And I am quick to trust. :)

I just created the site, but am currently experiencing some technical difficulties :(. The address is if you would like to request to view the site.

But for now, here are some more pics from my wonderful trip last weekend (of which there are in total 247, so I won't run out soon!) :). Hope you enjoy!


Princess Kelly


  1. Well, that's one way to encourage people (such as myself) to delurk!

    I've been following your experiences for a few months and have often wanted to comment. Don't know why I haven't, you seem like quite a girl. I myself am involved in a spanking relationship warming my lovely ladies bottom, but it's always interesting to see how others experience this lifestyle. I hope your doing well, and perhaps I'll become one of your regular commentators.

  2. Indeed I have to agree with Forest, as beeing one of your lurkers who haven't had before enough guts to comment one of your posts...
    I've been reading you for a while.

    As far as I'm concerned I'm 30, spanker of a very good (and a very cute girl) friend, in France.

    I can't promise I'll add comments often, but I hope I will, if you are kind enough to invite me. Whatever you chose, I'll keep on reading you !

  3. Just found your blog today. ! Great blog I enjoyed the video

  4. I would like to be added to your private blog