Saturday, July 30, 2011

They Don't Call Them Nervous Breakdowns Anymore

Oh, Dr. Spencer Reid, let me count the ways I love you. :) Lol, thank you for making this whole thing seem so much better!
(I finally finished all 6 seasons of Criminal Minds, btw, and now I'm like, noooo I have no more Morgan, or Rossi or Reid or Hotch til September!!!) lol

Thank you for all the support everyone- I promise an update soon about what has been happening, and also a less "major depressive episode" related post soon.

Love ya'll

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So Apparently I Like Promo Clips

I think I've decided I really like making promo clips in the "fairy tail" style with text, lol. :) Enjoy!

Princess Kelley

Hey Team!!!

Um, this is just happiness :)

I'm still having a REALLY rough time (though a text message Daddy just sent made it a lot better: "No matter what's going on, you can expect a blistering for hurting yourself and calling yourself bad." God I needed to hear that- I've been so scared about losing him along with the depression) but Ivan made this to help me smile, and I just wanted to share it with ya'll, and say thank you for all of the concerned messages.

I was (and honestly still am) in a pretty bad place, but I would never hurt myself in any permanent way, I promise. And all the support and the messages that I have received on here have meant more to me than I can say.

So all I will say is:
Princess Kelley

What I wish my Vlog posts were like

Princess Kelley


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fairy Tail Endings *wink*

I don't know why I made this... but I did. Lol. And I put it on Spanking Tube--- probably bc I was feeling insecure... but now its there. And if anyone deserves to get to watch its y'all not them! So here it is :)

PS. Lots of stuff going on in my life, lots of possible changes happening (I just told my mom the truth about the site- that I do videos- her basic response- they want me to be happy, and if I'm going to do something I damn well better be successful at it! lol, thus the business side of me). I'll tell y'all all about it soon.

PSS. I'm jonesing for comments... I've put out lots of videos this past week... need some loveee *wink* I know I know, I'm needy. Apparently being in an online relationship of any sort with me is just like really dating me! lol, I'm needy and crave love and attention all the time!
But you know you love me *grins*

Princess Kelley

What happens when a beautiful young brat marries a much older and old fashioned man? Spanking that's what. 
The full length version of this can be found (along with all my other clips) at my clips for sale site: 
Feel encouraged to check them out! 
Hope you enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

My Comeuppance: A "Letter" to my Fans

I think the title speaks for itself.

Originally I filmed this with an intro into it explaining what it was for, but then I figured, y'all would probably know.
I suck at replying to comments, and I suck at replying to emails. People are so good to me, and I frequently let ya'll down. Hell, I'm bad at keeping in touch with my absolute best friends.

Anddd when I asked for video ideas, I got more than a couple only half joking requests saying I deserved to be spanked for not replying to emails.

So here you go. For free. For everyone. Not on clips4sale. Its kinda slow (though still hard! Daddy's hand is about a soft as a mahogany paddle) in the beginning (Paul and I had just had an emotional discussion- like actual words- and I had been crying, so I think he was trying to gauge me emotionally, figuring he wouldn't need to go as hard given my headspace) but I brat my way to get it even harder and faster on my bare bottom at the end.

And it finishes with me talking directly to ya'll. :)

I was thinking about putting this on FL or spankingtube, but really, I'm remembering, that's not who I am, and that's especially not what this was for. This is for MY "team." You guys have made this a wonderful almost three years, and I am very grateful to you, and I'm going to try my best in the future to show you that appreciation.
(oh, and once again, this one is available in HD- yay new camera!)

Princess Kelley

WHOOPS almost forgot I'm supposed to tell you:
"I'm so sorry for not responding to everyone's comments and emails. They are so sweet, and every time I read one they make me so happy. It was inconsiderate and impolite for me to not at least say thank you. As a result, I got my bare bottom spanked, HARD *tiny pout*, and I was scolded, and I promise I will do better in the future."

A Grateful Shout-out

Hey team,
So as most of you could tell from my post last night, yesterday was not a good day. At all. Today has been better, but mostly because I told my boss I needed a mental health day and she understood, took another xanax the moment I woke up, and slept until 6:30 tonight, lol. So basically the day was good bc I skipped it! lol :)

But, as always, the bright spots in my day come from ya'll. I, for a brief moment, had the number one clip on clips4sale, and currently hold the number 2, 4,5 and 6 positions and my studio is number 4 overall :). That's mostly just a pride thing, and I'm finding that pride, in reality, doesn't feel all that good in that form. It feels good when I feel proud of myself, and external validation is not required. :)
People's comments and emails have been sweet for the most part (though I did get a couple telling me to shut up bitch and stop whining, sigh).

But the person that I'm wanting to highlight and tell you allll about, is Doctor Ivan. He has been an off and on reader of my blog for a while (a friend pointed it out to him like, hey hot chick alert), and oddly enough, is not a spanko. He does the graphics for the Howard Stern Show (something I watched on E! from when I was 10-14 with my older brother [how he didn't know I was bi I will never know!]) as well as many other adult and regular things. And he's fantastic.

Back when I was in Italy, he sent me an email with a couple photos that he had doctored and altered and made amazing, and I just thought they were wonderful. Of course, I was in Italy at the time, and also suck at getting back to people in general, lol, so it took me months to even just say thank you (something that will be addressed in a video today- the surprise i was telling you all about). But I googled him the other day I started following him on Twitter, and then yesterday he made me a twitter background and OMFG its AMAZING!!!! Everytime I look at it I just... I feel happy and beautiful, and those aren't always easy things to come by in my life.

So now we've started doing business, and he made me some wonderful banners that I'd been needing for various things. Well he made me one, and then I got fussy and asked for changes, lol. So I just want to share all the wonderful work he has done, and also ask you all to vote on your favorite banner. :)

To see the twitter background- which is my FAVORITE of the things just click here. I promise, you don't have to join to see it. And it scrolls.... :)!/PrincessKelleyM
(PS. in case you hadn't noticed yet, my twitter feed is on the right hand side, down about half way, so you can read my tweets there if you don't want to follow me :))

Some of you may remember this first one. Its a picture I took on the Amalfi coast of myself (yeah for self photo taking skills!) and he just made it so much better by adjusting the lighting and getting rid of the telephone line, swoon! loveeee this image. God I miss Italy

And here are the buttons and banners he made me :)

(I think my favorite banner is the second one- you?)

If you want to contact him about hiring him for work, you can do so here.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bad Day: Needing to Escape

(Update: Just fyi, this is what my doctor would probably call a "depressive episode." I realize that I have a wonderful life and so many things to be grateful for. But that can overshadow the feeling right now that all I want to do is walk away from it all... even this... and just curl in a ball.... haven't felt this shaken in months... I hadn't missed it.)

God damn hormones.

Somedays, I hate being a woman.

It has been a rough day- just really emotional for some reason, and just feeling... off... and then my friend found an abandoned cat that has cancer and I just started crying because I don't the kitty to die, but I don't want it to suffer, and I want it to know it was loved, and it was just too much... just feeling really.. "little." Its a headspace I go to, where I really feel like I'm 8. That's about how strong I'm feeling today.

"I went to bed on top of the world, today the world's on top of me.
Everybody got opinions, they share, they ain't been in my position, they don't care
But it breaks my heart when I hear what they, have to say about me."
(He still loves me, from Fighting Temptations)

So then I went and watched last night's so you think you can dance, and it was a wonderful escape. But then I came back, and checked all my emails and I checked the sites that I've been doing stuff on lately, and I went to spankingtube, where I went ahead and posted that preview clip. And its been viewed like 1000 times, but it has a rating of 3, and there are all these just thousands of other clips, some good some bad, mostly just.. eh... and I mean my first video from 2 years ago is 5 stars and 100k views... and I know this clip was only rated by like 4 people so far, so maybe its just someone who doesn't like me or something went and rated it, but it just hurts you know? Its like I put something out there, so I understand that people can have an opinion. But its something that not only am I extremely proud of, but something that I just, I thought people would enjoy....

...I just want to be back home. I just want to be in my Daddy's arms. I don't want to be in this stupid apartment by myself. And I don't want to be working this job, no matter how good it will look on my resume anymore. I don't care about what I'm doing, and it just sucks the life from me. I just want to cry.... I just need a spanking... I need to get it out... and I need Daddy to pick me up and hold me so the world will melt away... the world needs to melt away....


just let it go away... just for a little bit.... just til I'm ok...


New Clips Available

Update: Its up! :)

Hey Guys,
Sorry this isn't going to be more in depth of a post for the moment. I'll come back tomorrow and fill it out as promised (btw, I definitely got my days of the week confused yesterday! lol whoops!).
I've been typing all day at work, and then I worked pretty hard video editing and photo editing when I got home, so I'm just not up to writing out a whole long thing.

I'm just really in love with the stuff that I filmed with Natasha, and I really hope that people love it as much as I do, and as much as I think they will. I feel like it could really take off, and idk,
I just--- I think it is a beautiful expression of the human form and of the female body in all manners. I show my breasts in the video and I chose to leave all those shots in because I feel so proud of my body and of the manner in which our sexuality is put forth and displayed. A woman's sensuality is not something to be feared, but rather something to be cherished and the honesty of female sexuality is a beautiful thing.

Here is the cover shot I made for the video- if clips4sale will stop freaking out about how large the file is and let it freaking upload! UGH!!!

Ok, I need to go to bed. Its really late, and my boss scolded me (not in the sexy way) for being late all the time today so I really need to show her that I am dedicated to the job I'm doing there (even if I'm not, lol). Plus I'm feeling super artsy (just watched some really intense contemporary dance online- swoon, talk about the use of the human body!) and sometimes that can go to very dark places... or it can produce nice well written paragraphs like the one before :) lol.

Hopefully the clip will be loaded by morning if not sooner, and you can all share in the sensual beauty with me. :)

Love and Hugs

Princess Kelley

PS. I also love the m/f stuff I filmed that is up now, so take a look at that if you haven't had a chance :).

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday Tease: Sensational

Eat your heart out.

Note: you can watch it in HD- so do! lol :) where it has the little number (probably 480p or 360p click and you can make it up to 1080p. It'll take longer to load, but in full screen... mmmm lol)

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Apparently I have a type: voluptuous redheads :)

Hey Team!

So this weekend was amazing. It got kinda dramatic at parts, but overall it was a really good time. I got to reconnect with my Daddy, which I haven't gotten to do in a while, and I'm feeling really good about our relationship (that has no definitions thank you very much, and I love, despite many people's comments here against it).

But something that I didn't count on, came in the form of a someone. Natasha Miller. She moved in with Paul about a month ago- needing to get away from her former home for personal reasons- and I wasn't sure that I was going to like her. Turns out, she totally kicks ass :)

Some of you may recognize her (or her name- she is the younger and much hotter and sweeter sister of the quite well known Allison Miller (who in my opinion looks like someone who I want to feed a sandwich and then give a bath to wash her makeup off not spank- just imho- just fyi, this comment is meant as like an overbearing mother not a catty girl, lol) from her work a few years back as a submissive in some spanking videos. But Natasha is not a bottom (so if you see her at a party, don't ask to spank her! lol) except with her romantic partners for erotic moments. She is, however, an exceptionally talented top, and we had some fun!

At first, my thought was, this girl is SO not my type. I really dislike tattoos, and piercings aren't exactly my thing. And I have an intense desire to make her go back to her NATURAL red hair and not her current tresses of fire. However, in reality, she is very much like the first girl I played with back in April (you might remember my "I just had sex" post)- busty, and a natural redhead. Em- the girl I played with- was shy and sweet, wore sweaters and pearls and was overall a good girl. Natasha wears dresses that I think are shirts, and is one of the most bad ass chicks I've ever met.

But both of them have a sensuality about them that just cannot be ignored.

And she was quite the fan of me as well :). So much so that she actually let me spank her! As I said, she does enjoy it quite a bit, but its only something she does with people she really has a connection with and her primary interest lies in topping- which she did plenty of! We actually have about an hour of footage of her just spanking me and caressing me... its really hot stuff. And about half an hour of me spanking her- my first time ever giving a spanking (omfg am I completely hooked btw- this was something that I used to be EXTREMELY interested in, and I suppose had given up hope on- it should have been included on my bucket list) and what a spankee to have! I mean look at that ass! Its just so... yummy looking! *panting a bit*

Andddd she just told me that she's ok with my posting the clips to my store! At first she just wanted to post the top ones, bc as she says, she's sick of people harassing her to sub, but she knows how hot the videos are, and she trusts my viewers to be kind to her :). That, and I have so much footage of the two of us that in addition to posting the various clips, I'm also going to be compiling all of them together for a DVD which I will be selling at a rate that is lower than what all the clips together will be (due to the nature of clips4sale and how they share profits of DVDs vs clips).

Basically life is so good right now, and you guys should be getting SOO excited. Because...

COMING UP (mark your calendars): 
Tuesday Tease- possibly the best Tuesday tease ever will be coming tomorrow. Just a short little snippit from one of the more sensual spankings Natasha gave me over the weekend. (oh yeah, I'm going to be showing a little bit of breast in the for sale clips, and we make out in them... kinda a lot). My first ever F/F clip! I know, I'm quite the tease!

Wednesday- info on and photos from all the OTHER amazing clips and videos we recorded (three of which are up and available right now!)

Thursday- vlog on what it was like to give my first spanking :)

Friday- The ULTIMATE "letter" to my fans will be posted for free to the blog through my Youtube account. A 4 minute discipline spanking for ya'll, for being so naughty about replying to comments and emails. :) Yeah, I know you love me *wink*

So I hope you enjoy the videos that are up and oogling my gorgeous and sexy girl aka "Red." And hope to hear from ya'll!

Princess Kelley

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video Ideas Request

Hey Team!
So I'm headed back to the Big D this weekend to spend time with my main squeeze and I am going to get to do some filming as well, but I would love some suggestions/input!
Its going to be a sadly pretty quick weekend, and I think filming wise it'll just be the two of us (perhaps Johnny Ravage and/or Mike will be joining us as well) so I'm looking for simple ideas. Honestly I can't think of reasons to be in trouble! lol.
My Daddy/daughter clips seems to do well, and those are really easy and fun to film for us- they are our natural dynamic. Though he also really enjoys, I think, doing the wife scenes- which can be really funny. I get quite the kick out of the spontaneous or just for fun ones, but those don't always seem to be as popular.
Then of course there is real discipline, which will be happening this weekend, so that's a guarantee.

So I suppose my main question for people is what is your favorite type of scene, and also I would love ideas for reasons to be in trouble! Little scenarios, or creative ideas. I have a list running, and I could really use some creative input! All ideas are welcome! As are just plain old requests lol (ie, a leather paddle over pillows, a spoon otk, a good girl spanking...)

The photos here btw, are just here to entice people to read the post and comment, lol. :)

Princess Kelley

PS. According to Youtube, only 22 people so far have watched my most recent video, which I find very surprising. I thought it was pretty good, and the topic was sensational enough. Plus I did it with the option of HD. Are people just not interested anymore, or has it just been a busy week? :(

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Question Answered: What haven't I done in terms of spanking/sex

2. What have you never done in terms of spanking and/or sex that you really want to try?

Well there's honestly not many things left on that list, but I go through what's there. :)

Princess Kelley

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pervertable Shiny Thing WIN

I mean COME ON!!! lol. So I just spent a (way larger than I'd like to admit) chunk of the past couple days looking for necklaces for my man to give to me as a belated b-day gift. It felt odd, and narcissistic and shallow, but he sucks and gift giving and asked me to pick something out. He's good at spending money, just not on knowing what to spend it on. 

So the story is long, and it makes me look far more like an actual princess than I would care to admit (being allergic to all metal except yellow gold really sucks sometimes lol) so I'll just get to the AWESOME WIN!!!

After being thwarted by the jewelry gods for quite sometime I stumbled upon this- the Hamsa Hand. It is a symbol of good luck and fortune. 

Oh, yeah, and if you happen to be a spankee in a DD style relationship it just also happens to mean loving discipline! :D *happy dance!!!!* 

I wanted something that would be special btw myself and my guy, but he's not exactly the super romantic lovey dovey type, so this fits us really well. Its small and discreet, so it fits my taste, and if anyone asks, its for good luck.

I suppose getting a nice firm hand across my bare bottom would be what I consider good luck! *wink*

Princess Kelley

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hey Team,
So sorry for the extended absence. I was in Aspen, CO for the long weekend (plus a few extra days) with my family (mom, dad, brother, brother's gf- who I adore! hope he doesn't screw this one up! lol) doing lots of outdoorsy things (golf, horseback riding, fly fishing, ect) and I just wasn't on my computer much. Then I got back here and had to go back to the real world which kinda sucked, lol. So like I said, I'm so sorry for the absence, but everything is a-ok. I promise :) And I'll be again from now on.

AND to apologize for my absence (and bc I needed to just bite the bullet and do it) I have created a twitter account for this blog and my scene life. It makes me exceptionally worried, but we'll see how it goes. If you are in any way affiliated with my vanilla twitter account (which I think only applies to like two of you maybe) you can NOT be associated with this account!!!!!!!!!! Ok, lol. Now that I've said that-
That is my handle :)
PrincessKelley was taken- bitch. SpankedPrincess was taken!!! Double bitch!!! (lol, yes, I believe that I am THE spanked princess, and when people use that title, it really pisses me off). and PrincessKelleyMay was too long.
I might change it to tCoaSP or something like that- probably not- idk. What do ya'll think?

So feel free to follow me. I'm not sure how I'm going to play this. Its probably going to end up being like 20 one day and then nothing for a week, lol. I mean for those of you on twitter (I just got my vanilla account a few months ago and only use it to stalk celebrities) how often do you tweet? Should I post things like "I'm making my favorite italian meal for lunch right now" (true fact btw) or only spanking related things?

Oh also note: there will be no graphic twit pics for the moment. I just don't want to get caught up in that. I trust blogger way more than twitter. Especially since I also have a vanilla account. Pictures will stay here.

hmm... I wonder if there is a way to embed my twitter feed onto here... I'll figure it out :)

anywho, sorry for rambling, just thought I'd let you know!

Love ya'll and its good to be back!

Princess Kelley