Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video Ideas Request

Hey Team!
So I'm headed back to the Big D this weekend to spend time with my main squeeze and I am going to get to do some filming as well, but I would love some suggestions/input!
Its going to be a sadly pretty quick weekend, and I think filming wise it'll just be the two of us (perhaps Johnny Ravage and/or Mike will be joining us as well) so I'm looking for simple ideas. Honestly I can't think of reasons to be in trouble! lol.
My Daddy/daughter clips seems to do well, and those are really easy and fun to film for us- they are our natural dynamic. Though he also really enjoys, I think, doing the wife scenes- which can be really funny. I get quite the kick out of the spontaneous or just for fun ones, but those don't always seem to be as popular.
Then of course there is real discipline, which will be happening this weekend, so that's a guarantee.

So I suppose my main question for people is what is your favorite type of scene, and also I would love ideas for reasons to be in trouble! Little scenarios, or creative ideas. I have a list running, and I could really use some creative input! All ideas are welcome! As are just plain old requests lol (ie, a leather paddle over pillows, a spoon otk, a good girl spanking...)

The photos here btw, are just here to entice people to read the post and comment, lol. :)

Princess Kelley

PS. According to Youtube, only 22 people so far have watched my most recent video, which I find very surprising. I thought it was pretty good, and the topic was sensational enough. Plus I did it with the option of HD. Are people just not interested anymore, or has it just been a busy week? :(


  1. We think alike. The no arrest part is simple - you're in international waters. Why? So many scenarios.

    Here's one I enjoy: you're meeting friends to drive together for snorkeling in the keys, and you're late. So, the consequence is, each of your friends spanks you using a formula determined by the number of minutes that you're late.

    The spankings can begin on their front porch, continue at rest areas, and culminate once you're at sea. And everyone on the boat sees your punishment, and perhaps, they're invited to, "help."

    Maybe your BF discovers you forgot to apply sunblock correctly (naked, before you put on your suit, so you don't get burned when your suit rides up - I'm not making that up... I have really burned my sit spots, learning that the hard way). So, he tells you to remove your suit, and go get the sunblock. And then he applies it for you, correctly. In front of everyone else on board.

    Yeah... I've fantasized a lot about this one. Have fun. Be safe.

  2. What about a spanking for not answering emails? Ever. And we are talking real DD this time, obviously :)


  3. You play with your hair while you blather about nothing.
    You say you have already done it all sex and spanking wise. Sad.
    You are spanked by old men. Sadder
    You are an art history major! How useful is that?

  4. We think a 'sudden' spanking would make for a good video. Something like... you're in your PJs watching TV... but it is past your bedtime. In walks your spanker, and you've been CAUGHT. No long scolding or anything like that. He knows and you know, and no more than a few words are needed... and OTK you go for your punishment. Then... when it is done... you are marched off to bed.

    So... a sudden role-play discipline in your PJs. That sounds good to us... ;)

    Oh, we did watch your video too. You only "occasionally text and drive"... that is good to know. Adding to the list as we speak...

    be good,
    ~Todd and Suzy

  5. Nice kitty glimps

  6. Hi Kelley,

    Here's an idea for a scene. You're describing to your BF a Texas classroom paddling you received (or witnessed if you prefer) several years ago. Suddenly, he gets the bright idea to try to recreate it. Loud smacking sounds ensue...

    I watched your video and I loved your answers. I definitely share some of those fantasies!


  7. Go back to text and pic posts. You ramble too much to watch an entire video, even if the topic might be interesting.
    Have a younger guy spank you. Anyone who doesn't look like your grandfather. Surely, there are a few men willing to put up with you under 65?

  8. Remember: people like Anonymous are sad losers who are still virgins at age 40, because no woman will have anything to do with them. -- Edward

  9. Hi Kelley.

    I've enjoyed all your videos so far. Your site is one of the best spanking ones around.If I had any suggestion, it would be to describe your favouite aspects of spanking, or how you feel during a spanking.

  10. It's summer (here) and people are just busy. Do your thing and don't make any judgments on less than a year's worth of data.

    And frankly, I think it's wonderful that an older guy spanks you. It gives all us older guys hope....

  11. girl/girl disciplinary