Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Some Assembly Required

Hey Team!
So I decided to change up the furniture in my apartment recently, and I bought this kick ass sofa/chaise lounge/bed/sectional thing from Ikea as well as a chest of drawers (no pics for that one- Paul did all the work, lol). But as anyone who has ever purchased one of these Sweedish masterpieces knows, when they say "some assembly required" what they really mean is "a shit ton of assembly required, best of luck!"

Thankfully I have my big strong Daddy, lol, who is actually astonishingly good at assembling things to do most of the work. I insist on doing all of the screwing (pun totally intended) because otherwise his elbows will be in so much pain the next day when I get swatted he is the one yelling in pain. But then there was this part that Paul just couldn't do... he decided to take pictures instead. 

Princess Kelley

Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Thoughtful Questionnaire

Hey Team,
So I am sorry for the long hiatus- things have been rather strained here. Mom is in the hospital (but oddly that is a good thing) so that has taken a bit of my time up, but I will try to do better, because I could be. I was hanging out with Michael yesterday and he gave me this questionnaire that he loves. Its very thoughtful and rather profound as far as surveys go, and he says he tries to take it every year to see where he is at that point. He has a great book actually that has a bunch of famous authors answers to the questions. I was a bit drunk so I am not sure how this related but it had something to do with Marcel Proust.... lol, idk. :)

So here it is, with my answers (for this year at least) :)

Your favorite virtue. Integrity
Your favorite qualities in a man. Loyalty and strength
Your favorite qualities in a woman. Loyalty and grace.
Your favorite occupation. Anything creative.
Your chief characteristic. Open honesty
Your idea of happiness. Inner peace
Your idea of misery. Alone
Your favorite color and flower. Periwinkle and Hydrangeas
If not yourself, who would you be? I wouldn't. If not myself I couldn't exist.
Where would you like to live? Paris
Your favorite prose authors. Fitzgerald, George Bernard Shaw, Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, John Green*
Your favorite poets. Baudelaire, Shell Silverstein, Emily Dickenson, Auden, Byron, Keats
Your favorite painters and composers. composers: Bach, Tchaikovsky. Painters: Correggio, Guerin, Delacroix, Boucher, Robert Delaunay, Rothko, too many to name
Your favorite heroes in real life. I don't have any.
Your favorite heroines in real life. Perhaps my mother.
Your favorite heroes in fiction. Wolverine, Superman, Angel
Your favorite heroines in fiction. Hermione, Faith
Your favorite food and drink. Casoulet or chocolate and Italian wine
Your favorite names. Logan, Jacob, Remy, Rose, Marie, Belle, Dawn
Your pet aversion. Disingenuousness
What characters in history do you most dislike? The boring ones** and Pol Pot
What is your present state of mind? Confusion
For what fault have you the most toleration? Insecurity
Your favorite motto. Currently it's "Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding."

*Because the question is regarding prose specifically rather than fiction I chose these authors, John Green being the only contemporary, and I selected him because I am currently in love with his book that I am reading. However were the question to simply be favorite author or fiction writer I would have no problem putting JK Rowling.

**I love history, and it would be much easier to select the characters I LIKE than those that I dislike. I obviously dislike the evil ones as well, but that is not a particularly interesting question to me. My favorite is Lafayette.

What about y'all? Any fun answers? Any favorite questions from the list? I think it is very interesting and gives great insight into ones character.

Princess Kelley

Friday, February 17, 2012

Still Here

Hey Team,
Sorry as always for the delay. I know I promised to be posting more, and I have been meaning to. I keep coming up with great ideas, which I suppose is at least a start. I just can't seem to get the energy to write/record one. Writing seems so arduous and the editing of the videos just takes so long....

Its been a bit of a rough week. I mean, it was Valentine's and I am single/with Paul so the smart money was always on it not going well... and my mom isn't doing great... and business is down...just been... emotionally fraught- though do feel I can say with confidence and assurance that I am OK, and feel like much of what has happened will have a net productive effect.... just taking a bit more catalyst for that initial energy necessary for production.

I love y'all, and I hope everyone else had a wonderful Valentine's Day. :)

Princess Kelley

Playlist: Imogen Heap, Hide and Seek

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Preview Clip: Bridezilla!

Hey Team,
Ok so I am REALLY proud of this one :) And its very long, so I made a preview clip for it. :) Enjoy

(we actually filmed this because he had the tux for a wedding we were going to be in. This was my senior ball gown for college graduation- something I make a quick reference to in the video for fans who would be in the know*wink* I honestly just love how I look in this one... some great angles of my face)

My wedding day is fast approaching, and my wedding planner, Melanie, has sent over a couple dresses for me to try on while my Dad tries on his tuxedo at my parents house.  I am absolutely NOT pleased with her choice, and proceed to throw a royal temper tantrum and threaten to fire her. Daddy has finally had enough, and sees what everyone has been telling him- that his beautiful little girl has become a spoiled brat and a bridezilla!

And he knows how to handle spoiled brats in his house, engaged to be married or not!

Daddy turns me over his knee and spanks me HARD with his hand over my dress, then panties, then on my bare bottom. He then stands me in the corner and lectures while he gets out his old, mean, leather discipline strap. Over the bed I go, and I get 15 really hard licks with that evil thing, before he decides that it will be an early wedding present to my fiance! :)
This was an epic and fun video to shoot. We did it entirely by ourselves with still cameras, and I think it turned out really well. Hope y'all like!

Princess Kelley

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lyrical Preview of Tonight's Post

Hey Team,
Just go with me here... I thought of this in the shower. :)

Set to the tune of "Found a Peanut"

Went to a dungeon, to a dungeon, to a dungeon last night.
Last night I went to a dungeon, to a dungeon last night.

It was crazy. It was crazy, fucking crazy last night.
Last night it was crazy, it was crazy last night.

Lost my shirt, lost my shirt, lost my shirt last night.
Last night I lost my shirt, lost my shirt last night.

Met strange people, met strange people, met strange people last night
Last night I met strange people, met strange people last night.

Did some things, did some things, did some things last night.
Last night I did some things, did some things, last night.

I feel weird, I feel weird I feel weird right now.
Right now I feel weird, I feel weird right now.

Do it again, do it again, do it again sometime.
Sometime I'll do it again, do it again sometime. ;)

Princess Kelley :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quote of the Year

So I have recently become associated with a new guy- not a romantic interest but a friend and interesting possible play partner- that is Not a spanko. He is a straight up kinky sadist that I met at his sex shop. There was instant chemistry of sorts- I will be talking more about him in my post this week. But the most interesting part was being basically called vanilla by him and the other bdsm folks. I have learned so much these past few days.

So anyway, I went and told my now former bf, known here as my vanilla white knight. I was trying to explain how different sadists are from spankos by saying that he had called me vanilla- well vanilla with sprinkles to be accurate- and my knight knew that was a bit offensive to me. So to cheer me up he said:

"Isn't being called vanilla by a sadist a bit like being called lazy by a surivalist?"

Best quote ever.

God I love my knight :-)


Princess Kelley

Friday, February 3, 2012


Hey Team!
OMG It's an actual post! With content!!! :) Lol. I have a new rule starting today. One post WITH CONTENT per week. I will actually have to remember how to blog I guess, lol. :) So for now, here we go :) I am about to go pass out now. God, I love these but they are hard to edit! Y'all better actually watch it! lol :)

Part 1: Drop Seat Footie PJs
Part 2: Bottoms Up Party this past weekend
Part 3: The filming I've been doing lately
Part 4: DVD site launching in next 3 weeks (need suggestions and requests please! :))
Part 5: Important announcement regarding my involvement in the Texas All-State Spanking Party
Part 6: A thank you to friends
Part 7: A Mom update

Topics of posts to come soon!
-Spanking Men
-Paul getting spanked by a waitress in Denny's lol :)
-SSC vs. RACK (a debate between me and Francesca)
-Frustrations and Mishaps in Film Making :)

And much more! I pinkie swear. :)

Princess Kelley