Tuesday, March 10, 2015

50 Memories from 50 Freaks

Repost from FetLife:
Ok, so I was almost finished writing this when my computer restarted and I lost all of it!!! Ugh. Let's try this again.
Been crashing extra hard this party. With Daddy out of town and unavailable on business, it's just been very no bueno. So I'm stealing this idea from @crashdance and @elle to cheer up a bit! :)
Just 50 random memories (in an attempt at chronological order) not top 50 or anything like that. :)
1. The drive to Vegas with Daddy, pulling way off the side of the road in the middle of the desert, getting stripped naked and spanked. Love the feeling of the sun on my body. :) This is why our road trips are the best!!!

2. The remodels at the Suncoast! I am still not sure if I'm thrilled because, dear lord, it looks so much better or upset b/c the Suncoast is supposed to be that hideous crimson and gold damnit! :)
3. Getting my giant hugs from David (@tallandstrict) while teasing Michael (@inspectherhide) about their rooming situation!
4. Introducing my Daddy (@mrOMK) to so many people that I've been telling him about for so long. :)
5. My intense and wonderful scene with Inspecterhide and SDSpanker. Yummy double belting! A little hard for a Thursday given my bottom's new near virgin status, but soooo hot! Normally I play quite a bit with these two (always the top of my list) but this was actually my only scene with either all weekend. Really pleased that it went so well. :)
6. Getting to talk with @crashdance and get to know her better. We have a lot in common, and really relate well. I'm so glad to finally be friends. (Thanks for being such a wonderful confidante all weekend.)
7. Gabbing with the ever bubbly @betheisley! After 3 years, I'm so glad to finally have a conversation! Such a lovely girl, and I'm glad to be friends.
8. John pulling down @EricaScott's panties during midnight flogging!
9. Finally getting to cuddle in bed with my Daddy at one of these parties. Leaving the party suite has never been more compelling. :)
10. Daddy and my misadventures in Google Maps/Yelp that led to our amazing discovery of HoneySalt! Yummy. Brookies for life!!!
11. Playing with @tonyelka for the first time! I'm a lifelong Shadow Lane enthusiasts as many of you might know, and I was so flattered when he asked to play. A nice warm up for the evening and discussion of all things nerdy! :)
12. GUESS THE TOP!!!!! I've been hearing for months about how this has taken over BU in Dallas, but with me in LA I'd yet to experience it. For the record, I was kick ass when it was 5, but I got cocky and went to 6. God that took awhile!
12a. "DAVID STATUS!!!!!!" -NaughtyMichael; I've never seen so much enthusiasm in my life!
12b. Johnny's (@flapaddler) face when people kept thinking I was him. Not going to lie, I was a little insulted! ;) I'm a not-so-shabby top.
12c. "Mama???" Elle's voice during that really sounded like the "are you my mother" bird from the cartoons and it was TOO CUTE!
12d. "wildcard" swats from Johnny and JC
12e. Joe (@drlectr) convincing me that he was Rachel by dipping his hand in ice water!
I needed that entire scene more than I can say. Thank you to everyone who participated or spectated!
13. THE HIKE!!!! This was actually one of my favorite memories from the entire weekend. I love hiking (especially with Daddy) and I can't believe I had no idea it was available in Vegas. Despite my exceptional fall (still have the bruises), I adored the scenery, hanging out with friends (Texas crew for life!), and watching @sirsiq run up boulders like he was in a parkour class!

15. Watching @Rachel85 getting her first ever outdoor spanking from @Kevin85! Also the epic hunt for switches with @aggieace. I think Rachel took one stroke! I then tremendously enjoyed sneaking up on @whooperine with it! The turn about was then fair play. :)
16. Rachel's bubble Armageddon.
17. "KILLER TOFUUUUUU" (aka the 90s children theme song sing along extravaganza led by Kevin85 on our hiking drive and in our bubble bath).
18. A lovely conversation with @miketanner at TTYL. Another long overdue official meeting. :) Glad to be on the same team.
18. FAMILY VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!! Just everything about it.
19. The sugar cocaine lines. Perfection. I got really into my character at some point and decided to put some on my nose so it looked like a snorted and then accidentally snorted some sugar... not so pleasant.
20. Making out with @lilblubunny (aka Adrianna) as our mischief, but starting too soon so getting to enjoy that for a couple of minutes. :D Mike Tanner's reaction of "Adrianna! What have I told you about these feelings? When you want to kiss a girl, you bless yourself!".. I'm still laughing thinking about it.
21. Getting so into character (which never happens for me in a role play (especially not a mass role play) that I honestly couldn't stop myself from blurting out my appreciation for Samoas or smart ass answering back to @OlympiaSpanker's questions. :) That belting was magical as well...
22. Daddy's reaction to Naughty Michael's stripper antics, and then all of a sudden seeing Whooperine just darting out of the bedroom, doing a pretty good shirtless bob and weave!
23. Laughing at how efficiently we actually cleaned that room!
24. @crashdance's dress!!! And boob condom...
25. The "Magic Chair" and "strict Michael"
26. Quad-teaming up on NaughtyMichael with Ten, Sarah Gregory, and Adriana!
27. Getting spanked (HARD) and paddled by @djinn for tricking @sweetenticement onto the Magic Chair. Her pout and indignant stomp of "Daddyyyy! Spank her!!!" was amazing. His quick agreement was more astonishing :). Great scene! A pretty good two year con! ;)
25. Getting in mutual trouble with @AlexReynolds for tattling on her to her Daddy (@PaulKennedy). Getting spanked otk by my daddy while watching her face as she got the same was super fun! Yay little's space.
26. The wonderful scene I had with @olympiaspanker. Yet another person that I'm so glad to finally be friends with. Thank you for the great advice and kind hugs, as well as the fantastic scene! I tremendously enjoyed getting to debate how making out with my "cousin" (Adrianna) being wrong didn't mean that I couldn't comment on how astonishingly hot and fun it was.
Also: "You were late today, which your Daddy predicted. David actually said that you'd be late to your own funeral!"
"but I was doing something important!"
"Web design?"
in reality, Daddy just tattled. :/
27. Getting to go full "Mommy" on @naughtymichael. That was a first for me to do with a guy, and INSANELY fun. Absolutely a highlight for me. Just the entire weekend with him was a highlight really. New favorite person.
28. @Elle giving Michael a lollipop out of her "owie owl pack" when she came to help bandage him up after our scene. :) Brilliance.
29. Watching Sarah, Alex, Erica, Maddie, and Adrianna get recognized for their awesomeness. I really loved Adriana being so excited about her title "best facial." ;)
29. COURT (mostly everything @alexreynolds @spankcake and @paulkennedy were in, especially the texting and the Pringles crunch!)
30. AggieAce surprising me by bringing my bestie @cloudyink on skype to make a case against me! Terrible case, but so much fun! lol
31. Daddy's weekend long con to make me think that he was going to take me to court for my messy room (a charge I've lost to David I think for 3 parties in a row). He took pictures around the room and everything. I had the perfect defense planned. Then when the time came, COMPLETELY different charges! Apparently my reaction was priceless.
32. Being with Joe when he got some good news. ;)
33. Getting flogged by @aggieAce after he learned how to do 6 count from @strictdave. I was the first person to get a flogging from Ace after he learned to florentine, and getting to be the first on this step meant a lot to me. I feel like such a proud little sister! :) You've come so far! Also, that was one of the top 3 best floggings I've ever received!
34. Spanking/paddling/molesting @alexreynolds and @maddiemarks in the (traditional Singapore) cuddle nest. First time playing with Maddie, and what a treat with the two together! Alex really needs to learn about not "kissing with teeth." ;)
35. Getting to be a part of Maddie and Siq's INTENSE scene that followed, and realizing my nails matched her lingerie. :)
36. Getting switched and brushed by @olympiaspanker for cursing. Then later when I was upset that I didn't think I was going to get my traditional Sunday night hard scene, @crashdance suggested that I should just go up to him and curse in his face. (Do you hear that bus coming?) ;)
37. Getting to hang out with @lostkitten and @toska. So happy to see @lostkitten so happy. We roomed at my first ever party, and seeing her happy brings me great joy. Also looking forward to hopefully hanging out with @toska more out here on the west coast.
38. Spanking Maddie again and then getting to experience a spanking from Siq! :) So fun.
39. Seeing my wonderful @tallandstrict floating 3 ft above the ground with joy. :D
40. Cuddling with Joey, Michael and @crashdance
41. Joey and my obligatory boob/head picture
42. THE VIDEO WITH NAUGHTY MICHAEL. (Ps you need to send that to me). Aka the party trick I do that Ten is so fond of... ;)
43. Drunk Rachel.
44. Looking around the room Sunday evening and realizing that I felt I was friends with pretty much every single person in the room. Even a year ago that's not something I could say. I'm so glad to have been able to expand my friend circles this year to finally include some lovely people. :)
45. @strictdave pushing past his shoulder injury to spank and cane me in an incredible final party scene. So grateful. :)
46. Rachel's Bearman the Airman fake ass fucking Princess Cupcake. There are pictures.
46. Monday on the strip with Daddy. Just everything about the day. From NYNY and him buying me Lorenzo "Peanut" the Elephant to AMAZING dinner at Aria to finally our great time at Cirque du Solie Love. I love you so much Daddy and I'm so glad we got to have this experience together.
47. "Ugh, do you have chapstick or water?" "No, they're both on the other side of the room and we're in bed baby." "30 second of personal service time. Go!"
I got a spanking and my panties taken away, but I also got the water and chapstick. ;)
48. Tuesday morning with Daddy.... :D
49. Winning $50 on my first ever try at Vegas blackjack! I can totally see how that's addictive!
50. People being so loving a supportive of me, my friends and family, TASSP, and everything else. It means the world.
Thank you to everyone who helped run this party, and of course to Joe. Joe, you are a wonderful man and we are lucky to have you in this community and I feel lucky to have you as a friend. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there for you more this fall, but I want you to know that I see everything that you do (we all do), and I couldn't be more proud to know you. As someone told you this weekend, "take a step, and we'll all be there when you turn around."
Ok, going to go do finance homework now. :)
Princess Kelley May

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Hello There

Hey Team,

So, it turns out that a large chunk of the student body at my school knows about my site. :) Oh joy.

Here's my response video, where I speak directly to many of those people, as well as to all of y'all :).

Links: For those who are curious, the better photos (and generally more updated, though not recently) can be found on Tumblr and of course my FetLife page for PrincessKelleyMay, but you have to have an account for FetLife (only join that if you are legitimately interested in the BDSM/kink communities. We don't take kindly to vanillas being there.)

So, back to those of you who are here for legitimate reasons! I'll try to post more, but as always I make no promises. TASSP is currently kicking my ass on the fetish front, and things are now feeling very strange here, but I have a lot of fun photos and stories from my adventures (especially my grand canyon pictures!!!! That was an amazing experience) that I want to share. We'll see I suppose....

Love and miss you all!

Princess Kelley