Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve

Hey Team,

So I was going to do- and will do tomorrow- a "year in review" post (probably in audio form with visual aides :) ). However, tonight I am having a party- my first official party as the hostess actually. I have always lived in dorm rooms at school and thus have never hosted a party. Well I hosted a party my freshman year at someone else's house....that ended poorly (re: over a toilet).

So anyway, lol. I'm very excited and have spent all day putting it together, so I haven't had time to do that. But I am currently getting ready, and I have put on my silver dress. This is a dress I bought 3 years ago, and have worn it seems every New Year's Eve since then.

2 years ago we were on a cruise, and I was very very sick. There are no photos that I can find of me by myself in that dress but the next day I took this photo in another pretty dress. Then last year I wore the silver dress to a party, and I felt really pretty (and happy re: tipsy) so I took photos when I got home.

This unfortunately leads me to a not so happy and fun position right now. I am wearing the exact same outfit as I did last year- same necklace even. And it fits, but I can clearly see that I am heavier in it. I mean it is clear that I have gained weight each year, but...well wearing something that used to look a certain way and now doesn't is always a bit distressing.

None the less, I am excited to ring in the new year- and I put on fun panties just for the occasion ;) And I still love my sparkly dress :). And when I think about what got me this bit of extra flesh I remember my house-parents in Italy and their amazing food and love and affection, and the joy that I had while I was there, and how through working hard to lose the weight now I have actually begun to address the eating issues I've had all my life, and it all seems pretty much worth it. :)

Fun little diddy of me through the years. Actually its me through blogging. I started this blog 2 months before the first picture was taken in 2008.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Belated Christmas Gift

They are from 2 Christmas's ago, but I thought you might like them :)

Merry Belated Christmas

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Magic Wands at the Doctor

Very short little audio about the most ridiculous use of THE "magic wand" ever.
Discussion of needles and some medical stuff (though I try not to get too graphic) but if that makes you terrified, don't listen. :)

Ok, going back to bed now.

Love ya'll

Princess Kelley

Late night Musings

Hey Team,
So quick text. Here is another long audio recording. Kinda personal in nature- so if all you're here for is the sex stuff, it might not be your cup of tea.

But for those people, here is a little treat. Its old I know, but I thought all these musings in the shower, so it felt appropriate.

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Test Test 1, 2, 3

This is a test of the podcast format. Hope it works! *crosses fingers*

In this audio file I discuss the testing, web stuff in general, driving in the rain, my panties and workout attire, and then go into cowboys and ideal spankers, and dichotomous relationships in spanking.

Hope it works, and hope you enjoy!

Princess Kelley

Update: fail :( I don't like the enclosure method. Now I think I might just try direct links again, but this time they are on a safe- spam free for sure website and are in WAV format :)

Happy Dance!!!

So its an old photo, but it conveys well my current emotion :)

Thank you thank you thank you for everyone who emailed and/or commented. When I got home from hanging out with Michael and saw that I had 12 unread emails I just...well did my happy dance. :D

Will respond to questions in the comments section. :)

Will post something new tomorrow :)

A reader brought it to my attention that the second link was the same file as the first- this is not how it was supposed to be.
this should be the proper file. It is much longer, and I talk about different things. If you didn't get two different audio files when you tried to listen, try this link. I will change the other one as well. thanks for letting me know. HUGS (the first file should say 07 and the second should be 06.)

Love you!!!
Princess Kelley

PS. If anyone, and literally I mean just one person, comments with how vlogbrothers relates to happy dances, I will post a video of me doing my happy dance for ya'll :).

Monday, December 27, 2010


Where is everyoneeeeeeeeeee?????

*sniff sniff* *little sob*

Ok, so I know that its only like two days after Christmas and everyone is busy, and I know that I haven't been writing in forever so there's no real reason for anyone to check my blog anymore, and I know that its not like what I wrote was a masterpiece, and I know that the audio files were big, and hosted on some sketchy server, and I know that I've been a naughty blogger lately and not responded to any comments (even though I read and love them all).

So in my head I know all of these things and each one would explain why I have no comments for my last two posts, but just because I know something, doesn't mean I'm not still needy and sad and feeling neglecteddddddd. :((

I kept checking my email all day after I posted for comments, and when I didn't get any I was sure I would get some when I woke up this morning, and then I was sad all morning, and I even checked all my spam folders and came here. And well, I know its naughty of me to be needy and pouting, and feeling unloved, especially when ya'll are always so good to me, and I've been so naughty this year, but I do! *stomp!*

So there. hmph!

Love meeeeee!

Princess Kelley

PS. I think I'm going to bite the bullet and post the audio files on YouTube b/c I'm sad that no one will look at them this way, and I thought it was fun. But if ya'll hate the entire concept, please let me know, and I just won't worry about it.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cars and HoH's

Hey team,

So I am apparently going for the gold on this new plan of mine :). Lol, I recorded something that ended up being significantly longer than anticipated on my drive home.

Did I mention I can talk?

Lol, for those of you who have always wanted to know what I sound you go. For those of you who would like to keep your own fantasy... don't listen? lol

In these I talk about cars, driving, speeding tickets, spanking, Keith Jones, domestic discipline, head of households, cowboys, spanking, spanking, and Santa :)

Wish me luck on attaching these! :)

Part One- that was actually recorded after the fact bc I deleted it while making an illegal U turn :)
on Driving, Cars, Speeding Tickets, and Spanking :)


So this is taking FOREVER to I'm going to try something a little different....

For the Part one. Its not going to spam your computer I promise. I tried it beforehand. Just follow the correct prompts, and don't click on ads.
If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know :) I'm not comfortable putting them on youtube- and their just audio, not video anyway, so hopefully I'll get this down.

Part Two- Keith Jones, Spanking videos, masturbation, HoH, and DD, Cowboys and Santa

Hope you like it :). And feedback on both the process and content (I ask a question that requires responses in Part 1!) is very very appreciated :)

Love ya'll!

Princess Kelley

nerd fighters!

Hey team,
So Im both writing this from my phone and also while doing cardio so please excuse any and all horrible typos. Thanks :-)

so if you don't understand the meaning of the subject of this post you immediately need to Google vlog brothers on YouTube and watch as many of their videos as humanly possible. I would suggest 50 jokes in 4 minutes and their French revolution videos as well as adult female song.

Oh and just dftba!

So all of that is to explain an idea i had recently.

The vlog brothers are two brothers who im 2007 decided to stop all textual communication and instead decided to communicate through videos on YouTube. This immediately became amazing. Those of us who follow them are called nerd fighters and our goal is to eliminate world suck.
Just accept this.
Anywho so this for any of you who thought this, is not going to result im me suddenly converting to video blog ing. Not that bold yet. But i did have an idea.

So if you haven't noticed, i have kinda been doing a shitty job of updating. That's not to say though that i don't think about the blog or just things i think and them immediately wish i could share all the Damn time!

So these guys dedication has really made me look at mine. What if during the day, whenever i thought of something to tell you i just wrote it down or recorded it on my phone? And at the end of the day i just posted this list of sorts. That would mean you would get a lot of random bullet points some of which might not make any sense at all, but then i could burn use these lists to help me remember what i wanted to say im my longer posts.


Well im going to give it a bit of a try on my way home with some audio- i really am really good at talking lol! ;-)

love y'all
Princess Kelley

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hey team!

Im so sorry that i have been so absent as of late. As i an sure you can imagine, finals were a bit crazy. I can't even believe the semester is over still! In the end i actually had my best semester gpa wise ever.

I an actually excited to write about a bunch of stuff that has been happening. Right now im writing this on my phone while watching the game with my family.

I just want to say merry Christmas to all of you and happy holidays in general. I an sure i will be writing before the new year but i want to say ahead of time how wonderful you all have been as always this year, even while i have not been the best of friends or blogger this year.

Merry Christmas everyone. I promise to post again tomorrow.


Princess Kelley

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