Saturday, January 26, 2013

Question Friday: Hard Players, Topping Men, Voyeurism and Tumblr

Hey Team,

Victory! Only one day late this week! lol. :) Thank you to everyone for the enthusiastic reply to my last post and video. It was almost upsetting that everyone was so vocal about their love of the video more than the other things I do... but then I remembered, we're spanko's Kelley, lol. You love videos too! :) And I know that people love me for more than that as well. :) Oh and welcome *waves* to all the people coming from Chross's blog! Hi! Hope you enjoy it here!

Oh! Thank you Jerry for pointing out in the comments. There were requests that I should have gotten *more* swats than I did. And that has happened. For my 22nd birthday I got three separate spankings from three different men (Johnny Ravage, Mike Billa, and of course Paul) and then Paul decided that since I had never had one before we would do 22! in math terms aka 1, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc all the way up to 22 which is in total 253 swats! :) that video is for sale (it was one of my firsts) here.

So as always, everyone please send more questions either in comments here (my favorite) or via my "ask me anything" on tumblr or on twitter. Email is always welcome as well of course, but in comments is the preferred method of receiving them- easier to find later! :)

Check out my new tumblr!

Princess Kelley

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ridiculously Belated Birthday Spanking

Hey Team,
So thanks everyone for the support lately. :) I'm trying to get this place up and going like it was in the glory days. I feel I'm doing a pretty good job- now I just need to get everyone else to realize it, lol.

Anywho, so this was actually filmed on my 23rd birthday- aka the end of May last year! lol. Things got hectic and life got away from me, and this file got lost somewhere. But I found it recently, and thought it would be fun to share. :)
As y'all might have noticed, I had taken a break from filming recently, but will be back up and in business in the next month or so full force. I finally convinced (the new) Daddy to film, and it looks like we might be shooting our first scene this weekend. I am BEYOND excited. I haven't filmed since June of last year! Plus, my site is being built as we speak, and it will be up and going hopefully around the beginning of March....

So in honor of all of that, I am sharing this video. Plus another SUPER old one that I found that has never been seen before- that's coming next week I believe.
But I have decided for now to not publicize this on my own at all- as least for a few days. I want to see how many people are still here, and see how quickly this goes around. Of course, with it being on the Tube, that will generate quite a bit, but I'm just curious. So y'all feel free and encouraged to share. But I will not be tweeting about it or posting it on FetLife at least for a couple days. :)

Thank you to all who have stuck around, and especially to those who comment. :)
(Gr, just realized I uploaded the one with the kinda messed up sound! Really bugs me, but it's way too late to change it now. Oh well.)
Hope you all enjoy!

Princess Kelley

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"It's in His Kiss" or "Surprise Inspection"

Hey Team,
So I just wanted to share a little something that happened with my Daddy on Tuesday that just sent me over the moon. :)

I must preface this story by saying that as much as I love my daddy... and I do, I love him with my entire being... things were getting really tough for us. I had been feeling under appreciated, and just... not really wanted, if that makes sense. It was a really emotional week for us, as he had some personal issues he had to deal with that were incredibly stressful, and my doctor has decided to wean me off all my medicines, so my body is going through a rough patch. And Daddy and I... well we were struggling.

We hadn't played or had sex in almost a month. And I was starting to go passed being annoyed and was well into hurt by that. We talked about it, but it just seemed to make things harder, and there was a part of me that was contemplating walking out the door. I know I wouldn't have- I wouldn't have been able to. I am just not there. I don't want to lose the man I love. I am not always happy, and at that moment, I was finding that I was unhappy more often than I was happy with him, but I truly believe that he and I have something special that is worth fighting for. That when we find our rhythm, nothing will be able to stop us.

So anyway, I last saw him Saturday, and we had fought the night before, but had a good day at his daughter's birthday party with the rest of his poly family and his friends as well. I was feeling pretty strong- like I wasn't going to fall apart, wasn't going to beg, wasn't going to ask any more of him. I knew that he might just not be capable of giving me the things I need... and that perhaps that's why it's poly... and maybe I needed a secondary. Or that maybe I just needed to find strength and peace within. But I had a good weekend to follow (all the stuff with the British/Irish boys happened and made me feel pretty, lol) so I was in a good place. I am doing things on my own this weekend, and I was ready to just bide my time.

So on Tuesday, I asked him if I was going to get to see him at all during the week. He said it wasn't likely given his wife's injuries (she was in a serious car accident last week- I had spent a lot of time there that week trying to help as much as possible- adding to the strain most likely), and I understood completely. That is not something I am going to fault him for.

So I went about my day, had my photo shoot and went to work, not thinking or worrying about it one way or the other.

Then around 8:30, right when I almost done with work, I get a text asking where I am. It was strange, but I replied, saying I would be home in like 10 minutes. Then 5 minutes later, I get a text from him saying "see you in 5."
Now, I thought maybe, just maybe he was at the apartment, but I certainly didn't want to get my hopes up and then be disappointed. So I drove home, parked and as I was walking to my apartment, he pulls up next to me, window down, and says "hey pretty girl. surprise!"

I squealed. Dropped my bag and went to the car and kissed him. And he kissed back! I know that shouldn't sound weird, but so often he won't kiss back if I initiate.... I should have known then that this was going to be one of our best night's ever.

It turned out that the Mrs.'s boyfriend came over to take care of her since Daddy had been having trouble sleeping, and since she was so appreciative of all the help I had given them that she thought I deserved some time with the Daddy. :) She is so sweet.

So anyway, as we are approaching the door, it hits me. Oh fuck! I had not expected Daddy, and had packed for a shoot today. Which means I had not only not cleaned, I had made a huge mess of my clothes trying to pack. And Daddy was about to walk into it. I mean, I get in trouble for my place being messy even after I clean it! Eek!

I open the door and we walk in. Even with only a couple lights on... it was bad, and we both knew it. I looked up at him with puppy eyes. "Wow. This is ridiculous Kelley May." "I'm sorry Daddy! I didn't know you were coming!" "I suppose this would be what we call a surprise inspection then."

Pretty much from that line on, I was dripping.

I tried to run into the room to turn lights on and maybe scramble to pick up. He called me back to stand in front of him as he rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. Damn man! He was staring me down and doing simply because he knows what it does to me. I asked if I was in trouble. "Big trouble little girl." he then sent me off to get the lights.

Now let me say, that usually if something like this happens, it means I won't get spanked, I won't get play, and I won't get sex. Sometimes with the cleaning, it means I am going to get bent over (never OTK) and paddled- but never something that could be construed as fun. So even though there were all these little signs, what happened next was a shock.

I was standing in the kitchen cleaning furiously, and he walked up the the dining table and pulled out a char. I walked towards him. He didn't just pull it out though, he pulled it away from the table and sat it in an open space. I still didn't believe he was going to spank me.

But then he sat down and grabbed my arm and pulled me over his knee! While scolding!!! He drug down my leggings and my panties all at once and began to spank my bare bottom with his hand! Over his knee!!! (this has NEVER happened in the history of our relationship) And let me tell you, half of the reason it is so frustrating that Daddy never spanks, is because he is fucking good at spanking!

Cold hand and cold bottom made for a tough combination though, and so Daddy sent me to get him a cane. I was a little disappointed, assuming I would have to leave his lap, but he pulled me back over and began caning my poor bare and still pretty cold (it was like 20 outside) bottom. Some would say this seems really harsh. However, of all of the possible OTK implements he could have chosen, it was by far the nicest. The other options were all wooden paddles!

Oh and he caned me hard! Whipping and whipping all over my bottom and thighs, never neglecting my sit spot. Raising little welts here and there (I so wish I had been able to get a picture for you). And scolding the entire time!

He finished and stood me up, then sat me on his lap and I got to cuddle. Beyond perfect. The two safest places in the entire world are over Daddy's lap, or in Daddy's lap. I pouted a little and rubbed my sore bottom, apologizing and saying I would pick everything up and be a good girl. He then stood me up and I pulled up my leggings and panties. Then I looked at him.

He walked the three steps towards me and kissed me. He cupped my face with this palm, and kissed me. But not just a peck like normal. The man possessed me. Kissed me as though he were a drowning man and my kiss was oxygen. Like he hasn't kissed me since the first month we were together. He kissed me like that had turned him on as much as it had turned me on. Like he was reminding me that I belonged to him, and that there was a reason for that!

He pulled away, ending the kiss. There was no confusion who was in charge. It was like I had been possessed rather than kissed. I was sweating. A bit light headed, I steadied myself and looked up at him, full of lust and passion. He looked back at me with love and sent me off to clean up and be a good girl.

The second I got in the other room I stopped and smiled the biggest smile ever. I was not going to break the role just in case I was missing something... but I had never been so happy. I touched my swollen lips and then my tender, welted bottom. Stripped out of most of my clothing, and got back to cleaning.

After I was done cleaning to Daddy's satisfaction, I joined him on the couch. I snuggled up as he watched a video on his computer. But instead of just ignoring me being there, or getting aggravated and making me move, when I would burrow a little deeper, or squirm a tiny bit, he would kiss my head, pet my hair and run his fingers along my hip. He would stop and lean and kiss my cheek and then my lips... a slow soft kiss... some that turned more passionate, with him always in control.

He then closed his laptop, and patted his lap. I looked a bit confused, and he guided me to straddle him. This is not something he has ever done. Daddy doesn't like it when I straddle him because it's me being to "aggressive" usually. But this time, he moved me there. And he kissed me again. Then took my breasts. I took off my bra- the only clothing besides panties that were left. He tormented me and kissed me until I was breathless. He then laid me down on my back on the couch. He grabbed one of the condoms I had left on the coffee table (I live in hope and prayer as he says) and put it on. "Give me those" he said as he ripped off my panties. I was completely naked under him as he was fully clothed.

And we made love.

And it was beautiful. It felt so good, and it was so easy and simple. And the whole time, all I felt when I looked in his eyes was wanted. I felt loved and desirable and wanted. I couldn't tell you the last time I felt that way with him... probably October. And I never wanted it to end.

He finished but could have gone for another. I reached for another condom but was softly sent to go get cleaned up instead. I made no protest. I know that Daddy has been upset with me lately that I always want more, and I'm trying to work on that. And I wouldn't risk anything that would have changed his good mood.

We went back on the couch and just snuggled and watched TV for the rest of the evening. It was easy, relaxed and fun.

Would I have preferred to just had sex-capades and heavy play the rest of the night? Hell yeah. But this was such a nice mix of the sexual and the everyday... its what I hope he and I will become...

Later, in bed, I whispered "thank you" to him. He chucked and said "what? For the otk spanking?" I laughed lightly "well for that too. But no; for kissing me like that." I don't know if that surprised him or not- he didn't say anything. Just kissed the back of my head and said "your welcome."

But that's the truth. That spanking beyond rocked my world. I'm not sure if he's ever turned me on so much. And to finally get that from him... there are no words. But what I will always remember, and what has made me feel safe in this relationship again were those kisses. That look in his eyes like he was going to fuck me there and then no matter what the consequences. I felt wanted. I felt loved. I felt beautiful and desirable. I felt like the man I love so much... finally almost felt the same.

And I don't know if any of this happened because secretly he was listening last week to how upset I was, or if it was as a thank you for being there for his family. Or just because he felt like it. And I am not sure I want to know. All I know, is I am happy, and I love my daddy. And I wish I was sitting in his lap right this second.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Question... Friday?

Hey Team,
So I could have just waited until tomorrow to upload this and it would have looked like I didn't totally mess it up, but that would not be honest, lol. I actually started recording this and answering the questions last Thursday, but so much happened unexpectedly over the weekend, that I wasn't able to finish editing it until now! It's been like 70% done since Saturday... oh well! It's here now. Suitable punishment ideas can be left in comments. (Only those left in comments will be considered, muahahaha, lol). ;)

So I hopefully answered everyone's questions! I didn't get through all of Bonnie's- not anywhere close even- and one of them in particular is going to be the subject of it's own blog post when I fashion the thoughts about the matter into coherent phrases ("Has BDSM changed your perspective on spanking?").

I hope everyone enjoys this, and feel encouraged to answer the challenge questions presented within, and also to send more questions! :) Next answer video will come on 2/25. :)

Princess Kelley

OH! And addendum to one of my answers! I really want to work with Dana Kane. She is actually at the tip top of the list.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

For Pandora... Thoughts on M/M

Hey Team/Pandora,

So given the comments on my last couple videos that people left, and the wonderfully insightful things Pandora said (she always does that! Manages to eloquently state all the things I was wanting to say when I dissolved into blushing, giggles and incoherent ramblings), I thought I would give a couple of my thoughts on the politics shall we say of the spanking porn industry, most especially male/male.

Pandora asked on Twitter, seemingly a bit upset, why it was that we so preferred straight boys to queer boys getting spanked. Why should it matter? And I could not for the life of me manage to make my answer less than 170 characters (shocker right? lol) so here are the bullets

  • As a bi-sexual woman (ok, straight girl that thinks other girls are hot), gay men are the only group of sexually oriented people that I can not work with.
    • Straight men and gay women are obvious. And bi of both genders work (though I personally don't care for guys who identify as bi... will discuss more later). And though of course it's not technically true, straight girls are always up for grabs in my world. ;)
    •  SO, if I'm watching someone spank or get spanked, I want to be able to relate to them. I want to see myself in that situation and be able to fit. Not only am I not attracted to gay men, they are not attracted to me. It's like a gigantic wall. Ok, that's the easiest answer
      • Oh, also, as a woman, I tend to get jealous. So if I'm interested in the male top in a scene, in some ways it's easier when the bottom is another male bc I have no competition. I don't have to fight her beauty to see myself there. Maybe that's just me, but it seems relevant. 
  • It's in better keeping with traditional fantasies. 
    • The way I see it, I can be as liberal and evolved of a thinker as possible (and I like to think I am) but Achilles and Patrocles are still straight. Yes, I just referenced Troy. What? Got a problem with that? I like my men big and strong and straight. If they are fucking each other (which Achilles and Patrocles might have done) I want them to be warriors. I want them to be masculine as all get out. 
    • The majority of the population is still straight. Thus it holds that our fantasies would be in keeping with what we know. Back in the day M/M would have been a common and logical pairing. Even today, we all know at least one guy that we think deserves a good spanking! And probability indicates that said guy is straight. Though spanking is no longer as common as it once was, we still accept those norms and traditions to be our own. And in this situation, I don't really think that's a bad thing. 
  • Asexual discipline scenes are easier to imagine with straight guys. 
    • While I understand fully that straight guys COULD easily like being spanked by other men just like straight girls can like getting spanked by women, that would require the said bottom to be a spanko, and that is not something generally taken into consideration by an audience member when it comes to discipline scenes (see earlier- we accept that the vast majority of people are vanilla and straight, thus we don't question it too much)
      • totally made me think about Pandora's comment that straight male spanko bottoms would like historical M/M scenes. That follows with the straight female spanko bottoms liking F/f scenes... don't know how one would cater to that audience though...hmm 
    • I also understand that it would be very easy for a gay guy to Not get turned on by spanking, that is not usually how it is depicted in any spanking porn in question
    • Discipline=love=arousal for me personally, and I think that train follows for many spanko women. 
Also would like to note that I loved Pandora's notice of the parallels of the feminist interests in these differently gendered spanking threads. I am excited to do my part in bringing cute boys into M/f spanking for women to look at. I have always wondered why we so often just have any guy that can spank dishing it out, and it really is that the men making the porn didn't give a shit. And then I made it that way just because everyone else did too!
To be fair, part of it is that I like to see the most skilled person doing it, and I haven't really found any young/super hot/ really skilled spankers out there. But it bugs me that I fell into that norm without questioning it. I went my own way with plots and the like, and with the whole discipline=love bit, but never the hot boys element. Hm... going to have to fix that!

Lastly, lol, your waving of the bi sexual flag made me laugh. Yes, I know bi boys exist, and I accept this fact. I sadly have in many ways accepted the cultural norm that all bi girls are straight and all bi boys are gay, in part because I really am more straight than gay. Like 75/25 these days. But I know it's not true. Just as there are true switches, there are true bisexuals.
For me, bi sexual boys are never particularly appealing though. Not because I find something distasteful about male/male (I really don't! Angel/Spike makes me really happy, lol). It's more the gendered issue. Bi sexual men typically "appear" "gay." The are more feminine than there straight counterparts. And it is a man's masculinity that really registers as dominant and attractive to me. I also struggle with people having more than one role for me, similarly to the switching thing. I am a switch  but with a man I either top or bottom. I can't do both. Once one has happened, switching is almost impossible. I think the bi thing is similar. 
I worry a bit that none of that is PC in the feminist world, even that of feminist porn, but it's how I see things. :)

Princess Kelley

To Mr. X and Andy :)

Andy and Bailey
Hey Team,

So I got home today to the best surprise EVER! The wonderful Mr. X who runs the M/M site that I have been gushing about sent me a video response to the questions I posed for him in his video- which no one has ever done and was so sweet- but he also surprised me by including the amazing and smoking hot Andy in it! Ahhh!!!! *swoons* (I literally squealed when he came on camera as a surprise, lol. Very teenage girl, I know, don't judge)
So yeah, I got a video from an amazingly gorgeous boy telling me that he would totally spank me and that he thinks I'm hot... *dies*

Andy. :) Oh, and he's Irish
So in response I made this video. It started out all normal, and then for some reason half way through I decided I needed to shower, so it picks up in the middle with me all naked and wet post shower. The result though is that I rambled incoherently for over half an hour and had to edit a shit ton to get this down under 15 minutes. So be warned that it's long. But if you feel like listening, feel free. It's mostly me flirting, and a bit of me talking about what it is in spanking porn, especially about M/M, that appeals to me. 

Here is the video that they made for me. :) If you want to skip to the part with Andy, it starts at 2:42.

Hope you enjoy. And if you didn't, I hope you'll get over it and stick around for the normal stuff anyway. :)
And Andy, if you're reading this, send me an email. ;) We should talk- I want to hire you! Among other things....

Princess Kelley

Friday, January 11, 2013

Cute Boys, a Vlog

Hey Team,

So this video... I didn't edit it at all. It's about 10 minutes, which isn't anywhere near my longest, but I've been trying to keep them shorter lately. But people said they missed my random tangents, and this entire video is basically me fangirling and squeeing and smiling ridiculously over a cute boy from a new spanking site that I discovered recently. Even if you aren't interested in the subject matter (which you totally should be!), I think most people will find my ridiculousness endearing or comical. Plus, my boobs are in full force and my hair looks pretty good, lol. :)

Talking about the new site which just features really really ridiculously good looking men spanking each other in what I would call domestic type scenes: father/son, coach/player, boss/employee. Mostly, my obsession with this particular clip and this particular boy

His name is Bailey, and I think I might be in love. :) He is Irish.... um, yes please!!!

**CORRECTION: Just stalked this site some more, and discovered he's not Irish, he's South African.. which is kinda even better. :)**

Ok, here is the vlog:

Princess Kelley

PS. If I get a single piece of hate mail or any grief about posting a picture of a boy on my site I am going to be pissed! I post naked pictures of me all the damn time (just scroll down). Occasionally  I want to talk about what I want to talk about.

PPS. Tomorrow is question Friday. Get excited.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Art Nude

Hey Team,
So most of you will have already seen all of these images- I believe I put all of them on fetlife- but I thought I would go ahead and share them here. First of all because I like here, lol, and secondly because I realized there are some people here who aren't on fet.

This shoot I did a couple months back, and has been my favorite shoot that I've done. It was with a photographer Dan Richards, who is a wonderful guy and a great photographer. Then he brought in his friend, the ridiculously talented and beautiful Denmark (she is a model and a photographer) and she and I shot for an hour or so and got better images than anyone I have worked with- especially in such a short time.

Unfortunately, we have all had some disagreements regarding edits/retouching and getting finished images, so I'm not sure I am going to get to have the opportunity to work with them again. But I hope I do, as it was a blast. :) Most all of these images are completely un-retouched.


Princess Kelley

Friday, January 4, 2013

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

She could feel the cold desk underneath her palms as he ran his calloused hand lightly over her still white bottom. She bit back a moan. He began raining down swat after swat to her helpless bare backside, starting lightly, but gaining in intensity.
It felt so good.

She blushed to herself, as she could feel herself getting wet. The warmth from her bottom was radiating, and making her all sorts of pleased.

"Mmm.. smells like a happy Kelley." The blush on the cheeks on her face turned so deep they must have surpassed the blush on her bottom cheeks. "Yep, definitely a happy little girl," he remarked casually has he ran his fingers across her soaked lips. He slowly entered one finger, then two, then three, pretending to be oblivious to the girl's mews, silently begging him for much more. "What a naughty little girl! Getting turned on from a spanking? Tsk tsk," he mused as his fingers continued there slow fucking of the young girl over his knee.

"Dirty girl. MY dirty girl." He emphasized the last statement with a particularly forceful thrust inside her. "Yours sir!" she gasped out, "your dirty girl, sir."

"Hm," was his only reply as he slowly removed his fingers. The girl barely had a chance for her little whine to get out before she gasped loudly, as she felt the tip of his finger brush over her bottom hole. "Sir!" she cried, jerking her head back to look at him, eyes wide and innocent.

SMACK! He looked at her sternly, after having removed his hand to deliver the reprimand. "Yes little girl? You were saying something?" She blushed, eyes downcast, properly chastened and turned to look forward again, relaxing her body over his strong thighs. His hand resumed it's previous light grazing of the girl's bottom hole, unfazed by her tiny mew. This time though when he paused, it was to spread the poor girl's cheeks even farther apart. Not that his view was obstructed prior- she had been divested completely of all her clothes from the waist down before ever going over the man's lap- but he felt like getting a better look at what was his.

"Daddyyyyy," she whined, humiliated by the exposure. "Yes little girl?" He asked, never moving his hands from her bottom, but rather appearing to move his head for an even better view, as if assessing the terrain for the first time. "It's embarrassing Daddyyyy," she pleaded, not exactly saying that she wanted it to stop, as she hid her face in her hands. He knew her secret though. That the most humiliating part wasn't the exposure, but rather what the exposure did to her.

"It should be embarrassing little girl," he continued conversationally. "Getting turned on from a spanking, and then even wetter from having your bottom exposed. You are practically dripping!" As he spoke he paused to blow gently over her bottom, the cool air causing her to gasp. It heightened her awareness that she had no protection, and of her own arousal.
He began to use his index finger to roam over her tightened hole. "But this is mine, isn't it little girl?"
"Yes sir Daddy" she dutifully and promptly replied.
 "That's right. It's mine. And that means I get to look at it when I want, and I get to play with it when I want. Along with anything else that is mine."
"Yes sir, Daddy," she moaned out, squirming ever so slightly over his lap.

"Now, Kelley May," he continued in a tone that seemed all too casual for the situation, "have you been using your beads everyday like Daddy told you to?" He tapped lightly on her hole as he asked, and watched her squirming increase. "Um...uhh..." she tried to stall. "Little girl?" He said forcefully, leaving no room for negotiation. "Um, not exactly sir..." she trailed off, looking back at him over her shoulder, biting her lip and giving him the biggest of big eyes.

She knew she was in trouble. It had been a rule for a few weeks now, ever since he had taken to what he liked to call "rectal attitude adjustments." She would sass him and he would send her to go put in her beads. Protests were ignored, and she would mind. She had learned how to put them in properly after the first time. "Daddy?" she had meekly asked as she walked out on the patio where he was standing next to a mutual friend. "I put them in, but I don't think I did it right. They don't feel right." She had given him the saddest of sad eyes in the littlest of little voices, and he knew what he was supposed to do. "So you aren't sure you did it right and you need Daddy to check and fix it for you is that it little one?" "Uh huh" she replied, nodding, blushing to her ears that their friend was there as well. He brought her to his side, and gently bent her slightly over his propped up knee and pulled down her panties, causing her blush to turn crimson. He then grabbed the ring at the end of the beads and turned it 180 degrees so they were facing the proper direction. He deftly pulled her panties back up and patted her bottom, letting her stand again. She had never felt like such a child, and had no words in response as he said, "there you go little one, now go back inside."

Ever since then, he would use that circle, and turn the beads a full 360 degrees if she coped attitude while wearing them. "Rectal Attitude Adjustment"- definitely his favorite. And so with that in mind, she had been ordered to wear them every time he wasn't with her to remind her who she belonged to, and to continue to train her bottom so it would be better able to handle Daddy's cock.

But she had neglected her task the last week- for multiple days in fact- and she knew that her bottom was going to pay for that, one way or another.

"Not exactly? Hm... well then. I see we are going to have to address that then. Aren't we, young lady?" he said, firmly spanking her bottom once again. "Ow! Ah! Yes sir Daddy! Oooh! I'm sorry sir!" she cried out as  his hand smacked into her bottom, raining down punishing swats this time. Gone were the good girl spanks of before, and in their place were stinging, punishing blows to her already reddened backside, meant to make the naughty little girl remember the spanking when she sat down.

"Nooooo" she cried, knowing what was coming, as he lowered his left knee, raising his right, angling the poor little girl farther forward, exposing her sensitive sit spots, and further showing off her still dripping pussy.  Swat after punishing swat crashed down on her bottom and sit spots. "Yes little girl. This is what happens to naughty little girls who disobey their Daddies. They get their naughty little bottom's spanked. I want you to feel this tomorrow little one." Her legs started to kick a bit at the sting, spreading her legs farther apart, and causing the tell tale sign of her naughtiness and the affect of his words to drip down. He was a smart man, and knew exactly what his scolding, coupled with the spanks would do to his babygirl, and he had to bite back a chuckle when he noticed the growing wet spot on his pants below her dripping lips.

"Kelley May!" he exclaimed, dealing out the strongest swat yet. "What is this???" he asked in what appeared to be slight outrage as he slid two fingers inside of her with ridiculous ease. "You are being punished and you are dripping wet! Literally dripping! Look at this mess you have made."

With a final two swats that made her gasp, he let her up off his lap. "On the bed. All fours," he commanded. She hurried to obey, almost light headed from arousal. "Yes sir, Daddy" she said as she crawled into the proper position. Bottom up and out, on her elbows and knees, legs spread slightly, face close to the mattress so that she was extra exposed for him. She was excited- hopeful that she would get to have Daddy's cock fucking her tight wet pussy. But she knew that with her naughtiness, it wasn't likely.

Her suspicions were confirmed when he came up behind her and began probing and examining her bottom hole with his fingers. "Such a dirty little girl. Dripping wet from your punishment." He reached his fingers inside her pussy, pulling out her juices and rubbing them on her bottom. "So wet you don't even need lube. Not that you'd get any. Naughty, dirty little girls like you don't get lube, do they Kelley May?"
"No sir Daddy," she replied, thankful that she knew she was more than wet enough to make up for it. She knew here Daddy would never risk hurting her. But the slight fear still sent a thrill down her spine.

"You seem to like your spanking so much, I guess we are going to have to find another suitable punishment for you," he mused, as he prepared her opening and his rock hard cock. "Getting your ass fucked. That seems like a good choice. You didn't mind Daddy about having your toy in your bottom, so Daddy is going to have to punish it instead."

She mewed and blushed as she felt him at the entrance to her bottom, pushing it's way in. "Oooohhh! Ouch! Oohh Daddy it hurts, sir!" she mewed as he first came in. She tensed and he paused, petting her back and bottom. "Shhh little one. You're ok. Just relax for Daddy. See, this is what happens when you don't train your bottom like Daddy tells you to. Relax baby. That's a good girl. Relax and let Daddy's cock inside. Here, you back onto me little one," he offered in a voice meant to soothe a kitten. She blushed at the command, embarrassed to essentially be fucking herself on his cock, but grateful to be allowed to set the pace until he deemed her ready to take him fully.

"Yes sir Daddy." She tried to relax, to let his cock in as she backed her bottom closer to him. But it was so tight! It will never fit, it hurts too much, she thought, as she always did. But when he felt her tense he would coo to her, "that's my good girl. That's Daddy's good girl!" and she would preen at the praise and relax just that bit more, letting him in. "Such a good girl for Daddy! Taking Daddy's cock in your bottom! My good girl!" she relaxed fully as he was in all the way.

Now that he was in fully, and her body had relaxed, she began to enjoy the feeling of fullness in her bottom. She blushed as he began to pump in and out of her, having completely regained control of the tempo without so much as a word. Slowly at first, but increasing in speed and force each time. "That's my girl. My good, dirty little girl. Taking it in the ass for Daddy. What a dirty little slut you are."

"Daddy's dirty girl. Only for Daddy," she panted out as he fucked her ass harder and harder. "That's right. Mine," he declared, bending forward to bite the nape of her neck, causing her to moan even louder.

"You like it don't you? Yeah, you like when Daddy fucks your tight little ass hole." she shook her head, trying to deny what was so plainly obvious. "Now now, no fibbing. Such a dirty girl! How embarrassing that must be! To be getting fucked in the ass, and to like it!? How humiliating!" She wanted to object but there was no denying it now. She was moaning and panting, her wetness dripping down the insides of her thighs. He was rubbing her clit, and she was precariously close to cuming.
"But Daddy," she pleaded between thrusts, "it's so naughty! And so dirty! Good girls don't like having their bottoms fucked. It's humiliating Daddy!"

"It is humiliating isn't it? Well it should be. You've been a very naughty girl. And you are Daddy's dirty little slut, and now you are just proving it." Of course, no where, had she ever, asked him to stop. And he knew it. She just needed to get out her little protest. Feeble as it was. And truth be told, she loved the humiliation most of all.

"Daddy's little butt-slut. You are aren't you? Just a butt-slut for me." He fucked her harder and faster, thrusting in and out. Her orgasm over took her and she cried out. His came crashing through him as she dropped her head down, spent, into the mattress, ass, of course, still up in the air. .....


Phew! Wow, ok then. That was different! lol. Most of this is based on reality- a few different moments in my current relationship-, and what's not is inspired by my fantasies. Also partly inspired by the ridiculously yummy picture at the beginning. :) I included an old picture of me as well for visual reference for anyone needing it. :)

So, what's real and what's fiction? You'll just have to guess!

Princess Kelley

PS. I make no claims to be even a decent writer. This just came out this way as it was the best meld of fantasy and reality. I make no claims it's good. Just hope that it's hot. I'm going to go have some fun now! *wink*