Saturday, June 12, 2010

Spanking Social Media

Hey there,
So this post was supposed to have been written over a year ago, but it kept getting put off. And its not actually getting written now either- sorry :(. Butttt
I did just log back on to the site formally known as SIN (now known as I think "spanko") to update my personal ad, seeing as how I am currently actively seeking a play partner in London, and I am really enjoying this site. That is not something I say generally of spanking social media, which usually makes me notice all the not so nice things about our community. But I wanted to tell ya'll my name, so you can look me up if you have an account there. :)
Its daddysgirl14. I created my personal ad there long before I had this blog, and so the name hasn't changed. But my display name is PrincessKelley I believe.
Princess Kelley

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  1. Kelley yes sin spanko is a great spankings forum ill look out for you there i am a member perhaps we could play there and chat ,love ad spanks from tim i am devonboy there xxxs