Sunday, June 27, 2010

One of the Best Days of My Life Part 1

Ok, I think I’m ready, so here we go.

I don’t promise I can remember it all as I was in a well spanked stupor for most of it, so let’s just hope that Miss Haron will forgive me and one of them will write their side of the story (as I would love to read it sooo much as well).

Where to begin? I suppose the beginning would be best. The lovely Miss Bonnie mentioned Abel as a good resource in the UK, and when he emailed me two weeks ago, I thought, sure, this sounds like a good opportunity, especially since these people are already vouched for. We only actually like exchanged a few emails before we met, lol, which we both have acknowledged was kinda ridiculous. But in the end it didn’t matter.

They had me meet them at Piccadilly Circus at 1:00 on Saturday and we were just scheduled to get lunch. Ya’ll saw the post about that, lol. For the record I ended up wearing my tight jeans (b/c it was cold) and a sexy top with black wedges (which resulted in my towering over the very petite Miss Haron, lol). The connection, on my end, was instant. It didn’t feel like I was meeting new people, it felt more like I was getting together with old friends.

They took me to a lovely Belgian restaurant that was “just a few minutes away” as Abel said. Liar. Lol. It was very fun though, as well as yummy and the conversation was easy and free. It was different than some of my other spanko meetings. Well for starters I’d never met a spanko girl before, so that was a first, nor had I ever met more than one person at a time, or a couple. So lots of firsts, as I mentioned before. But also, I am one of those people who can tell within about 15 minutes of meeting someone if it’s going to work out- especially with spankos, and I’m quite impulsive/decisive with the way I feel. I’ve been on dates with guys who right after the meal I said my goodbyes and headed home, never to see them again, because I knew it wasn’t right. I’ve also met guys, been kinda turned on the entire time I was with them, and then go back to their place right after.

With Abel and Haron, I knew that I wanted to play, and I wasn’t sure if they were game, but the new part was that the whole time I wasn’t feeling horny, I was just feeling comfortable. Well on occasion when Miss Haron would act up a bit and he would give her “the look” my tummy would do a bit of a dance, but there was no overt flirting on either side.

As I said, they were not exactly keen to play on the first meeting. Miss Haron said it wasn’t very responsible or adult like. I quickly pointed out that I’m 21 years old, and can easily blame my irresponsible behavior on my age. Abel returned from the restroom and I whined in my sweetest voice that I wanted to play and was so disappointed that we couldn’t (because they live outside of London). He, after a bit more whining and hinting from me, said well why don’t you come back home with us?
Happy Dance!!!!
I immediately text begged Momma and Daddy to let me go, and they said yes after reminding me of “the rules.”

But before we went, we decided to wander around London a bit, and they showed me some really awesome sex shops! Lol, I was in heaven. We went to this one that was just gorgeous. Implements that were actually decent, and just stunning toys- that of course were way out of everyone’s price range, but just so fun to look at. One of those places that makes you feel really good about liking sexy things. They even had jade butt plugs- which I am very intrigued by (I like the metal ones with the stones on the end but I am allergic to metal, so I think the jade might be a nice alternate).

Anywho, then we went to another store that was more practical, and Miss Haron bought some toys for her new boy-toy and I had fun just looking around (I’m in the market for a new vibrator). Then we headed towards the train…

Princess Kelley

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