Monday, December 27, 2010


Where is everyoneeeeeeeeeee?????

*sniff sniff* *little sob*

Ok, so I know that its only like two days after Christmas and everyone is busy, and I know that I haven't been writing in forever so there's no real reason for anyone to check my blog anymore, and I know that its not like what I wrote was a masterpiece, and I know that the audio files were big, and hosted on some sketchy server, and I know that I've been a naughty blogger lately and not responded to any comments (even though I read and love them all).

So in my head I know all of these things and each one would explain why I have no comments for my last two posts, but just because I know something, doesn't mean I'm not still needy and sad and feeling neglecteddddddd. :((

I kept checking my email all day after I posted for comments, and when I didn't get any I was sure I would get some when I woke up this morning, and then I was sad all morning, and I even checked all my spam folders and came here. And well, I know its naughty of me to be needy and pouting, and feeling unloved, especially when ya'll are always so good to me, and I've been so naughty this year, but I do! *stomp!*

So there. hmph!

Love meeeeee!

Princess Kelley

PS. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and post the audio files on YouTube b/c I'm sad that no one will look at them this way, and I thought it was fun. But if ya'll hate the entire concept, please let me know, and I just won't worry about it.


  1. Don't worry. Dr. L still masturbates to you.

  2. Top reasons Princess Kelley deserves to be spanked...

    (1) Recording that in AMR. I had to download a ridiculous AMR player just to hear it.

    (2) Distracting yourself by talking about spanking while driving and making illegal U-Turns. Ridiculous.

    Recommend not posting on Youtube for anonymity purposes. Wishing you all the best. LovingDaddy

  3. I had no trouble with sound files, although I was a bit worried about your driving. As for no comments, a lot of people are tied up with family and not checking blogs.

    It's always a good day when you post, so be assured that your readers are still here and as eager as ever to be the flies on your wall.

    Maybe Youtube isn't such a good idea!!!


  4. sheesh, give us a day at least... :)

  5. I would watch posting your audio files on YouTube, they are really cracking down on anything they feel is adult based.

    Also if you need a comment or feedback fix, Pick up Twitter.

  6. I haven't been checking the blog as much recently since we haven't had many updates. But it's nice to see you back in action, princess.
    Is that your real e-mail address on your profile page? (I ask because it looks sort of made-up on the spot.) If you're open to receiving fan mail, I'll drop you a line.

  7. I didn't have any problem playing the files, and the sound came through fine. Definitely a spanking in order for the u-turn!

  8. I love you, you beautiful, needy piece of luscious candy but all relationships are based upon communication and in a blogging relationship it is usually the blogger that initiates the communication with a new posting and what is a blog posting without pictures (I do love the current pouty photo). You have been away for far too long.

  9. Dr. L- Not quite sure how to respond to this. I have very conflicting emotions. The first being flattered and happy, lol. The second being a bit ew. lol. But still flattered :) muah!

    :D you're comment makes me very happy for a couple reasons.
    1. because it says that I should be spanked. Just saying that makes my tummy do jumps in a yummy way.
    2. You used lists :)
    Lol, and for the record, I thought that I was using Real Player when I posted it (which I also acknowledge is a very annoying player). I don't even know what AMR is (I'm assuming Adroid Media Recorder?), but I'm very sorry you had to deal with that and clearly I should be soundly punished.
    And yes, poor driving is certainly a spankable offense don't you think...?

    Awww :) thank you for saying that. It felt like a great big hug :). And I'm so happy you didn't have any problems with the sound files! And I will take your (and others) advice about Youtube :)

    The first time I read this through I had a very sad face. Then I saw the smiley at the end and my frown turned into a blushing smile :)
    I know I should have waited, but patience is most definitely not one of my virtues :)

    Spanking Resources-
    Thanks for the ideas and the feedback! I have thought about twitter, but I think it would get confusing trying not to mix my vanilla and my spanking life, but I might give it a try. (I also am kinda just opposed to twitter in Good to know about Youtube! Hugs :)

    LMFAO- ok, I'm laughing bc of the "It looks sort of made-up on the spot." So my email on their is real and I do get and read every single email that I get there. As many of my friends even can attest to though, I'm not always the best girl about responding there, but I LOVE getting emails. :D But the reason I laugh is because it was made up on the spot... 8 years ago.
    I wanted to join Yahoogroups when I was like 13 to join the spanking fiction groups, and so I made up that email- I tried for abc123, but of course that was taken, and this is just what yahoo assigned- thinking I would never really use it, and a whole persona to go with it. Originally my name was Bob May and I was like 70 and from California, lol. Actually the "May" stuck, and my scene name is in full, Princess Kelley May :)
    Hugs :)

    Yay!!! Love when things work.
    Bites lip- uh oh, not a spanking! Grin- details please :)

    Ooooh!!!! :D love your first phrase- have you commented here before? Your posting style doesn't seem familiar.
    Please stay if you're new to commenting, and if you're not, I'm sorry I don't recognize the style :)
    I will try to post more pictures. Its been hard, given that I haven't been spanked since July, so I don't have anyone to take any pictures, but I am finding I can recycle old ones too sometimes.
    Last sentence- awww hugggggg please :D

    Princess Kelley

  10. Hey that's great I'm glad you're flattered. My comments are generally just for laughs (hopefully in a benign way) but I have in fact masturbated to your blog once or twice. ;)

  11. No sweetness, I have not posted here before preferring to merely sit in the shadows, be a voyeur and reminisce about being young and not afraid to be open to the world about the pursuit of your sexual desires. You are courageous to be so open in this blog. In that regard you remind me of Dr. Debby Herbenick of the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University who lives in the academic world but also is very open about her own sexuality in her site You may rest assured that I check your blog daily to see if anything is new. I think we all enjoy seeing your red bottom while visualizing about what naughty deeds you must have perpetrated to deserve the punishment but your photos do not always have to show the aftereffects of corporal discipline. I do truly love the pouty photo with your expressively deep brown eyes, shimmering flowing brown hair, and delicious lips; you do look as if you both need and deserve to be kissed and kissed many times.

  12. Hi

    Sorry for the delay in commenting, but that is due to the fact I read your lovely blog in my iPhone (via Google reader) and not so easy to comment

    It is very much appreciated, please keep it up.

  13. I will NOT apologize for the delay in response after your more lengthy delay in posting and for even trying to illicit such emotion you should be dealt with severely indeed! Now if only there was some sort of suitable punishment for such a thing lol.

    With tongue out of cheek I am glad to see you are posting again and as with others I am grateful. I have not listened to the audio yet because I cannot download the player at work, but I will be listening for sure. I would also worry about censorship on Youtube and do like Twitter either but I am interested where ever you go.

    I could list the reasons you should be spanked Kelly, but as it has been so long since you have been bent over a strong knee for a proper session of correction that we just know that it will take some time to catch up.