Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

I'm officially getting older. :)
22 years of age. I can do nothing more exciting today than I could yesterday.

However!!!! Its a birthday which means a birthday spanking!!! :D And presents! :) lol. I will get a video of me getting a birthday spanking for ya'll too so that's my gift to all of you! :)

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Higher the Hair, The Closer to God

Literally, this clip is just me rambling (I mean they all normally are but this one is) specifically because I just got my hair done and it looked to good not to do a video, lol. I'm a girl. Deal with it :)

Well shit... lol. My internet at my house is clearly not as good as my internet was at school, soooo videos are not liking uploading... damn

hmm... well this post will have a video to go with it some time soon! Love ya'll :)

Princess Kelley

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Big Day!!!

I recorded this earlier in the morning, so I can officially say that I am a graduate! :)

And extremely sunburned! lol, but only on my hands, one knee and my face- oh thank you black polyester robes for making me sweat more than I knew was humanly possible and also protect 90% of my body from the sun. So stupid- I know better, I burn so easily too! My face is like a raccoon from sunglasses. :)


Eat it bitches! lol. :)

I love ya'll! And this is officially the shortest video I will ever make at under 30 seconds. :)

Princess Kelley

A Momentous Occasion

Sorry for the extended hiatus and for worrying ya'll. I love you and and I am doing well. Thank you so much for all of your support.
I graduate in 10 hours :). Pray I don't trip! :)

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Break-up Update and Thank You

Update: Please understand people. I mean no harm to any of the people mentioned in any of my videos or posts. This is my blog. This has always been MY blog. I have been telling my side of stories (and yes, most of the time only my side) for three years almost now, mostly about the good and the bad and the sexy and the ugly of my relationships with men (and the very occasional woman) of whom none of you have ever heard of. It is unfortunate that all of this has been going on with people that are in the "public eye" and as a result I have been trying to be polite about the things, and much less... blunt... than I normally would be. Perhaps I should have been using fake names for these people (well I mean other than their scene names I guess, idk like by initials or something like I've done with some of my past guys) but it just seemed silly to do so given that most people either know someone involved personally or know of someone involved in this.
But I have said it before, and I will say it again, this is my blog, this is MY home, and if you don't like it you can kiss my ass and get the fuck out. No one is forcing anyone to read or watch anything I say.
Like I said, I wish no ill to anyone ever, but I am allowed to say what I want. B/c this is the Confessions of a Spanked Princess, re: ME.
Oh, and in case anyone STILL hasn't gotten it. The video with me and Paul was a joke that he knew about and thinks is just hysterical. I would not have posted it ever had I not been 100% certain that he would be.

Princess Kelley

Monday, May 9, 2011


I just got dumped.

I have a paper due in 5 hours, and 4 more in the next 24, along with a final, but Paul decided that he just couldn't stand the guilt that he's been lying (by his own choice) to Sarah Gregory (his lesbian bff) about the fact that he is my Daddy, and since last week, that he is my boyfriend. So he flew all the way up here and then was going to spend the week with me having a blast, and spanking me and "helping" me with my finals... oh and then he was going to dump me. That was his plan all along apparently. And he "didn't mean" to do it at this time, but he just couldn't take the guilt anymore. No problems that he's been a lying S.O.B the whole time. Just now.

Yes Sarah, I know you read this. And I hope you're happy now. I never hated you. I just never wanted you in my life, and I didn't like that you kept interfering and that you were so possessive of a man you have no right to posses. You are a lesbian and could never offer him what I could. And I never once asked him to chose between us. You entered into a non monogamous relationship just as knowingly as I did. And if you truly loved him, you would learn to let him be loved.

So right now I am about to go take as many xanax as is medically allowed and try to forget the last two hours never happened. Seriously I woke up at 8, was frantically writing my paper and he comes downstairs and I start talking to him about how I'm cutting it close but I think I'm going to get it done and I'm going to need to run to the library around 2, and he sits down and says its over. Yeah. That's been my morning.

I gave the man my heart and he threw it in the mud. I doubt if he ever loved me.

I emailed my professors all in one go just explaining what happened and saying I will get it in all as soon as possible. And told them that I won't hold it against them if they have to dock my grade. That I was fighting for cum laude, but that they have all already done so much for me with my depression that I dont' want them to feel like they have to give me more because a boy decided to break my heart.

I love you all, and I will try to make a video soon... I just... I can't stop crying... I just don't know what to do...


I'm no ones princess anymore

PS. please someone please attack "roger" in the comments on my last post- "his" attack really hurt my feelings.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bloopers: Forgetful Old Man

Hey Team,
Sorry for the extended hiatus. Things have been stressful around here lately. In the middle of finals and dating a man who frequently... well forgets to treat me with some human decency, but said man is supposed to be arriving for a visit this weekend and I love him desperately despite myself and thus I should be feeling much happier (and well spanked) soon. But to honor his return to my life (and slightly to get back at him for being a jerk face half the time) I thought I would share one of the many wonderful little outtakes from our last visit.

This is from the video we did called the Naughty Wife. We did the whole thing and it was pretty good- I was really improvising with cameras and webcams and trying to make things work, but my biggest obstacle was that Paul completely neglected to take down my panties! Now I understand that when they offer no protection there can be this forgetfulness, but baring a bottom is part of a spanking! So we decided to film the last little portion again and have him pull them down that time. Of course, I'm a smart girl, and I've learned that old men can be... well old men. Men meaning they don't hear half the things I say anyway and old meaning they forget half of what they do hear! :)

So I quizzed him... and it took him a little while to remember. But his little victory gesture at remembering finally is just.... well priceless. Please enjoy at Paul's expense :)

Princess Kelley

LMFAO- I can't help it. No matter how many times I watch it, I laugh so hard. The definitive "Yes, I remember. How dare you doubt me... uh...uh.... oh yea!" lol and the arm pump. Just lol. :)