Monday, July 11, 2011

Pervertable Shiny Thing WIN

I mean COME ON!!! lol. So I just spent a (way larger than I'd like to admit) chunk of the past couple days looking for necklaces for my man to give to me as a belated b-day gift. It felt odd, and narcissistic and shallow, but he sucks and gift giving and asked me to pick something out. He's good at spending money, just not on knowing what to spend it on. 

So the story is long, and it makes me look far more like an actual princess than I would care to admit (being allergic to all metal except yellow gold really sucks sometimes lol) so I'll just get to the AWESOME WIN!!!

After being thwarted by the jewelry gods for quite sometime I stumbled upon this- the Hamsa Hand. It is a symbol of good luck and fortune. 

Oh, yeah, and if you happen to be a spankee in a DD style relationship it just also happens to mean loving discipline! :D *happy dance!!!!* 

I wanted something that would be special btw myself and my guy, but he's not exactly the super romantic lovey dovey type, so this fits us really well. Its small and discreet, so it fits my taste, and if anyone asks, its for good luck.

I suppose getting a nice firm hand across my bare bottom would be what I consider good luck! *wink*

Princess Kelley

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  1. I believe they call that epic win! Redchief