Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spanking in the Media

(Written literally 3 weeks ago)

Hey team. So I’m on a train to Padova right now (go Giotto!) and it’s like 5 hours long, so I decided to do a little writing for ya’ll. I’m about half asleep, so luckily for ya’ll it’s not going to be anything too epically profound.
Anywho, so is it just me or have you guys noticed a lot of spanking in the media/pop culture lately? I don’t mean like spanking like we think of it, but enough that it makes me happy inside : )

The first is this sneakers advertisement that I kept seeing in Sicily. Its dubbed so it must be English (either British or American) in origin, but it seems definitely more appropriate for the European market. In it, a very attractive man is pushed on a bed by his very attractive girlfriend and his ass is slapped repeatedly and dramatically while he names exactly what shoe it is that is smacking his ass. (Just rewatched today, HYSTERICAL! You must watch this!!)

Now, granted, I’m not f/m by any means, but I love the concept, and can we just revel for a minute in the fact that this is a complete spanking commercial! AND, I think it sounds like a fun game. Granted, not all shoes (especially my shoes) make good spanking implements, but it could be lots of fun to do with all the spanking implements in someone’s arsenal. Get spanked until the spankee guesses correctly.

I did something like this once with Edward, lol, but it was more of a joke. I was pouting in that bratty way that it wasn’t fair that he spanked me with things he himself had never felt, and then challenged him to take a spanking with each of his implements until he could guess which one was which. Lol. He did much worse than he thought he would. I, when it was reversed, excelled at my test :)

Ok, so the other is a one swat, but a very hot one for some reason. I think it’s the way he is holding her. It was on Dancing with the Stars (a show I do not watch, but do follow, and I watch the dances I am told are excellent- so namely everything by Nicole this season). The swat came at the very end of a great routine- a Cha Cha Cha by Nicole Sherzinger (lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls [omg don’t even get me started on how awesome and spank worthy they are! I was a fan before they hit the main stream, and singing with them is still a goal in life]) and her partner Derek Hough. He just gives her a playful smack, but she is draped basically over his knee. Their earlier Argentine Tango was a better dance, but this was just hottttt! Lol, atleast to me it was. (the dance itself starts at 3:00 but if you just want to see the swat start at 4:20)

Ya’ll spotted anything lately?

Princess Kelley

PS. Here is the video where Gibbs threatens to spank Abby *huge grin*

(PSS. Written now, the new Christina Aguilera video anyone!?!?! OMG!)

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  1. wow what a great advert what a lovely girl spanker lucky boy ,nice indeed ad ,love and spanks ,tim xxx