Wednesday, October 28, 2009

If A Picture is Worth a 1000 words....

Then that's good b/c I'm crunched for time and I owe ya'll a post! If only school were this easy...

Princess Kelley

School should be like this more often!

So I had an assignment in my art and poetry seminar to go the museum and pick any work of art that inspired me and write an ekphrastic poem. I didn't mean for it to become so erotic! The painting is by Matisse.

Good Evening My Love

She tilts her head slightly,
Her doe eyes noticing my presence in her mirror.
She smiles warmly, knowingly,
But acknowledges me no more
As she resumes her nightly task.

The bright peonies on the counter
Match the color of her cheeks.
Arms raised more gracefully than a prima ballerina
Displaying her beautiful breasts,
She works to complete her nudity.

My gaze travels down her spine
The curve of her waist,
Flaring to the swell hips
Knowing, without seeing,
What lies between her thighs

I walk behind her
The smell of her perfume wafting towards me.
Vanilla and sandalwood.
I lean down,
Caressing the nape of her neck with my lips.

Her warm flesh responds to my mouth.
I hear her breath-
The sharp intake and smooth sigh
And I feel her heart beat.
She cannot help the luxurious purr
That escapes.

“Good evening my love”
I whisper gently in her ear.

She divests the final remaining pin
From her “coiffure.”
Her hair falls in waves
The brown locks cascading down
Her lithe and sinuous form

Her shoulders finally relax.
At last she is fully nude.
For my darling is never truly bare
Until her entirety is free from confines.

She stands from her chair
Confident in herself.
I run my hand through her luscious mane
Her being instinctively curving into my palm.
Into me.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Hey ya'll!
Its great to have people back! Thank you for all of the wonderful replies on LOL day. :) And based on your comments, and just the increased activity since I posted that pic, I thought I'd share this one. :) It has my face, but only b/c its not a naked pic :)

So this is what I wore out to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. If you don't know what it is, your life is not complete and you should rent it and then go see it live! :) This was my first live show, and so I was a "virgin." Before the show starts all the virgins have to come to the front of the theater and bend over and grab there ankles and the audience yells "fuck you" lol, and this REALLY hot guy that was on the set crew was walking around with a flogger and I briefly felt it on my back. I'm so disappointed in myself for not going over to him later and asking for a private session.

Then after that, they picked like 10 of us (and based on my outfit I was one) and we made orgasm noises into a microphone.
Needless to say, I loved the entire experience. Everyone in slutty outfits, half the people in drag, girls in just their bras. Its a wonderful place :)

Princess Kelley

PS. My computer crashed last week and I've been having SERIOUS issues with it, and I almost lost all my pictures! Scary thought! So wish me luck to get everything backed up soon!

PPS. I also wore a blazer with this, and the original plan was to go without the skirt and just in panties and the garters with the blazer- but I wasn't bold enough- next time :)

PPSS. I'm wearing a kitty cat version of this for Halloween this year :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I LOVE My Lurkers Day 2009

Hey Ya'll!

So last week I got the most wonderful email from Bonnie invinting me to participate in "Love Our Lurkers Day" 2009. Now, I know that everyone that she can find gets invited, but I still feel really special, so don't ruin it for me *wink*. haha.

As a life long lurker, I have been witness to Love Our Lurkers for the last few years (when I started reading blogs regularly) most notable on Pixie's wonderful blog. Sadly, however, I never saw the post ON the day of the event, and since I was shy and nervous to begin with, I never participated, and I think that's a real shame. Ever since I started blogging (almost a year ago already!) I've been trying harder and harder to comment when I can- especially on stories that I read on Yahoo or fanfiction. net- since I know how hard the author's work to write them, and the only gratification we get is people's comments. I don't make any money off this site, and I just do it because I love it- its part diary, part self-indulgent pictures and ramblings, and in part, as I've said, for that young girl out there who's wanting to know she's not alone. So even if you miss the day, or even if you're not a lurker, feel free and encouraged to comment!

I know that doing this for myself should be enough, and usually it is, but that doesn't mean I don't love feedback! And come on! I mean, I have a site counter people which is slowly creeping its way towards 100,000 people, and I think I've heard from 30 of ya'll.

Now, as a lurker, I understand the reasons why people don't post, and they are all totally valid, and so I don't want to pressure anyone or make people feel guilty. But just know that I do have anonymous posting available, and you are welcome and encouraged to use it. :) And I do have that ticker going up so I know you're here, which makes me smile. But what would make me smile more is knowing that you Liked being here- or even more, I would LOVE suggestions! Since my spankings seem to be few and far between lately, any suggestions on what people want to see is always appreciated (even if its just "Show more naked pictures of you!" lol).

Speaking of pictures- I hope ya'll like this one- I just took it about 20 minutes ago- I thought the little peakabo was very "lurker-esque"

I love you all! Lurkers and followers and fans and friends! And I hope that you all had a WONDERFUL Columbus Day Weekend (I went to my first ever live Rocky Horror Picture Show where I made orgasm noises on stage lol, and then went Marched for Equality in DC! I love my gays! haha)


Princess Kelley
PS. I remembered how to be polite and started going back and responding to comments today- I can't believe that I got so far behind- I read each and every one, and they have been my rock during this hard time. So if you've commented recently, feel free to check :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


So despite the fact that ya'll seem to have abandoned me :( I'm posting this for your viewing pleasure. OMFG I literally almost died laughing. Read the description that the women writing the ad posts. SOOOO funny.

This is why I leave my anal beads at the boy's houses.

Princess Kelley

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'd Almost Forgotten....

What a spanking felt like.
Thank you M, for reminding me. :)
So right now I'm supposed to be writing an Italian composition that is already kinda late, but I'm crashing from a sugar high induced by binge eating (a habit that I have apparently taken up again in the grieving process) and I just don't fucking feel like doing it!.... Mommy would not be pleased with me the last few days. But she's not here. She left, and I can hear her scolding me in my ear...but I feel out of control and JenJen and Nana (formerly Dr. Anja- Mommy's best friend, and Deb's doctor) are doing their best, but I just.... I DON'T KNOW!!!!! One second I'm fine, the next I'm crying, the next I want to throw things, the next I'm back to fine. And I know I need to be being a good girl, both for me, and to make her proud.... but I guess part of me just keeps hoping, that if I'm naughty enough, she'll come back- that she wouldn't let me spiral out of control like this.
And I JUST GOT a spanking! Today!!! FINALLY!!! It'd been since JULY!!! 2.5 MONTHS!! From the girl that if she could, would get a spanking everyday!
Well for those of you who don't know who M is, he is my ex boyfriend, who goes to law school here, and is a spanko- I was dating him at the beginning of when I started writing this blog. He and I broke up mutually when I started dating John (former Daddy and known sometimes as "the ex"). M was (and still is) a good guy and a pretty good spanker. But he's a total boy! So sexual, and so immature, and just...not my type. I figured out why he and I didn't work actually a few months ago. There can only be one center of attention in a relationship, and that's me. lol. M likes to be the center though too, and that doesn't work with me. There are plenty of girls that that's perfect for, but that's why he and I didn't work so well. But we've stayed friends and he's back in town, and he's been trying to push me into having a friends with spanking benefits relationship with him for a while now and I've firmly said no. Mainly b/c with M, nothing is free.
But after everything that went down with the guy I was ranting about the other night- the MAN that I WAS counting on to lean on- I remembered that the second M found out, he messaged me saying he was here for me and so sorry for my loss.. So I texted him, and just asked, hey, what are you up to today? And he immediately replied "Are you ok? I'm free this evening" and pretty much immediately agreed to come over just to hold me and let me cry- not typical M behavior.
But he came, and was amazing. He really did just sit and hold me- we talked some and he let me cry, and we joked like we always do (he's such a college boy). Then we were laying there, and I was just basking in how mature and wonderful and supportive he was being, and when he reached down to swat my bottom, I didn't stop him. And then I just fell into it. I was so vulnerable and in the perfect submissive space, and I've been needing a spanking for so long as it is- and the only reason I didn't ask M was because I didn't trust him to do it right- to be mature about it, to treat me well- so then when he told me to go get the spoon (which would have been Mommy's implement of choice) I did, took my jeans down and took my spanking.
And omg it hurt! Not much- I mean it was not a hard spanking. But it's been 2.5 months, and its my time of the month, and I was just bawling my heart out after the hand spanking began- which stung so much, but felt so....just RIGHT, not sexy or painful, but RIGHT. He had me laid out over my bed, him sitting back against the wall. He spanked and I just laid there and cried it all out. I could hear Mommy in my ear, comforting me, and telling me she was so happy I was getting what I needed.
It used to hurt her so much that she couldn't be here to really give me what I needed, and that there wasn't really anyone here. On days when I just needed it so much and I would throw a huge temper fit and just be out of control, and then she'd realize why, and she'd poke and prod and I'd end up just crying b/c I couldn't have what I needed.
.....its sad. I would give anything for that day back. Give anything to just be crying b/c I couldn't hear her voice b/c she couldn't use her phone in the hospital, or because I needed her to be here with me. Anything.
But so yeah, my spanking. M stopped when I needed and then just rubbed my back and bottom as I cried, then stood me up and put me in the corner for a bit, then brought me back and just held me a laid with me. I cried in his shoulder and his chest, and curled up so tight in his body. It was what I've been craving for a month- even before Mommy died. But its exactly what I needed- and all I asked of that dick from the other night.
Lol, M said that my ass looked hot (in his oh, so eloquent, do you really go to one of the most prestigiuos law schools in the country? way of speaking) and was smoother than he'd ever seen it b/c it'd been so long since I'd been spanked. A year ago when I was with him, my bottom was in constant recovery mode from a spanking from him or Edward. So that was of course nice to hear. :) And just my god...the whole thing just did light a bit of a fire, and I'm praying that I can resist any urge I have to get a good girl spanking from him- I do NOT need to go down that path. ...but honestly I think any spanking I get at this moment would just be a cathartic spanking like that one was.
But that was yesterday. .... I really do need to atleast try to start this paper or Nana said she's ground me from TV all weekend! POUT! No fair! Mew :(
As always, I love ya'll so much, and I don't think I could have gotten through this without all of your support.
Princess Kelley