Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apparently I have a type: voluptuous redheads :)

Hey Team!

So this weekend was amazing. It got kinda dramatic at parts, but overall it was a really good time. I got to reconnect with my Daddy, which I haven't gotten to do in a while, and I'm feeling really good about our relationship (that has no definitions thank you very much, and I love, despite many people's comments here against it).

But something that I didn't count on, came in the form of a someone. Natasha Miller. She moved in with Paul about a month ago- needing to get away from her former home for personal reasons- and I wasn't sure that I was going to like her. Turns out, she totally kicks ass :)

Some of you may recognize her (or her name- she is the younger and much hotter and sweeter sister of the quite well known Allison Miller (who in my opinion looks like someone who I want to feed a sandwich and then give a bath to wash her makeup off not spank- just imho- just fyi, this comment is meant as like an overbearing mother not a catty girl, lol) from her work a few years back as a submissive in some spanking videos. But Natasha is not a bottom (so if you see her at a party, don't ask to spank her! lol) except with her romantic partners for erotic moments. She is, however, an exceptionally talented top, and we had some fun!

At first, my thought was, this girl is SO not my type. I really dislike tattoos, and piercings aren't exactly my thing. And I have an intense desire to make her go back to her NATURAL red hair and not her current tresses of fire. However, in reality, she is very much like the first girl I played with back in April (you might remember my "I just had sex" post)- busty, and a natural redhead. Em- the girl I played with- was shy and sweet, wore sweaters and pearls and was overall a good girl. Natasha wears dresses that I think are shirts, and is one of the most bad ass chicks I've ever met.

But both of them have a sensuality about them that just cannot be ignored.

And she was quite the fan of me as well :). So much so that she actually let me spank her! As I said, she does enjoy it quite a bit, but its only something she does with people she really has a connection with and her primary interest lies in topping- which she did plenty of! We actually have about an hour of footage of her just spanking me and caressing me... its really hot stuff. And about half an hour of me spanking her- my first time ever giving a spanking (omfg am I completely hooked btw- this was something that I used to be EXTREMELY interested in, and I suppose had given up hope on- it should have been included on my bucket list) and what a spankee to have! I mean look at that ass! Its just so... yummy looking! *panting a bit*

Andddd she just told me that she's ok with my posting the clips to my store! At first she just wanted to post the top ones, bc as she says, she's sick of people harassing her to sub, but she knows how hot the videos are, and she trusts my viewers to be kind to her :). That, and I have so much footage of the two of us that in addition to posting the various clips, I'm also going to be compiling all of them together for a DVD which I will be selling at a rate that is lower than what all the clips together will be (due to the nature of clips4sale and how they share profits of DVDs vs clips).

Basically life is so good right now, and you guys should be getting SOO excited. Because...

COMING UP (mark your calendars): 
Tuesday Tease- possibly the best Tuesday tease ever will be coming tomorrow. Just a short little snippit from one of the more sensual spankings Natasha gave me over the weekend. (oh yeah, I'm going to be showing a little bit of breast in the for sale clips, and we make out in them... kinda a lot). My first ever F/F clip! I know, I'm quite the tease!

Wednesday- info on and photos from all the OTHER amazing clips and videos we recorded (three of which are up and available right now!)

Thursday- vlog on what it was like to give my first spanking :)

Friday- The ULTIMATE "letter" to my fans will be posted for free to the blog through my Youtube account. A 4 minute discipline spanking for ya'll, for being so naughty about replying to comments and emails. :) Yeah, I know you love me *wink*

So I hope you enjoy the videos that are up and oogling my gorgeous and sexy girl aka "Red." And hope to hear from ya'll!

Princess Kelley


  1. Its odd, I never realised that Natasha and Alison were related, probably because I've only ever seen Natasha billed with a single name, that I remember. Now you say it, its fairly obvious to look at the two of them.

    Kind of mean about Alison, even if I can sort of see your point about the sandwich and the bath!

  2. Kelley nice pics ,yes i know Alison Natashas sis from Firm hand spanking she has big spanks ,i shall watch your vid clips ,love and spanks ,tim xxx

  3. Natasha looks very familiar to me... she does look a lot like Alison Miller, especially the red hair.

    Has she been known as Hailey Lockhart elsewhere?