Friday, July 22, 2011

A Grateful Shout-out

Hey team,
So as most of you could tell from my post last night, yesterday was not a good day. At all. Today has been better, but mostly because I told my boss I needed a mental health day and she understood, took another xanax the moment I woke up, and slept until 6:30 tonight, lol. So basically the day was good bc I skipped it! lol :)

But, as always, the bright spots in my day come from ya'll. I, for a brief moment, had the number one clip on clips4sale, and currently hold the number 2, 4,5 and 6 positions and my studio is number 4 overall :). That's mostly just a pride thing, and I'm finding that pride, in reality, doesn't feel all that good in that form. It feels good when I feel proud of myself, and external validation is not required. :)
People's comments and emails have been sweet for the most part (though I did get a couple telling me to shut up bitch and stop whining, sigh).

But the person that I'm wanting to highlight and tell you allll about, is Doctor Ivan. He has been an off and on reader of my blog for a while (a friend pointed it out to him like, hey hot chick alert), and oddly enough, is not a spanko. He does the graphics for the Howard Stern Show (something I watched on E! from when I was 10-14 with my older brother [how he didn't know I was bi I will never know!]) as well as many other adult and regular things. And he's fantastic.

Back when I was in Italy, he sent me an email with a couple photos that he had doctored and altered and made amazing, and I just thought they were wonderful. Of course, I was in Italy at the time, and also suck at getting back to people in general, lol, so it took me months to even just say thank you (something that will be addressed in a video today- the surprise i was telling you all about). But I googled him the other day I started following him on Twitter, and then yesterday he made me a twitter background and OMFG its AMAZING!!!! Everytime I look at it I just... I feel happy and beautiful, and those aren't always easy things to come by in my life.

So now we've started doing business, and he made me some wonderful banners that I'd been needing for various things. Well he made me one, and then I got fussy and asked for changes, lol. So I just want to share all the wonderful work he has done, and also ask you all to vote on your favorite banner. :)

To see the twitter background- which is my FAVORITE of the things just click here. I promise, you don't have to join to see it. And it scrolls.... :)!/PrincessKelleyM
(PS. in case you hadn't noticed yet, my twitter feed is on the right hand side, down about half way, so you can read my tweets there if you don't want to follow me :))

Some of you may remember this first one. Its a picture I took on the Amalfi coast of myself (yeah for self photo taking skills!) and he just made it so much better by adjusting the lighting and getting rid of the telephone line, swoon! loveeee this image. God I miss Italy

And here are the buttons and banners he made me :)

(I think my favorite banner is the second one- you?)

If you want to contact him about hiring him for work, you can do so here.

Princess Kelley


  1. Love the one with the hairbrush, Kelley. That is how I will always see you when I read the blog.

  2. Kelley the banners are very nice ,love and spanks ,tim xxx