Saturday, February 27, 2010

Larrkin Spanking Fanfiction

Hey team,

So I had midterms this week and have been stessed about trying to plan my spring break trip and just feeling a bit overwhelmed by life lately. Thus, instead of working on my stuff, I partook in my favorite escapist pastime- reading spanking fanfiction. :) Now this is not new- I literally read spanking fanfiction almost every day and have done so for the past 7 years. What makes this week notable is that I rediscovered my all time favorite author- Larrkin.

Larrkin writes the most amazing spanking stories in existence. Period. Now that beign said they might not be everyone's taste- though they should be! She writes LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fanfiction- pretty much exclusively Male/Male (something I Love in discipline fanfiction, and which is acutally the majority of the stuff that is available). Her stuff is slash though not overtly or in your face. When I read her stories I just get so wrapped up and involved that it becomes the entire meaning to my life. Seriously.

I first discovered Larrkin when I was 13 or 14- so 8th or 9th grade- on a yahoo group for LOTR spanking fanfiction- tha I technically wasn't allowed to be a part of *shh*. I read her first two stories and fell in love immediately. Then she began her Ranger Child serous. Be Warned! ONE of Larrkin's chapters will be btw 50-80 pages and each story has about 8 chapters. So if you get invested, you will spend a lot of time reading! So when she was writing Ranger Child I remember coming home from school everyday for months to check for updates and I would lose myself in her world.

Sadly she doesn't always update often, but everytime she does its beyond worth it. She is the reason I am so obsessed with LOTR (I learned elvish when I was in 9th grade- yes I am that dorky) and to be honest her writing and views and he beautiful, soulful, perfect way she presents spanking and discipline has had a profound influence on my own views of spanking and in many ways shaped my hopes for the future and what I want in my husband. So to say that I recommend reading her would be the understatement of the century.

I love everything she has written with a passion, but if you just want to read one- and you might be confused by the epic plot you are jumping into- I would reccomend Ranger Child 6. It is a slightly unusual pairing of Legolas topping Aragorn (though this is something I really like, and throughout her "world" aragorn is usually taking care of Legolas' naughty bottom, but this one shows the reverse b/c Aragorn just Neeeeeeeds it. I swear after reading one of her stories I would just beggggg for a spanking.) but this story I think is the best example of the influence on my views. I also love the "Attention Deserved/Invited" pair and Ere the Final march, and Tale to Becalm the Healing (yay Faramir!!!)... oh, hell! I love all of it!

Ok I could go on for days if I don't stop myself soon- I've re-read each of her stories atleast 2 to 3 times! Soooo read it, love itand le it change your life!!!!!

exerpt just showing examples of the take on loving discipline- this could easily be the summary of my views on spanking (from Aragorn in "Attention Deserved"):

A spanking is not meant to diminish. It is meant to nourish. The unspoken message conveyed to anyone over my knee, hobbit, elf, or man is, ‘I care about you. I am not indifferent to your need, your guilt, your loneliness. I shall not walk away, leaving you to suffer alone. You shall not be passed over or ignored. I see you, and I care enough to discipline you.’

I mean come onnnnnnnn! Does that not make you just feel whole inside? ok ok stopping now before I can't. Shoo! Shoo! Go read! Go love! Enjoy!


Princess Kelley

In Brugge

Hey Team, :)

Thank you so much for everyone's kind words after my melodramatic post the other day. All my tests went well and after a long day of traveling yesterday I have been enjoying my time in Brugge immensely! I have never been to Belgium before and it is so beautiful! :) And the food is wonderful! (though I'm already missing my house-mom's pasta!) I have just been having an amazing semester. Yes I miss spanking like crazy, but most of the introspective agnst isnt' exactly new, so I'm just trying to enjoy my time here with the wonderful family that is hosting me, and enjoy all the opportunities I am given. :)

So I leave for Paris tomorrow night (yaaaa!!!!) and get to spend a long time there with my former roommate (I talked about her last year- she was a french foreign exchange student) who I have missed so much and could not be happier about seeing!

Oh and to my "European readers" Hi!!! *big wave out there* I sometimes forget that people from all over the world can read this blog, and I'm very happy to say hi and I hope that you're enjoying reading about my exploits. Your continent is wonderful- as always- and I am happy to be here. Anddddd its looking like I might be here a little longer than expected as I am applying for internships for the summer, and might be getting one in England! Sooooo I might get to playyy!!!!!! SOOOOO excited! lol :) My papa is going to fight me tooth and nail- I promised him I wouldn't play with anyone over here, where he was too far away to protect me- but I just am spank needy like crazy!!! So hopefully i can find the right guy and persuade him that i'll be safe :)

Oh! Went to a sex boutique in Brugge today- absolutely gorgeous! I'll write more about it when I get my pictures online :)

Ohhh!!! Anddddd I love any and all travel reccomendaions that ya'll migh want to offer, so please, offer away!

Love ya'll!
Princess Kelley

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bad Day

I just finished taking my history midterm and am about to start my government one in 40 minutes. I'm woefully underprepared but have freaked out enough and just can't make any more happen than is going to. I'm kinda having a bit of an existential crisis today. I had to leave lunch right in the middle (on a day that I'm on clean up duty) and just went into the library and cried. I just feel off and I don't know why which just makes it so much worse. I think part of me is homesick. Part of me is stressed from midterms. Part of me is stressed from constantly having to speak in a foreign language and having little time, and commuting, and living with these goddamn people who every day you are forced to sit with and make idle conversation about the weather and weekend plans as though the other person actually cares. Part of me is stressed because it just hit me that I'm going to be in Belgium tomorrow and then France for a week and other than buying the tickets and knowing where I'm staying, I haven't done shit to prepare. Part of it is that I miss this world. I miss my ex so much lately, and that's just not good. I miss being spanked. I miss being in love. I miss sex. I miss that giddy feeling you get when you first fall for someone. I miss having time to think and contemplate my life. I miss chatting with ya'll. I miss my friends from school. I miss blogging! I miss so much of it and yet I'm so happy here. I love the family I'm with. I love this country and I love my life. Today is just a bad day.

I have 4 updates lined up- all of which I started last week. I apologize for my lameness this month. I hope to get some stuff done for ya'll in transit during spring break. I really do miss you guys and I am going to get back out into the dating/playing scene soon I think. I just can't take it any longer. At the very least I just need to freaking flirt with somebody!


Anywho, thanks for listening to me rant. Sorry for the angst and moodiness. I promise I'll be back to my normal self soon. I love ya'll


Princess Kelley

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Picture Post #?

Sorryyyyyy team :( I know its been a little while, but I have a good reason! I was in Venice for Carnivale! Pictures, and stories as well as pictures and stories from Rome and a post that is me being a single 20 year old girl mopping about Valentines Day while secretly loving the holiday in ever possible way. Til then I hope this works. :) Love ya'll!
Princess Kelly

Monday, February 1, 2010

Slippers: Footwear or a Convenient and Economical Spanking Implement?

"You better just be glad that Daddy doesn't flip you over his knee and spank that naughty bottom with those very convenient foot inserts little girl."

Well let's just say I was glad. I did get a spanking last night for not having my phone charged during the day (a virtual one- I didn't bring my brush with me this weekend, and the walls in my "hotel" were very thin (I can't tell you how much I need to feel a man's hand on my bare bottom)- but the spanking I got was after this little threat. I don't even remember what this was in response to, but I knew immediately- OMG I need to write that down!

So the foot inserts Daddy(/Papa) was talking about were Dr. Scholl's heavy foot inserts that I bought for my boots after my tour of the Vatican, and his comment made me curious. Would those inserts, which while much floppier that the average slipper/shoe are quite firm and heavy, make an impact on a naughty bottom? I think they would. The actually very much remind me of the London Tanners 'slipper' leather paddle that I bought for John last year and that was applied to my deserving backside on Many occasions. It's something that has to be applied with quite a bit of oomph to make an impact but packs quite a sting.

Then this is in contrast to actual slippers or footwear used as a spanking implement. I have a few times (and by a few spankers) been spanked with my own flip flops, which are quite painful- or at least the heavy ones are. Light flip flops just make a lot of noise and thud and are quite ineffective. But I used to have this pair at my house back in high school that I self spanked with ALL the time. They were very heavy and thin and they made so little noise.

(OMG side note: speaking of noise, Friday evening I was sitting in a café next to a butcher shop and the butcher at some point started pounding out meat. O.M.G. I got SO hot. I have never heard anything that sounded exactly like a spanking before! Flesh on flesh. Mmmmmm yes please!)

Anywho, back to slippers, any thoughts? I know this is kinda a random and disjointed post but I'm on a train with no internet, and I figure hey, I thought of something to write, ya'll should be excited right? So please discuss thoughts in the comments section (pretty pretty please *big innocent eyes that you can't say no to*)


Princess Kelley