Sunday, June 27, 2010

Songs that make me think of...

Spanking of course. :)

Hey team,
So the drama is passing and subsiding from my being a little more every day. Abel has forgiven me, but Miss Haron has not, and that fact is weighing very heavily on my heart. Hopefully as time passes, and I can show her that I really am a good girl, she will forgive me, and give me another chance.

But in the meantime, I will be posting the story of our day together today- I'm ready :). But I was in a haze half the time, so if you want to know the other side of the story, and you happen to be readers of their blog, you should ask them very nicely to tell their side- though, since she's pissed at me, I don't think that's going to happen. :( Sorry team.

But for now, we are doing fun posts that reclaim my blog as MINE. Away from the hate mail senders and threats of violence. This place is mine and it is a place for fun. So for the moment, that is what we are going to have- fun. :)

So I wrote this list on a train in Italy I have no idea how long ago. I believe it was inspired by a post by the ever wonderful Bonnie who did a similar list. So these are the songs, in no particular order, that make me think of spanking, and why.
  • Criminal- Fiona Apple: "I've been a bad bad girl" No song has ever had a better first line.

  • Nasty Naughty Boy- Christina Aguilera: "Now come here and give me a little spanking" very few songs have ever been more explicit about it. My word I do love xxxtina. :)

  • Smack That- Akon ft. Eminem- first of all, its a great song, second, I realize its about sex, but whenever I hear it...its not. ;)

  • All 'Er Nothin- Oklahoma the Musical: So I saw Oklahoma! on Broadway when I was 13 and I almost died from arousal. First of all the man playing Curly is the actor who would go on to play Raul in The Phantom of the Opera Movie- yeah, that guy- singing Oh What a Beautiful Morning...swoon! Ok, and there is a spoon wacking in the beginning, and then Curly threatens to spank his love out right towards the end! But I just love this song- the too flirty girl and her steadfast, traditional fiance. In the 1800s in OK, oh yeah, she's getting her backside warmed later :)

  • Heartbreaker remix- Mariah Carey: So this is more about the video than the song. There are two remixes to this song one featuring JayZ, the other featuring Missy elliot and dBrat. The first is the video to which I refer which came out when I was like...12. Mariah and a bunch of back up dancers just smack their backsides during a dance sequence in a movie theatre...but I used to watch it over and over and over, lol. And then the second remix, don't like the video as much but the song has the line "I like the way he used to spank me."

  • Baby Got Back- Sir Mix A Lot- Does this one really need explaining?
  • How Many Licks- Lil' Kim- So I used to test people's level of composure by playing the unedited version of this song to them and seeing how long they could last before they would die from blushing. It just makes me think of naughty naughty things. You MUST listen to this song if you have never heard it. Plus, I'm a huge tootsie pop fan- always have been :)
  • Discovery Channel-Bloodhound Gang- ok maybe this list is turning into songs that just make me feel awesomly naughty :) lol. I can sing this entire song from memory from start to finish. So great for Karaoke! "Just like the lost catacombs of egypt only god knows where we stuck it..."
  • Loubitons- Jennifer Lopez- in addition to being a song by the girl with one of the most famous backsides of all time, and being a really awesome female empowerment song, this song has lots of nice unintentional spanking esque lines. Now, Loubitons for all the boys out there, are these really awesome shoes. Like Minolo Blanik, or Feragamo, or Jimmy Choo. You get the point. But Loubitons are really in right now, and they are famous for having a crimson red undersides. :D "Watch these red bottoms, and the back of my jeans, as we go bye baby don't know what you got until its gone. Tail lights, is all you'll see. Watch that Benz exit that drive way, yeah"
  • Sexy Back- Justin Timberlake- In the song the boy sings about being tied up and whipped, but in his VMA"s performance of the song, he changed the pronouns around and made it "Maybe I'll whip you if you misbehave" moannnnnnn. Yes please!
  • Du Hast Den Schalstden Arse del Welt (You've Got the Sweetest Ass in the World)- in German or in English, just google the Youtube video. Thank you my best friends at school who spend way too much time on Youtube for this gem :)

So what do ya'll think of my list? What are the songs that make you think of spanking. Comments (when they are not hateful) make me Very happy :D


Princess Kelley


  1. I agree, listening to "Criminal" used to send my mind into all sorts of naughty places when it came out. ... And I just dated myself a bit there, didn't I?

  2. Great list Kelley!
    How bout...
    Madonna - Hanky Panky
    Great post!


  3. Fun list! I like these fun posts. Please don't become one of those people who base their whole concept of identity around their position in "the scene." That's not a good way to be no matter WHICH scene it is. So glad to see you being yourself more!

  4. "Du Hast Den Schalstden Arse del Welt"

    Lol, it is called "Du hast den schönsten Arsch der Welt"

    Great Blogg btw!

    Greetings from germany =)

  5. I think that every spanko should have "Baby Got Back" as a favorite song. Mine, however, is a bit more obvious, as I like "Spank My Booty" by Lords of Acid. I particularly like the "Paddles and Whipped Cream Remix" which features spanking sounds as part of the mix.