Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pain Processing

Hey Team!
So I recorded this two weeks ago, immediately following a play session with a friend of mine. I was post TASSP crashing, and needed some attention and spankings. (Though I suppose that's not really any different than my constant state of being...)
Anywho. So as I was being spanked, and right after, I was thinking about different implements, and the different pain sensations they create. More specifically, about how I process the differing pains, and how my processing leads to different emotional/physical reactions.
I was initially planning to type it out, but was pretty sub-y and was feeling lazy, lol, so I vlogged it instead.

Just posting this now because originally I was going to be finishing (re: starting) my typed TASSP report, as well as a couple other posts, and so I was saving this for another day. And then I just forgot about it completely! lol. Thankfully, I remembered it, and so here it is! Would love to hear what other people think on this subject. I am barely cracking the surface on it!

Princess Kelley