Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!! (Holy Crap its been THREE YEARS!!!)

Hey Team!
Holy Shit. Its been THREE YEARS!!! How is that even possible?!?!

This vlog is edited and fancy and took forever to make, so please watch :)

Love ya'll! Here's to three more years!

Princess Kelley

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey Team!
So, in honor of Thanksgiving, I decided to do a small top 10 list of things I'm thankful for this year. I believe I did something like this either last year or the year before, but who cares! Its a new year, and I have new (and old) things to be grateful for.
What are ya'll most thankful for this year?

10. My Ex's- I'm pretty sure that if I did this list before this was on it then as well. It's more of a statement that I am thankful for my past experiences and relationships, whether they were good or bad, and regardless of their outcome, because they made me who I am today.
9. My country- where despite the fact that were my right to do what we do put to a vote, it would probably lose, it ISN'T put to a vote because that's kinda the whole point; Yay freedom! :) And boo Pakistan and its anti Monkey-crotch policies! (if you don't know what I'm talking about, you should really think about googling it)
8. "Talk-to-Text" on cell phones- Seriously, Androids kick ass, and the Galaxy S II is sooo cool! And now I can text while driving without getting spanked for it! And 4G! I mean seriously, "to the google!" has become my new favorite line.
7. Zyrtec-D- I've always had bad allergies and really really messed up sinuses (I'm just putting off the inevitable sinus surgery really), and have taken this medicine since way back when it was a prescription, but now that I am allergic to my number 2 on this list, it is even more important. I am grateful that I can bury my face in his little neck and kiss kiss kiss all over his little head, and only be in a moderate state of unease lol :)
6. The internet- I mean really. Google, the Vlogbrothers, spanking fanfiction, the list goes on and on. And hey, without it, I wouldn't be, as Francesca likes to call me, "internet famous."
5. This community- There are no words.
4. My health, good fortune, and success
3. My family and friends, including my Nana, Papa and baby sister as well as my daddy Paul.
2. Mozzie- I have never loved anything in this world the way I love my little Mozzie-man. He is my furry baby, and I feel like I finally have some understanding of what parent's feel towards their children. He is the love of my life, and my best friend. Every night in my apartment when I'm by myself and it gets kinda scary and could be very lonely, I just say "hey moz!" and he comes and nuzzles me or plays with me. He is always there to welcome me home, and he is just the most wonderful gift in my life. I can't believe that anyone ever could have not wanted him, and I feel just so blessed and thankful that he is mine.
1. My new-found happiness- This may seem silly to some. I've always had most of these things, so shouldn't I have always been happy? Well, we all know that just because you have good fortune and wonderful opportunities, it doesn't mean that happiness comes easily or at all. I thank god every single day that I wake up happy. Overcoming my depression is something that I can't begin to describe. I feel like I took this huge risk moving back home and starting this business and getting Mozzie, and all these things... I'm so far from where I thought I would be at this moment, and where I was "supposed" to be... but I am so much closer to happiness than I've been in a very very long time. And I am just so thankful to be out of that darkness. To anyone who is still in that place, I promise you, it will get better. Keep fighting.

I love you all, and thank you for the last three years. They have been amazing.

Princess Kelley

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Well Shit...

Hey Team,
I missed LOL day!!! Sad face! For those who don't know, in the blog world that means Love Our Lurkers Day. And I DO love my lurkers! I was a lurker for the first decade of being online, and honestly, on my blogs, I still am a lurker, just by sheer laziness!

So even though I missed it, if you're out there, please say hi! I would love to hear from you, and from those of you who are a constant presence as well. :)

In other, oh shit! news, I think I might have missed my three year anniversary! Lol. Maybe not... I think its closer to Thanksgiving... yeah, I started this around thanksgiving break when I was putting off writing a paper...

Can ya'll believe its been three years!?!?! I certainly can't.
Well when that day does officially come there will be some serious nostalgia and I think perhaps a picture retrospective. :)

Love ya'll, and hope you enjoyed the last couple pictures and short little clips.
(FYI for those of you who don't normally watch the clips- those are both under a minute I think, and I'm topless in them so... yeah... I know I know, you love me :) lol)

Ok, got to go buy more paint! Doing the bedroom today! Then I'm going to give ya'll a spankos tour of my apartment with Paul's help! :)

Princess Kelley

Red handed, walled and bottomed!

Hey team!

Just finished painting.


Princess Kelley

Monday, November 7, 2011

Important Social Discussion: TX Judge beats Daughter

Hey Team,
I am so sorry that the first time I post something in a long time it is about something that is not exactly happy. I was actually writing a different post last night, but then I stumbled across these articles, and just... wow. I felt it was my duty to share this with y'all.
Please be warned the video clip that all of this is referring to is VERY disturbing. It is NOT erotic in ANY way, and I was crying 30 seconds in. But I think this is important, and its a discussion that should be had.

These are some of the articles I've been reading, and the initial video and my response.

Original video posted by the now 23 year old daughter of FAMILY COURT Judge William Adams of her as a 16 year old, being brutally beaten and whipped and verbally abused

First article I read detailing the three horrific deaths linked to a TN pastor's book that outlines abusive corporal punishment:

The article with the ridiculous quote saying that "just" welts and bruises on a 16 year old girl isn't abuse

Article detailing how Judge Williams will not face criminal prosecution because of a statute of limitations (a statute that was initially created to protect people because of lack of memory! We don't need anyone's memory for God's sake! There's a fucking video!!! I hope this is pursued and a new precedent set)

I just realized this and it made me so sick inside. If this girl had been 18 or 20 or 25 when this happened (and it probably did until she left the house) he could be prosecuted for assault and battery. If she was a stranger to him, but had "wronged" him in some way we would call it assault. AS WE SHOULD (you have to watch the video- not just clips- I'm so pissed by people who watch the first 30 seconds and say its fine... it goes on and on). But BECAUSE she is a child, we let him beat her! It should be the opposite! She is a child!! It is our job to PROTECT her! It is our duty to protect our children and those who can't protect themselves. He was so much bigger and stronger than her, and she is helpless and beaten, and we can do nothing BECAUSE she was a child, and therefore he has the "right" to beat her.

And then I go and read the comments posted on blogs and articles and the video itself and I'm just even more disturbed. So many people saying she deserved it, or if she had just taken it it would have been fine. Watch the whole thing. I doubt anyone could stomach it.

My Response:

Princess Kelley