Friday, January 11, 2013

Cute Boys, a Vlog

Hey Team,

So this video... I didn't edit it at all. It's about 10 minutes, which isn't anywhere near my longest, but I've been trying to keep them shorter lately. But people said they missed my random tangents, and this entire video is basically me fangirling and squeeing and smiling ridiculously over a cute boy from a new spanking site that I discovered recently. Even if you aren't interested in the subject matter (which you totally should be!), I think most people will find my ridiculousness endearing or comical. Plus, my boobs are in full force and my hair looks pretty good, lol. :)

Talking about the new site which just features really really ridiculously good looking men spanking each other in what I would call domestic type scenes: father/son, coach/player, boss/employee. Mostly, my obsession with this particular clip and this particular boy

His name is Bailey, and I think I might be in love. :) He is Irish.... um, yes please!!!

**CORRECTION: Just stalked this site some more, and discovered he's not Irish, he's South African.. which is kinda even better. :)**

Ok, here is the vlog:

Princess Kelley

PS. If I get a single piece of hate mail or any grief about posting a picture of a boy on my site I am going to be pissed! I post naked pictures of me all the damn time (just scroll down). Occasionally  I want to talk about what I want to talk about.

PPS. Tomorrow is question Friday. Get excited.


  1. Hi Kelley,

    You will hear no complaints from me about photos of cute young men. I wasn't aware of this site. As you say, most M/M spanking sites, at least the ones with pictures, seem to progress rather rapidly from spanking to gay sex. Not that that's necessarily bad, but my readers tell me they don't want to see it.

    Thanks for the tip. You obviously enjoyed your visit! :)


  2. Hey Princess Kelley!

    Stand by for some answers to your questions..... Straight Lads Spanked style!


    Mr X

    1. So how is this for an answer?

      Mr X

  3. Oh my god Kelley these guys are GORGEOUS. I think I'm going to have to buy a membership and review the shit out of these videos. And the site is nicely designed too!

    Can we do a group shoot when you're in the UK where we get Andy and Bailey and film each other with them for each other's sites? Can we can we? :)

  4. Thank you for this post and the other one's on the subject of M/M spanking, Kelley! As an avowed fan of M/M spankings, it's always great for me to see this topic discussed on other blogs and to hear about new sites. I've mentioned your posts about Straight Lads Spanked and your view on M/M spankings in my latest blog post. The post is about homophobia. In my opinion, in our community homophobia often shows on boards, blogs and forums where some people insist that M/M spankings should not be featured at all, just because they don't like it.

    While some of your arguments (in your post about your view on M/M scenes) for preferring M/M spankings between straight men admittedly don't make much sense to me, I can absolutely understand that tastes differ. If you like, you can take a look at Spanking Central, another producer of M/M videos. Maybe a look at their preview videos explains why I can't follow your arguments. The scenes featured on Spanking Central generally don't contain any explicit sex and are mostly formal, so they should be to your liking. I suspect that most of the participants are gay men, but contrary to the fears you mentioned, I think that the asexual scenarios are absolutely convincing and that the models are very manly. Still, you are of course entitled to your own preferences!

    I have to admit that Bonnie's comment made me sad, though. I don't expect others to like (sexual) M/M spankings, to read M/M stories or watch M/M videos, never mind participate in M/M play. But it makes me very sad to see that a small but very vocal minority of spankos insists that M/M shouldn't be linked or featured on blogs and boards at all, just because they don't like it. As I wrote in my post, I have to admit that, for instance, some of the (often very explicit) x/F Tumblr blogs Bonnie links to are very difficult for me to bear, not only because of the pictures, but also because of the oftentimes dumb "Bend over you whore slut pussy!" comments they are accompanied by. I would never ask Bonnie to delete these blogs from her link list, though. I just don't look at them! But apparently, the same level of tolerance can't be expected from others when it comes to M/M sex. I find that very sad.