Friday, August 21, 2009

I NEED A SPANKING!!! (Self-Spanking thoughts)

I know you're all agreeing with the title right now. I promised no more attempts at excuses for my extended absences, so all I will say this time is that I'm home for a few more days before school starts back up next week and I'm planning to write a bunch of posts to hopefully get me throught the next month or two.

I keep getting inspired but then am in a really inconvient place, and by the time I get back, alone, and by my laptop, I just want to shut it off and escape from technology for a bit! You know? Sigh, but I do love my blog and I have SOOO much to say. But I think with this post and maybe a few others I'm going to try to do shorter posts. That way I won't feel like writing one is going to be such a commitment and I'll feel inspired to write more often. :) But don't worry for those of you who like my ridiculously long ramblings, I'll still be writing those as well.

The big news in my life right now is that I FUCKING NEED A SPANKING!!!!!!! Its been a month since my last one, and it was 2 weeks before that and 10 weeks before that!!!! And I STILL haven't been spanked. And I've Really been needing one. Just for stress relief and to help center and focus me. Plus, the new development in my life (that I WILL write a post going into the details) is that i have a new "baby sister" (a non spanko but who found this site and gets spanked and I will spank if I have to for punishment) and so I've been being a top 24/7 for the last few weeks (part of why I've been so absent) and I Love her so much but I need to be a little girl for a bit too! I need to be my Daddy (...or maybe even Mommy's) little girl and just get wrapped up and loved and cared for and spanked!

Sigh, and I earned a spanking the other day- from my new "mommy"- not really, its super complicated, its related to the baby sister thing. Her name is ME, and she's a spanker but not a spanko if that makes sense, and she loves me and knows that this what i need for discipline sometimes and were she near by I would have had my backside blistered mulitiple times over already by now. Anywho, so I earned a spanking and she also realize that I just was in serious "need" of a spanking, and she emailed Daddy.

Unfortunately I don't know when I'll get to see Daddy again, and since I'm back home right now, I'm not near any spankers that I know. And then when I get back I'll be really busy with school. :( So Daddy recommneded a directed self-spanking, which we explained would take the edge off the need.

The next day Daddy had me kneeling bent over the back of my sofa, while on webcam, so my bottom was completely bare and exposed to him, and I got 125 with the pool table brush in sets of 25 and it STUNG!!!!! I forget how much it stings when its been so long! :(. And of course it wasn't what I NEEDED but it did take the edge off. And then Daddy explained to ME what happened and that SHE could direct if she needed to from IM or from a call! *mega blush* I don't know what it is, but the thought of this woman spanking me is VERY embarassing! She hopes that it would actually be an effective punishment for me- nothing sexual at ALL....I'm not sure she could suceed in That, but she might get close!

But just in general in regards to self spanking, I'm curious what ya'lls thoughts are. I self spanked A LOT when I was younger. I've used everything from brushes, to belts, to hand held mirrors. And since getting directed ones, I once had to use a coat hanger! EEK! My ex-Daddy was a strict self-spanker. When he dirrected them they were very thorough and just like he would have given. He would have you do 50 swats in one place and then move up an inch and do 50 more. ....ok, can't think about him.... sorry... lol.

I remember one odd thing I did was that when I was younger I discovered this parenting site that had a random punishment generator which would generate time out times or grounding durations or number of swats. The problem was it would only generate 1-10 swats! So i created this mulitiplication system (this was when I was like 11 or maybe 12 btw) to increase the number of swats I was to recieve. It was great! :)

Daddy took some screen caps of this last one and I'll post them when he emails them. They are just of after shots- sorry, no good durings :(. But as you can see, I do a thorough job :)

I love ya'll! Please forgive me for being such a horrible blogger all the time!


Princess Kelley


  1. Good to see you back. Yes you did a good job. the real thing would have been many times more painful though. have fun :)

  2. I self spank... mostly using a heavy paddle I made. It is heavy enough that my arms get tired quickly. It causes marks that last for days, but the pain doesn't last more than a few hours.

    In the past I've used belts, paddles, hangers, wires and cables, and other stuff I don't remember. I recently bought a wooden hairbrush but it broke after a few sessions. I've also tried random things that broke after only a few swats, like a plastic keyboard wrist rest and a plastic stick used to open/close blinds.

    I've never had a real spanking, so I don't have anything to compare self spanking to.

  3. I got lucky in the fact that Me & Jess have our own off campus apartment. We can be kinky anytime we want. Maybe you just need to post an add that your looking for a "kinky" roommate LOL! Kara XOXO

  4. Hey Kelly,

    Cindy and I both understand that needing so deep. Self spanking is only a minor reprieve, and doesn't truly fill the need.

    Can't wait to hear more about ME, and how this all plays out!


  5. I'm not ALLOWED to self-spank and it really doesn't do anything for me anyway except make me feel bad. Happy for those that ARE allowed AND find it beneficial,just not for me. :(

  6. nuff said