Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prayers Needed

Hey Team,
I'm sorry I haven't posted about the rest of my amazing day on Saturday yet- things have been a little hectic for me to say the least. My stomach is just in a constant state of churning btw anxiety and nerves and excitement and now endless worry.

The last few days I've met some amazing people in the scene (I actually need to check what their scene names are before I say anything stupid on here, lol). I was honored to have been invited to participate in the Lowewood Academy- though this then caused me to have many panic attacks over my fear of insitutional spankings, and then I was uninvited (albeit very kindly) last night, which really hurt my feelings for some reason. But I'm going to a slumber party of sorts after they all have their play so that I can meet people, which I'm really excited about, though it has been said that I probably won't get to play- not sure why that is exactly.

But the reason for this post is the most important part. My other best friend (there are 2 main ones, a few others, you've met the other main- Francesca) Michael, who I have mentioned on here- he's the one I went to Carnivale with- he celebrated my 21st with me....he's my gay lover as I like to call him. My love, my best friend. Michael was in a serious accident the other day while with his school group in Capri. He was hit by a Vespa, and he has a serious compound fracture above his ankle (bone was sticking out and such) and they found something in his brain- they had to do brain surgery. They're trying to take him out of the medically induced coma now (they had to airlift him to Naples, and are now trying to get him to Rome for the orthopedic surgery- Naples really isn't the place you want to be) and he's on a ventilator.

They are saying that the surgery went very well, and my momma (a pediatrician) says that the fact that they are taking him out is a good thing. But I'm really scared. He's my Michael. He's my other art history fantatic that wants to be a teacher. He dances like a crazy fool, and drinks way more than he should. He knows my secret now, and I know some of his. We laugh, we joke, we yell, we listen to music way too loudly in the car while he drives like a fool. We're an old married couple- lol, people that don't realize he's gay (aka blind people) are convinced that we are destined to be together. lol :)

Momma and the doctors in Naples (his parents flew there and are doing the best they can, but they speak no Italian) are basically saying the same thing (well she's saying it based on what I tell her from the information I am getting). That it will be a very long recovery but he will recover. But what if my Michael can't talk when he wakes up? What if there's nerve damage and he won't be able to walk again? I need my Michael to be ok....

So, I'm so sorry for the downer but I just really needed to get that out. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts and prayers if you like.

Love you all
Princess Kelley


  1. Awfully sorry to hear this, hon. Fingers crossed, and many good wishes sent.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Kelley! Best wishes and prayers, he sounds like a great guy!


  3. count on my prayers, sweetie

  4. Just wandered over to your blog today and saw this post... I'm so sorry to hear about your friend... I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers!