Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Post Party Redux

Hey Team!

So I really thought I could do this in maybe two videos... SO WRONG. :) Just too much to say and not enough time! Apologies in advanced that these get a lot ramble-y. It was really late, and I was just going with it.

First two videos are thought videos about post party drop and about the idea/problem of "friend-zoning" in the scene. The remaining videos are the "blow-by-blow" of the party itself in chronological order. Feel free to skip around.

I realized that in all of this I never said a proper thank you to Joe and Ten for hosting this/putting it together. Y'all know I know how hard it is, and I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for this party. 50 Freaks last year was where I met the majority of my friends in the scene out of Dallas, and I feel blessed to be included. I love y'all, and I'm so happy to have you as my kinky family.

Party Thoughts/Feels

This first bit is all of the post-party feels, my thoughts on parties in general and how people become your family, about how I was feeling when I left, and the realizations about myself and my life/future that it has helped me have.

This bit is about the idea of "friend-zoning" in the kink community as it relates to parties. 

Party Redux

Thursday (all of) and Friday morning/afternoon.  Includes discussion of my brief trip to LA, and my first couple of scenes at the party.

Friday night. This contains the rather lengthy discussion of the biggest play scene I had as a bottom at the party- my first scene ever with Michael.

Saturday Day. My interview with Spanking Resource, a couple more scenes, discussion of the epic presentation Miss Chris gave and the unforgettable scene between James, Joey, and Korey there, and finally a doubles scene I did with Michael, David, and Korey.

Saturday Night- Dinner, the biggest, hottest, and best topping scene I've ever done (a spanking/humiliation scene with new model Adriana), a mini scene I did with Miss Chris, and a couple more scenes as a bottom.

[Not discussed because I forgot to put it on my outline, but one of my favorite things that happened at the party was a surprise birthday party thrown for Zoey (lostkitten) to make up for her vanilla friends abandoning her on her actual birthday a few months back. The story had been heartbreaking, but watching her realize that the "Surprise!" we all yelled was for her was the most life affirming thing I think I might have ever seen]

Sunday- Court, the day, and 3 more wonderful scenes (plus a bit of goodbyes)

After having to watch through some of those as they uploaded, I'm feeling a wee bit insecure about posting them, but... fuck it. Self-censoring has never really been my strong suit.

I hope you all enjoyed. For all that were at this party, I miss you, and thank you for being a part of not only my wonderful experience, but also of my kinky family.

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Hey Team!

Just needed to share with y'all. :)

Princess Kelley

Friday, February 14, 2014

LA 2014 Part 3

Hey Team!

Sorry for the short delay. Right now it's Valentine's Day, and after he was supposed to take the whole day off, Daddy has gotten stuck at work, and I'm pouty and trying to fill time. So blog update! :)

I left off right as we left Venice for Santa Monica. The sun was completely done at this point, I'm starting to get a bit tired, we're both getting hungry, and I am freezing cold! And I was about ready to chop off my feet from walking in not walking appropriate shoes all day. But I'd always wanted to see the Santa Monica pier, and ride the Ferris wheel with a guy... be all sappy and romantic like that...

I'll give the details, but let's just say the moral of this is that I needed warmer clothes. My memories of this are a bit clouded by the freezing feeling that accompanies them. I might have murdered for a sweatshirt lol.

We finally found parking and walked with the swaths of other people onto the pier. Right at the entrance there is an old Carousel, and I just had to ride it! I loved Carousels as a child- watching, scouting out which horse you want, running to it when it's your turn, naming it, petting it, and then just having fun- and I wanted to go with Daddy. Daddy was convinced that it would still be open on the way home, and made us continue on walking past it with the promise that I could ride after.

The pier to me was kinda not that exciting. Mostly like I said due to the cold and damp feeling that I couldn't escape. And the tired feet- cranky was setting in for sure! But it's fun that there's this little mini fair year round! Complete with rides and funnel cake! Nothing like the State Fair here, but you know, not everything can be as big as Texas ;). I was really enamoured with the Ferris Wheel though and had cajoled Daddy into riding it with me.

Let's be clear about something here. I don't like roller coasters. I hate amusement parks. I like the tea cup rides and tilt-a-whirls on occasion, but I venture into the Midway at the fair exclusively for the games and the food. I am afraid of heights (though climbing cathedral towers and riding monorails and chair lifts have helped alleviate that some), and I am not ashamed of my total terror. PHYSICS MATTERS! (re: you could totally die!)

But I have in my life, liked small Ferris wheels. I have liked the big one at the fair. And I though, it's no big deal! I'll love it! And Daddy will be with me.

I was wrong. As soon as that thing started moving I was shaking, clutching to his arm like a life raft, and near tears. I insisted that we sit on the same side of the gondola so that we could cuddle, but doing so cause it to tip backwards a bit. I couldn't really see out in front, and I was paranoid about falling out the back. Of course fixing this would require me to let go of his arm, which wasn't about to happen.

Daddy laughed at me mostly, but reassured me that I was obviously safe because I was with him (logic that satisfied my little girl), and I calmed enough to take some (very blurry) pictures. It was an experience for sure. By the time I was used to it and felt silly for my terror, the ride was sadly over.

We finished walking to the other end, and by then, I was ready to be transported to the car and to warm clothes and food. But we had to walk back. And right at the exit was the now closed Carousel.

I may have thrown a minor temper tantrum... lol.

Daddy got a hold of me quickly, and said he was sorry for not looking at the sign with the hours like I'd asked him to, and we got back to the car.

Half an hour of very frustrating restaurant searches and frantic calls to places trying to get a reservation later, we had reservations at Da Pastore, an Italian Restaurant in Beverly Hills. We luckily were able to swing by the hotel and I did my final costume change (of which there are no pictures because I was too damn tired to take anymore), and I don't think I've ever been so happy to put on a pair of leggings before. I hadn't realized how damp I'd gotten and that that was why I was so cold, but changing felt very nice.

Dinner was low-key. We were tired, and we went to sleep pretty soon after getting home. After some play of course. I'd been a good girl all day. And good girls get rewards... :)



Princess Kelley

Sunday, February 2, 2014

LA 2014 Part 2

Hey Team,

The saga continues!

Saturday morning I woke up at about 6 AM. Let me repeat that, because it merits repeating. I, Princess Kelley May, woke up at 6 AM. On my own. No alarm, no Daddy fussing at me. I woke up.

And damn if that wasn't a nice morning to wake up to. I got sleepy cuddles, spooning, and mischief. I got to be super submissive, and Daddy put my collar on me, taking control, and never giving it back. We also might have done some new sexy things we hadn't done before (Daddy had made some joke the night before about thighs being the perfect ear warmers that I quipped we could try...) that was very exciting (that I suddenly feel shy about telling the details of though the details are what make that story so amazing!).

An hour and a half of spanks, orgasms, and cuddles later, it wasn't even 8! We were barely behind schedule. My morning routine got us a bit farther behind, but Daddy was very strict with me about not getting frustrated.

I have this bad habit (always have) about letting myself get frustrated and upset over little things, and letting those feelings grow and ruin other nice things. For example, sometimes I can't enjoy the time he and I have together because I'll feel like I wasted half an hour somewhere along the way, or that we aren't using the time perfectly. That everything isn't perfect. And those feelings grow into ick, and start fights. So Daddy seems to have figured this out now, and just wasn't going to allow it. I was on, what I like to call, a short leash. Or as Daddy says, no leash, just his hand hooked in my collar.

If I got out of line, he would grab my hair, or, in the car, squeeze or smack the insides of my thighs. Then if I didn't stop, he'd take my panties from me. If I acted up again, he would make me sit in the car with my dress up or jeans down, legs spread with no panties (*grin*). And if I disobeyed after that? My punishment paddle was in the backseat of the car and he promised I wouldn't like those consequences.

So my protests that we were running late were met with spanks, and the statement that you can't be late on vacation. As long as we were having fun and happy, nothing else mattered. It was that kind of structure that made the day so perfect for me.

We had an amazing breakfast on the top floor of the hotel, looking out on the skyline and the ocean, feeling very Californian. From there we headed out to UCLA. The plan was to drive around campus a bit, drive in the neighborhood, see where I might be living, and then walk around the main part of campus some. In case you didn't know, UCLA is gorgeous!

It felt so good to just get to be out with Daddy, driving around, living life. Thinking about my possible future. Feeling positive, and not nearly as scared about the whole thing as I have been lately. (though let's be clear, I'm still fucking terrified and I haven't even gotten in anywhere- which is its own terror).
So walking around campus was lovely, but I discovered that in the shade it was very pleasant, but in the sun it was sweltering! So I convinced Daddy to let me go back to the hotel to change. The first of 3 costume changes that day, lol. My logic seemed sound though! We were going to go walk the beach later!

Anywho, so we decided to go to the Getty Museum in LA (not the villa in Malibu) because I'm a person who has gone to specific countries just to see one painting. Sadly, Michael was right when he told me the collection was rather lack luster. There was a great moment though when we got inside and Daddy gave me the map to navigate us around and tour guide, but then grabbed my discretely by the hair at my neck, leaned in and whispered "you may be in leading us right now little girl, but don't you forget who is in charge. You don't want to step out of line." Sent the most wonderful of shivers... *grin*
We had reservations at the very nice restaurant there, and the view was great! But I brilliantly suggested we eat outside in the gorgeous weather. It wasn't so gorgeous in my dress, in the shade, when the wind picked up! I even turned down desert I was so cold. But Daddy let me have a very yummy glass of wine, and the company couldn't be better, so I was a happy girl.

After we walked around the gardens some, before heading out again. (I have pretty photos of us, but I don't think Daddy is going to let me share them.)

We decided to head down to Venice Beach because I had never been, and it seemed like fun! But of course, I had to go back to the hotel to grab jeans for when it got dark, realizing how effing cold it was in the shade! Lol, I may have gotten myself a bit spanked for that one.

We drove down, stopped at a CVS (which shouldn't be worth noting, but I just remember at that moment being so stupidly happy and more relaxed than I'd been in so long...) and then finally got to Venice by about 4. I was astonished how much you can get done when you get up so early! Lol, but I was still fighting for every moment of sunshine.

Daddy and I had discussed me getting to wear my collar on the beach, and that was one of the most wonderful experiences I've had. Getting to so publicly be his like that. Just having fun, enjoying the street performers, skateboarders, colorful characters, and the gorgeous beach at sunset... it really doesn't get much better.

I love our shadows here. :)

S&K. There's something about a beach sunset that makes a girl extra romantic. This by the way was my first trip with a partner ever.

After we watched the sun set, we went shopping down the boardwalk. Daddy bought be a pretty pair of earrings from a lady who wonderfully asked if he was my father when I called him Daddy. I loved being able to laugh and say "no" as he said "some days" and finish with "I'm wearing a collar and call him daddy..." that look was priceless... :) I also got a fantastic pair of faux leather pants (see picture) for $17! Win!

After it got dark though, I wasn't in love. It got a bit too sketchy for my tastes, and we headed out (not before I got bent over a phone booth and swatted for throwing a temper tantrum) towards the Santa Monica pier....


Princess Kelley

LA 2014 Part 1

Hey Team!

Well damn. Another month went by! :( I'm sorry! I was really really busy and unable to post anything for like a good two weeks in there, but then on the 10th I was all done and going to post a celebration vlog, but life got in the way. And then lately, things have been moving really quickly with my life, very tumultuously with my love life (what else is new right?), and I have been having this strange sensation that I have forgotten how to be on the internet.

I know I still have things to say- I mean I listed a bunch of them in that last vlog- but I just haven't been in the mood entirely. And I'm not sure what all to say about my life. I'll do a vlog soon to update for sure, but I wanted to get this done quickly before too much time passed (I'm still wanting to do my post from my trip to LA last March!!!). Actually, I'd love to do another question video. So send me questions and I'll hopefully get inspired. :)

So I finished all my MBA applications at the beginning of the month, and in an astonishing turn of events, got an interview invitation to my top choice school (UCLA) within 3 days of submitting my application! So, I planned a trip back out to LA as soon as possible. Unfortunately they didn't have Friday interview times, so I was going to have to miss work (I work Sun-Thurs), so I just decided to go Friday evening anyway and have some fun. My mother invited herself to come for the actual interview part (I say that with the understanding that she is actually, very helpful to have around), but she had to be in Dallas over the weekend, and I wanted to go out by myself to see friends and maybe shoot a little.

My daddy though, in the sweetest way ever, asked if he could come with me. At first I thought, I'm a big girl, I can travel by myself. But I quickly realized that he knows that, and just wanted to be there to support me. He wants to see where I would be living if I get in (which by the way, I'm trying really hard to not think is going to happen. I'm hopeful, but I don't want to get my hopes up), and he wants to be a part of my life and my future. He wants me to know how much I matter to him.

He and I both also thought that it would be a nice break for us to get away from all of the drama he and I have been going through here lately. Things have been very tough since I posted that last vlog. His other partner moved to Dallas and he's living with her, and we're trying equal poly. And anyone who knows me knows I fucking hate poly. And the transition from him living with me (which was never intended to be permanent), to living there, while I was in the middle of applications, and their abysmal handling of poly (it's both of their first poly experiences), made things extra difficult. We'd been getting better slowly, but the break to have time just for us was so needed.

I don't think I really realized how needed until we were actually there doing it, and realized how incredibly happy I was. There was a small part of me that had forgotten how happy I could be with him. He took care of me, was strong, constantly in control, never let my crazies or icky feelings or insecurities take hold. He proved to me how much he loves me, and how committed he is to being with me, and to working hard to always treat me as well as I deserve to be treated. :)

Anywho! Back to the happy bits of me telling you about my lovely trip! lol.

So Daddy picked me up Friday after he got out of work and we drove to the airport. Unfortunately, I had been running a smidge behind, and so wasn't able to get any spankings before we left. And after a few hours of us together (and an unfortunately timed conversation about poly scheduling), the ick was starting to take hold- but we'll come back to that.

Daddy travels a ton for work, and even though I'd booked my flights separately from him, he was able to upgrade our tickets to first class! I'd never flown first class domestically and it was really thrilling! lol. I felt like a proper princess. :) Daddy quizzed me on my interview questions, and we snuggled a bit. Oh, and Daddy might have made me take my panties off when I went to the bathroom and then bring them back and give them to him to put in his pocket after I told him "no" one to many times... :-D (have I mentioned my life is awesome sometimes?)

So as I said, the ick was starting to take hold (ick being feelings of insecurity, crazy, hurt, anger, confusion, or just general ick- these happen at all times in my life and are not exclusive to a relationship). PMS wasn't aiding anything. And I started to get a bit out of hand, and I just needed Daddy to take care of me. He finally did as we were on our way to the rental car. He pulled my hair at the nape of my neck and growled at me that I was his, he loved me, and he was going to take care of me in a way I might not like.

Yeah, I definitely got spanked and then paddled with my punishment paddle (that I was forced to pack!) in the backseat of the rental car in a semi abandoned parking lot before we even got on the highway! And suddenly all was right with the world. Ick was banished, and hasn't come back since. Yay for my magic reset button!

Summary of the rest of the evening: we finally found our hotel (Hotel Angeleno) despite LA construction, almost passed out from hunger but got fed in the amazing hotel bar/restaurant, and then made it to the room to play a bit before bedtime. I may have snapped a bit at the lady at the front desk who messed up our reservation and gotten scolded in front of her and then spanked in the elevator as well... :-D

Some days, I really do love my life...

Princess Kelley